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  1. I am interested in the CT-125. I see a CT-115 in there, that looks like a 4Iron. Is that included as well? Or already sold?
  2. What were they pulled from? and do you know if they are "Standard" or short or over length?
  3. I Will buy the head, if you separate them KingKong!
  4. Even at 5.7lbs, this is the most comfortable bag I have ever carried, I have the player bad 2.0 in white and I have a ping Hoofer, and I prefer the vessel. It is a bit heavier loading in and out of the car, but once you put the straps on, something about the way the straps are designed makes the bag feel so light and almost zero pressure on your shoulders. Great Bag! GLWS
  5. Maybe a revisit, a la the V-Sole on the Sim Fairways. Taylormade has always had some good tech throughout the years to fall back on and integrate back into new clubs. I wouldn't mind a revisit on those R9 TP B Heads, such a good players profile!
  6. Those P-7MCs are Filthy, remind me of the R9 TP B Heads they put out many moons ago! Such a great iron.
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