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  1. You Sir have a sickness! Nothing more, carry on.
  2. Exactly! And Faldo would have even less majors it wasn’t for Norman choking them up to him.
  3. This didn’t age well did it? LOL.
  4. I think his wrist injury was more serious than was publicized. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a fracture or some sort of a delayed union or nonunion going on and will eventually require surgical intervention to get it to heal.
  5. These are my problems exactly as well. I think it’s a common theme among better players. Very common fall pattern. It is hard to overcome. I too have to feel stack and tiltish to stay centered appropriately so I don’t sway off the ball, hands/arms stuck behind me, drop the right shoulder in transition, slide the hips too hard laterally, then flip stall at the bottom to square the face. etc. I had around I think it was last year I shot 74 and that included making six birdies. my buddies said to me, how can you make six birdies and still shoot 74. All it takes is to drop the right shoulder in
  6. Just ask Sung Kang where his ball crossed. LOL.
  7. Yeah, the only thing I really noticed was that his trail shoulder was slightly lower on the second image than the first. A little bit more under up and out if you will. I don’t like the second image. I like right shoulder more going towards the ball/target.
  8. Is that the thing where my golf pro told me to take up motorcycling instead of Golf because I was so bad?
  9. Looks like an Ernest Jones, swing the clubhead disciple to me with that action. Pure.
  10. I make a few practice swings with the swing thought of trying to throw the club at the target. Then after a few practice swings I have a feel to match that thought. Then I get up there and just hit the ball without thinking about anything else except the target.
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