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  1. G400 Max Head 10.5 comes with stock headcover and will include adapter (no ferrule). $OLD shipped to cont. U.S.
  2. Assume they were factory built at TM? Standard Loft and Lie or upright?
  3. I assume these will get a nice patina going after time if well used?
  4. Possibly the best set of 945's you will find for sale as used. 4-PW S300 shafts installed factory. All standard LLL. Was going to pull the shafts and make a combo set with 745's but just hasn't happened and been sitting in the closet for a year. Shipping to Cont. No trades and not pulling shafts, etc. Might regret this but......$525 shipped/Paypal qkx4ezdj33lk.webp jkl7v3wz5iki.webp wokxhipl15sp.webp
  5. Paul Casey in the SIM Max I notice as well.
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