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  1. Hiyo, am back from the course playing a couple of 9-holes playing a found -> Callaway Supersoft -> Titleist NXT Tour S -> Vice Tour -> Vice Pro -> Titleist ProV1 The condition of the balls were lightly used to used - I do rate my golf balls new, newish, lightly used, used, well used, only practice ball, waste... Supersoft, NXT were newish, Vice Tour lightly used, Vice Pro and ProV1 were used - ProV1 even had a cover blemish (well used spot). Vice Pro and ProV1 are premium golf balls with urethane covers. I played with Arccos
  2. Hi, thanks for the interesting discussion so far. Granted, the video I linked does not hold statistically. The best data set I could dig up is the following: ROBOT TESTED: Which golf ball suits my game? In this article from 2019 a UK golf magazine tested 21 different golf balls with driver, 7 iron and wedge using a robot. Driver swing speeds were 85mph, 100mph and 115mph measured with Trackman and Forsight launch monitors. I would say that the methodology is sound (valid) and the results reproducible (reliable). (* since direct linking causes an e
  3. I did a little research and found this video: A Pro V1x and Taylormade Tour Response & Soft Response get hit by two guys with 165mph and 135mph driver ball speed on a launch monitor. Compression and cover material are discussed in detail: Pro V1x: 110 compression, urethane cover (Pro V1 95 compression) Tour Response: 40 compression, urethane cover Soft Response: 30 compression, ionomer (surlyn?) cover Long story short: a low compression ball with a urethane cover would be ideal for me. The ball speeds with the 40 compression ball wer
  4. Hi all, I love playing in the sunset and often return home with found golf balls, especially on tournament weekends. In a perfect world, I would only play a (newish) golf ball I have been fitted for. This is reality and I often grab a next to new found golf ball. But which balls should I definitely avoid? Oh, I don't pick up range balls, old or damaged balls and the cheap ones...
  5. Hi all! I kicked off the new season with a couple of lessons to lay the ground work for project 230y carry... But GIR and getting the ball more often on the green with my irons (and woods) is my first priority this year. And yes, I know driving distance would help in that department! The pro looked at kept looking at my 7i performance and told me that I should look at better performing irons distance-wise. Umm, why I asked? The he it hit his 7iron about 20y further than he hit mine. He is a nice guy, but I am not sure why he recommends new irons on pure distance
  6. My favorite thread has come to an end - a very nice one. Well done! Well, now I have to build my backyard putting heaven having the carpet lying around for 18 months and pondering about a shock pad/cushion, where to place the holes and other things. Sigh
  7. Who would have guessed, the Signature Series 5 for sure But I would gladly take the Highway 20 Invitational putter, too! Weight: 348G √ Material: Double Aged Stainless Steel √ Finish: Tour Blast √ Grip: Black Leather Gripmaster √ Headcover: Standard Signature Black √ Dexterity: Right Handed Lenght: 33"
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