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  1. 921 tour are my favorite so far, waiting to see the new Apex pro before pulling the trigger
  2. Recently picked up a pack of 4 Milwaukee INKZALL markers at Homedepot (black/red/green/blue) really good durability, highly recommend.
  3. And to make it even more fun Titleist thought it was a great idea to switch the Pro V1 and Pro V1x attributes a few years ago while keeping the names the same. In regards to OP question, I have found the Bridgestone BX to be a great spin killer for me. If you prefer a softer feel give the new 2020 Titleist AVX a try.
  4. Wish they would have also gone with some clean / classic weights instead of the car rims...
  5. I can not wait to see the new V6 replacement!
  6. Since it is end of season I thought I would test some new grips on the wedges before re-gripping the whole set next season. 1 Lamkin UTX and 1 Lamkin Crossline Cord, I am second guessing that I installed the grips correctly - possibly stretching it out making it feel a little firmer/thin? Any veteran tips to check the installed grip length? When installing the grip should the tape be shorter than the grip allowing it to recede back as it drys ?
  7. I have a set of Srixon Z565 that I need to bend upright - does the Vsole make this process more difficult for a proshop? Should I send them in to Srixon to be adjusted ?
  8. Are your Srixons the same length as your JPX? Yep, both +3/4, only difference was JPX 1* upright, Srixon are standard
  9. I made the switch from some JPX900's to the 5 series irons and I feel like I regularly hit them thin, which I did not experience with my Mizunos. Historically I have been a picker/sweeper and take very small divots, could the V sole and different bounce be causing my problems?
  10. After browsing and reading golfwrx this is my first post - This year I am looking to completely gut my golf bag First thing to go is my irons - I want something more compact with less off set - more of a workable player iron My handicap would be 8-10 but I lose most strokes in short stuff around the green - my iron shots are very solid I am a lefty 6'3 tall - driver swing speed 112-114 , iron swing speed 89-91 , I tend to pick the ball clean leaving little to no divot Mizuno shaft optimizer produces 90 / 5-5-5-6 Currently using mizuno mx25 + 1 long and 1 up with s300 straight in I'm
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