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  1. Donald is that you? Sorry couldn't resist.
  2. My wife was just commenting on how difficult it is to find female gold attire. She was looking for some clothes for our niece who just started golfing this year and we she went on Golftown.ca and searched girls clothing a grand total of 9 items came up. 1 pair of shorts, 1 skirt, 2 short sleeve shirts and 5 long sleeve shirts. Pretty sad. I can only imagine how few left hand girls equipment is available. Seems like an untapped marked.
  3. As noted above, if you come in too shallow a mat will mask it and the shots will be good. On grass you hit it fat as the club digs. I'm guessing you bad shots on the course are fat and it not a topping thing or direction? It's could also be the varied lies well. If your stuck hitting off mats try laying a tee down behind the ball when hitting . If you miss the tee but hit a good ball you're doing well. There's also a thing called and accustrike golf mat. It shows where the club made impact. Reviews are pretty good.
  4. My index is the same as the OP at 5.5. Looking at my golf Canada stats, my last 20 rounds have netted 30 birdies. The thing is, I don't always enter my scores hole by hole so this number may be low. I would have guessed that I make about 2-3 birdies per round on average. I've made up to 7 birdies in a round but also, maybe every 3rd or 4th round I don't get any but usually I birdie 1-3 par 5's and grab another on a 3 or 4. It's funny that we have the same handicap with such a difference. I lose a lot of shots punching out. My course is such that a missed fairway often means p
  5. Glen Abby. Pro shop had lost our tee time. Starter put us out in in the middle of a bachelor party but apologized as 3 groups had already teed off... a foursome and 2 threesomes. They were in just about every bunker and never picked up a rake. They sucked and were ungodly slow. We get to #10 and I see 6 carts on the block and 10 people standing around. We pulled up. They looked at us and said they wanted to tee off together so the groups in front waited for their buddies. After all tee'd off the marshal drove up and flipped out. Made the 1st foursome play while the other gr
  6. this is without a doubt my favorite time of year. Colours in the trees, golden hue on everything, long shadows, warm but not hot days and cool evenings. The last 2 years we didn't get any fall golf where I live. We went straight from summer to winter. It was really weird and a huge bummer.
  7. Good thing you aren't canadian. 6 month breaks every year. The break is a great time to let the body heal. Youll appreciate golf even more when you are able to play again. You may be surprised how well you play. Some of my best rounds have been first rounds back after winter. Not sure if its because of a rested body or zero expectations. Just make sure to not push it and get healthy before playing again.
  8. This is so funny. A couple weeks ago my wife's game went to crap. She was getting really frustrated. I could see exactly what was happening but kept my mouth shut. She finally broke down and asked for help. I gave her a tip and she instantially started hitting better. The next day she had league. She came home and gave me a big hug thanking me as she shot a great round. She acted like she did something dirty. This was probably a unicorn event that ill never see again. It was fun while it lasted.
  9. I gotta say that I firmly believe shooting your age is one of the most difficult things in golf. There is a guy a my course who has done it a couple hundred times. Great play and congratulations.
  10. Grand niagara in Ontario. About 100m or 300ft elevation. It was funny when I was on the 240 par 3 hitting a 3 iron thinking those guys could be hitting 5 or 6 iron. For the record I fatted it, came up 20 yards short, chucked the wedge. Managed to win the hole with a bogie. The wife was pissed she lost. Im quite sure had there been round i would have added several strokes.
  11. played yesterday with a coworker his buddy and my wife. The three of them played better ball against me. I decided to play the tips at 7425 yards just for the experience. Man that was a slog. All par 5s were 580 plus one at 620 into the wind. One par 3 was 240 but thankfully down wind. On top of that the wind was blowing and the flags were bent over. The length and wind got the best of me. Everything was reachable and I didn't have an approach over 200, average around 150 to 170. Thankfully the rough was very low. Its unbelievable how good those guys are on tour playing th
  12. Zach has never stripped down to his underwear during a tournament but he does have the reflexes of a cat. Honestly, I just used this as an excuse to post that video of the air horn. Priceless.
  13. My 2021 Masters tickets results came back. Rejected again. I don't how may years this is but I'm thinking 10 or 12. So glad that guy got jail time for his ticket scam. On to next year.
  14. Agreed. I love that my wife golfs. Every trip we do involves golf. We even played Kapalua on our honeymoon. It's awesome. She wont let me help her though. Wives just can't take golf help from their husbands lol.
  15. Congrats. Glad you managed to get the round in. Nothing worse than a great round stifled by a slow group in front and running out of daylight. The first time I shot under par I didn't realize it. I was bummed I made par on the last to shoot even par. Last hole was a getable par 5. My playing partner said he had me at minus 1. Recounted and realized I was 1 under. Nice surprise. Only a small percentage of people will do what you have done.
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