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  1. Not sure any course I've ever played can beat the views at Sand Hollow
  2. Great to hear, I usually go there in the winter but summer is highly underrated between golf, hiking, white water rafting etc.
  3. I played La Cana last time I was in DR instead of spending a little extra for Corales or Punta Espada and was a little disappointed. It's a fine course but the rental clubs were really bad(should've brought my own). As far as getting prices cheaper, I got really good deals booking through our butler we had at our hotel. He called the courses directly and saved us a $150 or so.
  4. We were able to book Meadow Valleys and The Irish in advance. Need to wait until day of to see if we can get on Straits or The River.
  5. With the excitement of the Ryder Cup, me and a buddy booked a 3 night/4 day trip to Whistling Straits in early May(we always do golf trips in shoulder/offseasons). I've made trips to Bandon x2, Sand Valley, Sand Hollow & Giants Ridge(Northern MN) resorts. Curious in general from people who have been there on things like: Ranking of courses? Good food in the area? Best transportation options between courses? Best place to stay(we're currently booked for Inn @ Woodlake as it seems more modern)? Currently our itinerary is: Wednesday - Arrive, Afternoon tee time at Meadow Valleys, evening tee time at The Baths Thursday - Morning Tee Time @ The River Course, Free Replay Tee TIme @ The Irish Friday - Morning Tee Time @ The Irish, Free Replay Tee Time @ Meadow Valleys(Going to try and get on the Straits instead) Saturday - Morning Tee Time @ The Straits, Free Replay @ Meadow Valleys(Going to try and get on The River instead) Really just looking for insider tips from people who have been there or even how the resort stacks up against the ones I have been to. Thanks!
  6. I though I saw somewhere that you can start making 2023 tee times on Jan 1st of 2022. Can anyone confirm?
  7. Only played the Big Sky Golf Course(think that's the name) as it butts up to my family's condo there. Fun course where everything breaks away from Lone Peak. If you had a connection, getting on Moonlight Basin looks like it would be a treat.
  8. Those first 2 pictures are incredible
  9. The one that come to mind are Trails 13 greenside(wayyy below the green), also I remember being in the bunker short and right on hole 1 at pacific and there was so much sand in it that it was very difficult not to keep sinking in.
  10. When i called it was $300 for weekday and $375 for weekend + forecaddie tip. However, summer season may be coming to an end so maybe they are charging more since it's getting into high season? Just a guess.
  11. Wynn Golf Club was great, the whole experience was first class from checking into the pro shop, the locker room attendant, the caddies, the breakfast sandwich that they personally delivered out to me on the 2nd hole. Course was pretty cool for being in the middle of the strip as well, walk from our room at The Venetian took maybe 15 minutes or so which was a lot nicer than taking an uber to and from the course that takes away from your time in Vegas. I enjoyed the back 9 more than the front but probably because I played better(40-35). But being a little hungover I double bogeyed the first couple holes with some questionable short game play. Once I got their very tasty breakfast sandwich in me I turned it around. Also they had unlimited free waters that came in the same reclosable cans that coors light does, I drank about 7 of them. The gatorades that came in a can were kind of neat too, never seen that. Pros - Greens were incredibly smooth and CONSISTENT(maybe a 10 on the stimp), they looked a lot faster so that took some getting used to. The course used the creek that wound through it in really neat ways & some of the holes reminded me of Shadow Creek(or what I've seen on tv), the waterfall behind the 18th with the chance at $10k for an ace was the perfect finish for the course(I hit it pin high but my buddy landed one about 3 feet from the pin that had us cheering as it was in the air), Forecaddy was super friendly and just a good guy to hang around with, worked his butt off Cons - Obviously the price, I probably wouldn't play it again because I don't have $400 to blow on golf round regularly(although it's usually more like $600 so that was my justification), the guys we played with sucked as in 2 of the worst people I've ever been paired with anywhere, they played slow, they were pretty terrible at golf, and they were generally a holes(to the caddy, the staff, and us). I get the feeling this course has to deal with these types a lot more than other courses. The caddy while a super nice guy was terrible at reading greens, I would see 3-4 cups of break and he'd tell me right edge or just outside right. I'd take his line and miss the putt really low and had a 3-4 birdie opportuties inside 10 feet on the front. Not a huge deal so I just started taking my own lines on the back. To his credit his lines and advice off the tee and on approaches was spot on. In summation, I'd play it once if you get it less than rack rate and feel comfortable blowing $400 on a round for a first class experience.
  12. Nope, just watching youtube videos of it gave me sweaty palms so I figured I better pass.
  13. Great review. Got me excited to play The Wynn on Saturday. I hiked the narrows in June and it was well worth the trip!
  14. <throws object> Counterpoint: I'll take The Preserve and The Punchbowl over SV/MD
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