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  1. i second above. The TXG guys on YouTube did a review showing performance of a blade bs GI iron. Pretty interesting showing pound for pound a well struck shot was nearly identical regardless of club.
  2. I’ve got a 2 iron TMB favorite club in the bag.
  3. Had a rental set of 585’s this past weekend. Was extremely surprised how long and forgiving these irons were. Really worth a try.
  4. really Interesting read. I’ve been a Mizuno guy all my life and makes me want to try out a set of Srixons.
  5. I’ve got a 2 iron Titleist TMB. favorite club in the bag.
  6. any more positive reviews blending with z585’s? Curious if it blends well?...
  7. I’ve got the HMB in a 4 iron and rest are MB’s. Phenomenal irons.
  8. Mizuno MP32 Nike VR Pro Mizuno MP59 Mizuno MP64 titleist TMB MIzuno MP20
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