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  1. I make my living by performing these surgeries. What kind of repair was it? Open, mini open, percutaneous, etc.? These things make a difference. Let me know and I’ll give you my opinion.
  2. For the people that know who you are, that was a pretty funny comment!
  3. Usually 88-90 mph. About 180 yards. I live at 5000 feet elevation though so take the distance with a grain of salt. I play the stiff flex in the irons. I like to play a lot of off speed shots with my irons therefore I don’t like really stiff shafts in my irons.
  4. After my L5-S1 spinal fusion, my back is stronger. Oh, I guess that’s b/c its fused. Lol.
  5. I went with DG 120. I’ve played regular dynamic gold for years. I like the slightly lighter version. They seem fine. Honestly, the only shafts I really have not liked are project x. I could play almost any shaft and be happy.
  6. I can't believe no one took advantage of this. Ripe for the picking. LOL.
  7. I just turned 50 and thought wow I could race masters 50 to 59. Then I looked at some of the guys I’d be racing against and I said I don’t think so. Their kids are grown and they can ride a million hours a week. I have three little kids. One in kindergarten, second grade, and third grade. I don’t want to miss their lives. Maybe in a couple years I’ll go to Leadville again to get a sub nine hour finish as a 50+ year-old dude. To me that would be a little more fun. I’d rather race against the clock versus a bunch other guys. The only problem is time. It’ll probably never happen. It’s a nice tho
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