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  1. It was that treacherous Gollum. Don't be fooled by the crumbs.
  2. I will echo what others said. I was playing Nippon Pro 950 GH, which are light and soft, but they still aggravated my tendinitis. Got recoils, and it's almost gone. It's crazy, but it works. Good luck.
  3. At some point, someone will reveal that this is a parody account and it will be the best gag ever on GolfWRX.
  4. Nearest Retailer: Roger Dunn, Honolulu Why are you excited to try the MC Putter shaft? Because 30 years ago, everyone played steel shafts in drivers, and now no one does. New tech works. What flex MC Putter shaft do you want to win? Firm
  5. I agree about being turned off by the cheerleader journalist types (the prime time lightweights), even when their views align with my own. I'm surprised by how quickly we slid into that as a norm. And I worry about our ability as a society to unring this particular bell. Tech companies and media conglomerates have figured out that outrage is the emotion most likely to drive engagement, and there's no room for subtlety, nuance, or critical thinking when you're aiming for outrage. What I meant about the status quo thing is actually what made me respond to this discussion
  6. A few pics from a recent round at the Plantation Course at Kapalua.
  7. Fair enough about the car salesmen stuff. Knowing that world would certainly give it a feeling of immediacy that folks outside it wouldn't have. I guess when I think about this kind of stuff (that is, if there are only two seats in the front of the hades-bound car), I always think about scope and reach and the extent to which someone is caught in a system of manipulation or creating the system. But, as the meme goes, "Why not both?!" Also, I think your second paragraph raises some interesting questions about objectivity and bias. I don't think it's possible to write/report from a p
  8. Ok, but the first line of my post was: If powerful people don't want to be made uncomfortable, they shouldn't do shady things. And the first line of your post was: Mickelson was not involved in any wrongdoings and made some bets with the DeSeranno the shady bookie that stiffed him for the money. So I'm not clear on what you're getting at.
  9. No one is arguing that market forces and political partisanship haven't weakened much of the journalism we are exposed to today, but if you really believe that the number is 99%, I'd wonder if that's more a reflection of the news sources you're seeking out than the quality of journalism itself. And I'd argue that there's almost no room in that front seat to hades for anyone working 9-5 to feed their families (like car salesman) because it is jammed full of much more powerful folks.
  10. All reporters? Literally all of them? The logical extension of what you're saying seems to be that because many reporters have responded to market conditions and become more partisan and/or sensationalist, then we should...what? Abandon the idea that journalism has an important role to play in a society? Also, which "team" is this reporter on? I'm not defending this one reporter. I'm just trying to push back against the idea that because most of the reporters that get national air time might seem to be on a "team" that we should discount the idea of journalism serving a
  11. If powerful people don't want to be made uncomfortable, they shouldn't do shady things. I'm surprised how many people here are supporting and encouraging self-censorship of the press (yes, I know this isn't Watergate or Iran Contra, but if you zoom out far enough, you are supporting a kind of censorship under the guise of "tact" or "taste"). Phil has every right to take his ball and go home, but the reporter has a responsibility to write whatever is truthful and (in his judgement) newsworthy. And it might just be me, but I'm having a hard time buying Phil's altruism here.
  12. I currently live on Oahu, and I'd say Big Island. Oahu is very crowded and it's hard to get decent tee times right now. That said, it is possible to get times at Royal Hawaiian in Kailua and Turtle Bay on the North Shore, and those are probably the two courses that I'd recommend you check out if you come here. It's easier to get a time at Royal because it's a hard course (a less difficult version of Ko'olau, which unfortunately is closed now), and it's easier to get a time at Turtle Bay because it's like an hour drive from town. Feel free to PM if you want to chat about courses on
  13. Seamus mid mallets fit
  14. This thread answers the question of what it would look like for someone to 360 tomahawk dunk on themselves
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