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  1. I'll be interested in the review. I'm looking for a fall/winter golf shoe. Love Trues, but the Feels are definitely not it for cooler temps and dampness.
  2. So, how does one get a chance to score one of those small batch Toulons? I think the Toulon is the nicest of the three.
  3. HAHA! The consistency is just...
  4. “They all hate you, Mando. Because you’re a legend!”
  5. It was that treacherous Gollum. Don't be fooled by the crumbs.
  6. I will echo what others said. I was playing Nippon Pro 950 GH, which are light and soft, but they still aggravated my tendinitis. Got recoils, and it's almost gone. It's crazy, but it works. Good luck.
  7. At some point, someone will reveal that this is a parody account and it will be the best gag ever on GolfWRX.
  8. Nearest Retailer: Roger Dunn, Honolulu Why are you excited to try the MC Putter shaft? Because 30 years ago, everyone played steel shafts in drivers, and now no one does. New tech works. What flex MC Putter shaft do you want to win? Firm
  9. I agree about being turned off by the cheerleader journalist types (the prime time lightweights), even when their views align with my own. I'm surprised by how quickly we slid into that as a norm. And I worry about our ability as a society to unring this particular bell. Tech companies and media conglomerates have figured out that outrage is the emotion most likely to drive engagement, and there's no room for subtlety, nuance, or critical thinking when you're aiming for outrage. What I meant about the status quo thing is actually what made me respond to this discussion in the first place: concern that the cable news/prime time hacks were creating the mentality (which is being furthered by those in power, those with an agenda) that all journalists are hacks and therefore can be discounted or ignored. This mentality just makes it easier for folks who do shady things to call unflattering pieces "hackery" even when the work is done by a solid journalist. If people don't value journalism, there's no one to hold powerful people accountable, which means that it will continue to be business as usual. Or something like that. So I guess my point is that I think the right way to handle something like this is to continually point out the difference between journalism and commentary in the hopes that when we talk about hacks, we understand that we're talking more about commentators/empty suits than journalists. Commentary we could probably do without as a society, but journalism is essential.
  10. A few pics from a recent round at the Plantation Course at Kapalua.
  11. Fair enough about the car salesmen stuff. Knowing that world would certainly give it a feeling of immediacy that folks outside it wouldn't have. I guess when I think about this kind of stuff (that is, if there are only two seats in the front of the hades-bound car), I always think about scope and reach and the extent to which someone is caught in a system of manipulation or creating the system. But, as the meme goes, "Why not both?!" Also, I think your second paragraph raises some interesting questions about objectivity and bias. I don't think it's possible to write/report from a place of true objectivity, and further, I don't think anyone would want to read that kind of writing. Even the act of choosing what stories to cover is a reflection of a type of bias, right? It's impossible to get out of it, so I guess we agree on that. So, I hear what you're saying, but my point is that to suggest that 99% of journalists or reporters is tainted because of ________(insert right wing name) and/or _________(insert left wing name) is another example of the kind of apathy that maintains the status quo. There are plenty of folks out there trying to report the news and help us understand our world who care deeply about journalistic integrity. The problem, as I'm sure you know, is that they're not on TV in prime time and they don't give sexy 15 second sound bites. But, as you say in your post, I digress, and we're far afield from Phil the Thrill at this point.
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