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  1. 223 have alot less bounce than the i210 so it should feel like it gets into the turf easier. Should be a good amount less on spin with the right shaft of course.
  2. I wanted to love the zx7, they feel Sooooooooo good. I just can't get along with the vsole. I think you will really like them if you are on the steeper side!!!
  3. I have hit all 3 and to be honest you need to hit them as they are very different in design. One should stand out for you. 921 tour (low bounce) vs. zx7 (high bounce "vsole") the turf interaction difference was a night and day for me. Apex pro produced the best numbers and I found them very easy to hit. But they definitely didn't feel like the other two forged irons.
  4. They are killing me with the forged tec iron release. The irons look really good but don't want to wait till March.
  5. very interested to hear how this goes... I have been toying with the idea of a combo 901/801 set for awhile but have not jumped in
  6. HalfSet

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Those 659 tc/cb look soooo good *fingers crossed for a lefty release*
  7. I asked this exact question a few weeks ago. I ended up just adding extensions
  8. Love this! My normal setup these days. Driver / 5w / 4hyb / 6 / 8 / P / 54 / putter
  9. Wish they would add a Lefty TC201
  10. HalfSet

    Sub 70 Clubs

    We need the 639 CB in lefty tooooo!!
  11. The new T200 would be wierd because the back cavity is covered with that plastic shell. The T100s is also tricky because the polymer insert would most likely be ruined in the stripping process
  12. This right here, make them look like steel and I'm in!
  13. Extensions will change SW just as much correct?
  14. Are you still gaming these? Any updates to your review
  15. I found a set of super clean Hogan Apex irons 3-PW in standard length. This will be a fun Sunday set used every now and then. I typically play +1/2 inch Option A) put in half inch extensions Option B) remove+reinstall shafts soft stepped to make a set 4-PW Thoughts?
  16. Interesting, did you specify a swing weight? What shafts did you get ? Standard length?
  17. HalfSet

    Ping i59

    I personally found the t100s to feel better and a touch more forgiving. As a big S55/iBlade fan I wanted to love the i59. Some reason I can't get along with it.
  18. I should have used the search feature before requesting a name! SORRY -> HalfSet
  19. Hit the 223 today with the new Modus 115, amazing combo! Waiting to order till I try out the new Cobra Forged Tec
  20. Was told by a rep there will be 3 Forged Tech irons this year. Top line and sole width slightly thinner than previous years. 1: One Length FT 2: Standard FT 3: FT X "stronger lofts"
  21. Driver + Woods + Wedges = Midsize Golf pride Z Cord Irons = Midsize Golf Pride MCC
  22. Still not a fan of the car rim weights
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