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  1. First time out with my xf’s today no range session just played 18 with a group of 20 guys. I was extremely happy! Hit a couple bad shots but for first time hitting them I had way more positives. I usually struggle with nicer fairways but today definitely easier to hit then my g25s. I was taking nice divots where with my old pings I never did and struggled from tighter lies. Mite sound dumb but where I live most places have extremely hard fairways
  2. Great for beginner or backup set.all clubs are used with a ton of life. Ping g25 irons 5-u, green dot 1/2 inch long new mc4plus gray grips stiff Ping g25 driver 9.5 stiff Callaway xr stiff3 wood barely used great shape Ping g25 3 and 4 stuff hybrid (one of clubs has sky mark otherwise great shape Ping nome putter 34 inch new ping cord grip great shape Titleist vokey wedges some life left 54 60 Ohio silencer cart bag great shape 850$ shipped Willing to split some stuff up Message for more pics and info I have most headcovers
  3. Have fun sounds like a great trip I always wanted to play true blue or Caledonia. This will be my 7 th year going to myrtle in feb. for a buddies golf trip we’re playing MBN WEST AAROWHEAD KINGS NORTH WILLBROOK TRADITIONS Shaftsberry glen Blackmore Our cost was $435 for golf and we get 100$ gift card to use at pro shops. I’ve played them all besides shaftsberry and blackmore
  4. Thanks for the help! I ended up going mc4 plus with 1 extra wrap of double sided tape on top half of grip. Not sure if it really made a difference but I think they turned out perfect for what I wanted. Maybe it’s in my head but I think I achieved the in between standard and mid size I was looking for
  5. I’ve gripped clubs before I’m just lazy...he was out of grips I wanted maybe I’ll drive a half hr to dicks and buy them and do it myself
  6. I haven’t been this excited in a long time. Had them shipped without grips on and unfortunately the pro that does them for me is out. So now I got to wait even longer. I didn’t like how they didn’t have anything with the specs clubs were built to so I called to double check. Also no bonus gift but I was expecting that with only getting 6 clubs.
  7. I usually like standard grips one extra wrap , I did this without realizing the 4 plus meant lower half of grip was plus 4 wraps lol... now they feel way too big with extra wrap. So should I do just the top of grip with extra wrap or just don’t do any extra wraps?
  8. Just got my shipping email no production email. Says they will be here thurs
  9. Ordered mine September 10 still no update or anything but I’m ok with it.
  10. I200 irons Taylor made spider Title isn’t 917d2 Titleist wedges To Ping g25 irons G25 driver Glide stealth wedges Ping sigma g To Ping g400 max hzurdus shaft Pxg gen 1 xf irons Stealth wedges Odyssey 1 putter Only club that’s made it all year is ping crossover 4
  11. I own the XF and have zero complaints. To me, the quality is excellent, but you have to be your own judge. My game has improved enough to justify the purchase, and I just got them. I definitely loved the feel and I wanted a little less clunky iron that’s why I chose to give them a shot. They are definitely a improvement however all the claims to lengths, lofts lies being off makes me nervous.
  12. I got fitted few weeks ago and they told me not to buy them because the minimal gains I got against my g25’s weren’t enough. I bought them anyway with grips left off. Pretty concerned about the quality of the builds especially from a company that claims they are the best. Went with XF
  13. Was going to order but couldnt figure out if id like the players or the xf. I play g25s now and would like to see if i can play a smaller head so im getting fit thursday then ill order that night
  14. Im getting fit thursday and going to give gen 1 a try. My buddies are going to rip on me hard when im shooting over 100 with these in my bag.
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