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  1. Fellas maybe you can help me out here. I bought a Ventus blue a little while ago. When I got it, I just got it at the same length as the stock shaft I was playing, which is 45.75 (Ping). I hit it ok, but I would love a little more consistency regarding center of the face contact. I’ve not done alterations of this kind before. If I take this into my local shop and get .75 taken off, it lower the swing weight by about 3 pts, and I’d have to tinker with lead tape to get it back to where I like it, right? Edited to add: it looks like I can also get a
  2. Just got mine today—921F 6-G. Been playing the 900F for a while and love them and the distances I get from them. When I hit the 921s, they were about a club longer, so I had the 921s bent 2 weak to help with launch and spin. I got to hit a few in the shop today and the early results are promising—I’m getting higher launch and more spin but just about the same distances as the 900s, which is great for me . Oh and they look great. I haven’t hit them on grass yet, but I do wish they had the pre worn leading edge like the 900s. Here’s hoping they move through the tu
  3. Most folks here speak very highly of Discount Dan’s, but I don’t have any personal experience with them.
  4. I chatted with them yesterday to check my order status and was told they’re currently averaging one month from order to build.
  5. Love it. I’m holding out for the new 425s but plan to order 4 and 5H in those as soon as they drop
  6. Get your oven mitts ready before you try to handle this hot tip! #scorching
  7. My understanding is that Mizuno has a limited supply of the blue and white ferrules and can install them on jpx 921s and mp20s if you order them. There might be a 5$ up charge for them. Just tell your shop to look for the ferrules or have them call Mizuno.
  8. 1. What is your nearest Titleist fitting location, search HERE Aloha golf center—Honolulu HI 2. City and State? Honolulu, HI 5. Handicap? 10 4. Current Driver Setup? Ping G400 with Ventus 6s Blue 5. Where you fit for your current driver? No. Hit in the local big box. tried the Ventus on a whim. Would love to have a proper fitting! 6. What TSi head do you want to test? TSi3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos
  9. That looks great. Did you go with the 15s to help with the weight you lost when you cut the cross piece? That's definitely how this putter should look, stock.
  10. I mean come on with those. Just unbelievable
  11. Tiger, of course, but then you have to balance it out with Bill Murray and my Dad.
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