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  1. Not trying to hijack the thread but what are everyone's thoughts on The Wynn Golf Course? It can be had for about the same price as Cascata, plus they include club rentals. Worth dropping $350 to play once?
  2. Great to know, probably just a bad pair then and I'll return for the same one. Thank you
  3. Just got these shoes and played a couple rounds in them. Very comfortable with great balance HOWEVER... Does anyone else get annoying squeak when you push off after each step? Trying to figure out if I should be returning and getting a different shoe or if I just got a bad pair?
  4. Never played Minn National but The Pines can be a little polarizing. While the Preserve is wider and in front of you, The Pines is tight and has a few goofy holes that dogleg at 170-200 yards off the tee.
  5. 100%, I got lucky the high was only 103 the day we played. Spring or Fall would be perfect.
  6. Yup! Sand Hollow Championship Course which honestly kind of blew my mind and the Wee Course which is a cool little par 3 course.
  7. I thought Old Mac was stupid the first time I played it but on my 2nd trip I appreciated it. Mostly due to understanding the lines and angles to approach the holes, got myself in a lot less trouble 2nd loop around. It's still bottom of my Bandon rankings but it's still probably in my top 10 of courses I've ever played. Being 1st tee time off on a sunny calm morning on Old Mac is a feeling unlike the other courses IMO and unlike anywhere I've ever been too.
  8. IMG_2017.heic IMG_2050.heic IMG_2053.heic IMG_2066.heic IMG_2070.heic
  9. 1st trip in December we were first or 2nd off for all morning tee times. Got 36 in 2 of the 3 days we were there, even if it was getting pretty dark by the end of the 2nd round it wasn't unplayable by any means. We also got lucky with weather besides a big rain/lightning storm that wiped out our 2nd round after 5 holes.
  10. I had a free day after sales training that I attended in Las Vegas so I looked pretty seriously into which course I wanted to play. I had originally lined up Rio Secco for a cheap price at 2pm until I realized the high was 97 degrees and I'm an extremely white midwestern. So as the trip got closer I scored a sweet deal on TeeOff.com for a 9AM tee time at Bali Hai for $100. A short 10 minute lyft ride from the Cosmo Hotel and I was at the clubhouse. Jumped in my golf cart after grabbing a breakfast burrito and bloody mary and off to the "range". The golf cart by the way was fan
  11. Same, been there twice, never visited the range but we usually go over a fast and furious 4 days of 36/day in shoulder seasons. I'd rather play The Preserve, shorty's or hit The Punchbowl myself.
  12. The main reason was feel, I want a lot of feedback from my irons and felt I got that moreso from the ZX7. The feedback then gives me information about where my swing may be off. Also, whether right or wrong, I felt more comfortable working the ball up/down and left/right with a forged club. Lastly, I liked the idea of a straight set better. Felt like I'd always be questioning gapping, launch trajectory, etc. if I did a combo.
  13. I am attending a seminar in Vegas next Tuesday and Wednesday but have a free day Thursday before flying back Friday morning. What's the best way to fill this with good golf? I have a tee time at 2pm at Rio Secco but was thinking about adding something in the morning as well. Any suggestions for courses that are currently in good conditions? Also will be taking an uber from the Cosmo Hotel so can't drive all over the place. Thanks!
  14. I was bouncing back and forth on whether or not to do the ZX5 vs ZX7. I gamed AP2 710s for 7 or 8 years, went to P790s last year and hated them, and got back to ZX7s. I ended up going with the ZX7 4-PW and am glad I did. Closest comparison is the 4 iron looks like the AP2's I used to play but with considerably more forgiveness and ball speed. First time hitting the 4 iron out on the course and was 215 out on a par 5, nice high fade that stopped on a fairly shallow green. I was sure I made the right decision at that point. However, if you have slower swing speed I could definitely see how ZX5
  15. I completely forgot about this until you reminded me. Last time I was at Bandon at the end of February 2020(right before sh** hit the fan), we saw a group go out on this 4 hole loop. A lot of hooting and hollering and it looked like a blast.
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