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  1. Must inject steroids and drink 7 protein shakes daily. LOL.
  2. Exactly, and if its either or both, recovery will be very difficult. No matter how well I have fixed those injuries, the patients are just never the same. Two of the worst injuries one could sustain of the lower extremity. Plus his compartment syndrome and fasciotomies. Those may (usually) need to be skin grafted to be closed. I feel really bad for him.
  3. I’d like to play the small ball, the old European one.
  4. Maybe he did have a pilon fracture. I’d like to see the films.
  5. Wow, segmental tibial shaft fracture with compartment syndrome. Wasn’t a pilon fracture if they got an IM nail down it. Hope he didn’t have a talus fx too.
  6. Tony be like $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  7. Daniel Berger’s putting routine is beyond ridiculous for sure. I agree the women are really, really good.
  8. Tour edge exotics xcg5 7 wood. It’s pretty old. Not sure exactly but I think cars were around before it barely. Lol.
  9. Here’s the thing, I think they are amazingly talented individuals. I have two young daughters. I have them in golf lessons on and off depending what their interest is at the moment.. I hope they take golf as far as they want to. The thing about women’s golf is I don’t’ know many of the players, the game they playing isn’t exciting for me to watch, and it just seems slow when I try to view it. Again, nothing personal against the women’s game or the players etc. Just for me, it is not compelling viewing. Maybe when my daughters get older if they keep playing my mind will change.
  10. Hey bud, definitely not upset. Are you? Not trolling either. Just stating my opinion.
  11. Wow, your defensiveness really is surprising. Must have struck a nerve. Nevertheless, many people feel the same as myself when it comes to women’s golf. Sorry bud, nothing you can do to change this.
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