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  1. I was playing the ball a little farther forward to make sure I got my AOA up and try to hit it above the equator. Obviously the different sim made all the difference. Follow up, I was back to the original sim yesterday with the wife. The numbers made much more sense. It must have lost its calibration the first time.
  2. Thanks for all the help guys. We had Taylormade in at our course and i was able to do a stealth fitting on a trackman. Warmed up with my driver expecting high spin and was getting numbers about 1600 with 6 degrees AOA! Stopped trying to lower my spin and was just swinging normally and settled in around 2500 to 3000. Guess that's a warning to be careful and not to mess with your swing when something seems off. Side note, the new Stealth is nice. somewhat weird results. Swing speed was up about 4mph with the RDX smoke 70g, smash was down, Ball speed was up 5mph but carry was up about 15-20 yards to 280. Bad hits just seemed to pop and curver back to center. I was hitting everything the equator so if I could get it dialed it could be great. I'll have to wait till spring though when i have actually been swinging a club
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. 8000 rpm I can put my lob wedge away To! To answer an earlier question I consistently carry about 265 270 on a good strike. I'll occasionally creep up to 280. I'll likely just use this place for fun and leave the tinkering for once we leave lockdown and I can get on the trackman at my home course.
  4. I finally got to a simulator yesterday. Haven't swung a hit a ball since early October. I've been working on getting my speed up with a PRGR and irons. Yesterday I found a simulator place that was open and not locked down. It was a full swing simulator. Great setup but my spin numbers were off the chart. Swinging about 111, 14 degree launch and spin 7000-8000 rpm. 235ish carry which seems right with that crazy spin. Driver Cobra LTD set at 9 degree with a Proforce V2. I have always spung my driver a fair amount but 7-8000 seems insane. Is that even possible or was the calibration likely off? I should also mention that every shot was draw to a hook. Unfortunately I wasn't getting any club info like strike location or AOA. I started teeing the ball really low (entirely below the head) which brought the spin down to the 3000 range but launch was only about 9 degrees so I lofted up to 10.5 getting the launch up to 13 or so with the spin staying around 3000 and the carry increased to about 275. Not sure why at 9 degrees with a higher tee the spin was so high. Hdcp was at 4 before winter hit. I have a few more months before I can get outside again (just got 2ft of snow last night) and I want to know if it worth even working on my swing here or not? My home course just set up trackman simulators for the winter but just as they were about to open we locked down again. Grrrrr.
  5. I've done a bunch of these and there are a few ways to go. 1. Putt with your wedge for sure. 2. Consider 3 short clubs. As a 1.5 hdcp I'm sure you can reach all your par 5s with 3 8 irons or 3 7 irons. Pick the one that work, a 56 degree wedge and a club in the middle. I can stretch my 7i to 190 if I have to. 570 par 5 is tough but 540 and less is very comfortable. 3. I will some times base my mid iron on the pars 3 play. 1 club may be the obvious choice. You may short on a long par 3 but short usually means easy up and down unless its a forced carry. 4. Alternatively go for the long game and take driver or 3w. If your not particularly straight or you rough is long like my course a hybrid may be better. 5. If you have forced carries you have to start there for you long club. My course is very penal off the tee. If you miss a fairway your punching out or are in deep rough. That's why I like to carry a mid iron and two short clubs. A missed fairway with a driver can be bad. I don't have long par 3s though and no bad forced carries so I can get away with short clubs. I think you'll be surprised how well you score.
  6. I was playing with a couple at my club a couple weeks ago. Christine plays another course (Sawmill Golf Course) every Thursday with a group of ladies because men's league is happening at ours. They only play nine holes. About a month ago, one of the ladies got a HIO on each of the par 3's on the front nine. She had never had one and now has 2! Crazy.
  7. I wouldn't buy clubs based on that testing. I would at least want a launch monitor or an open range. If you're buying clubs and that's the shaft recommendation than ok, but I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that the new iron are 30 years longer. Unless your old wedges are very poorly fit. You also have to gauge how the new wedges will fit into the rest of your bag. I'm curious what your SS is and how far you hit your wedges (current and tested). Here's a link that shows average club distance based on club head speed. club carry distance
  8. My wife is currently a 14.3. Not crazy good like some notables here but good enough to hold her own and win our course's A flight a couple years ago and second the last 2 years. Her swing is beautiful. We always laugh when someone asks her where she played college golf. She looses all her strokes on a few holes a round. I love having a wife that plays well. Whenever we go on vacation, we always play some great courses that I have no concern what so ever her paying at. She loves golf and the friends she has made at the course. She plays a fair amount more than I do. It has been impossible to try to coach her but the last year she has started to listen a little more and has been improving. We got her fitted at TXG a couple years ago and that helped a lot. She's never beat me in a full round but has edged me out on a nine or two. I think it's great. I love seeing her play well. I get more enjoyment from watching her hit a good golf shot than myself. We've also done a couples mixed match play which is a lot of fun.
  9. Agree with private club. There are so many benefits.
  10. I can typically guess a players handicap pretty close by seeing 1 practice swing. I have been fooled a couple times though. The rest of the tells are red herrings. I play Mizuno mp63s up to a 3 iron Stand bag and always walk Old driver ltd pro Mixed bag consisting of Mizuno, cobra, Cleveland, Callaway and even Nike. Lead tape like crazy By some of the comments I should be a superstar but am seriously underachieving at a 5.
  11. I played that course a few years ago with my wife. I was happy with it. The resort itself is beautiful. So is the course. I've played a fair amount of "tour" courses while on vacation and an usually underwhelmed. I find them wide open with huge greens and little rough. Harbour town was my favorite but it was also the tightest. Kapalua and El chamellion were up there as well. I like tight tree lined tracks and those are few and far between on tour. I'm always happiest with courses that aren't on tour but rated well.
  12. Went to the course yesterday and practiced in some of the deepest rough I could find. I found that by making a longer lazier swing I was getting good results. I think my lack of confidence was cause me to grip tighter and chop down or stab at losing control. Well see how it works. I should have also noted that my bunker play sucks (for a 5 hdcp) so they're obviously related. I'm just very rarely in bunkers. Maybe once every 2 to 3 rounds but the way our greens are, if you miss anything left right or long you'll be in deep rough.
  13. I have one shot the kills my scores. I'm hoping someone can suggest a good tip or practice video. My home course has very small firm greens that are nearly all elevated. Sometimes, if you roll off the edge you'll be 5 to 6 ft below the green surface. Normally not a big deal except for the fact that the greenside rough is insane. I'm talking 6 to 8". Sometimes you luck out and its only ankle deep. Your almost always into to the grain due to people walking off or water runoff from the elevated green. Ive nearly lost balls that were found only 5ft from the putting surface. For this reason alone I always shoot about 4 strokes better at other courses where the rough isn't so stupid. I need a shot that pops up in the air but only flies about 5 to 8 ft. Any more will often roll off the green and leave the same shot coming back. I have no doubt that my confidence on these shots is shot. I try the flop but usually decelerate or slide under and leave it back in the rough or pop it on the apron only to have it roll back into the rough. Any good tips?
  14. kozubs

    Ontario Golf

    I received an email from a local course. The NDP are forcing a non binding vote on Monday to open outdoor activities. I emailed my MPPs. Hopefully if enough people push the issue we can get common sense. https://ipolitics.ca/2021/05/14/ontario-ndp-to-force-vote-on-reopening-outdoor-recreational-spaces/
  15. kozubs

    Ontario Golf

    If there is a municipality loophole I can gaurentee niagara won't do it. Last lock down the restrictions on Niagara were lifted but our medical climbed his high horse and kept us closed.
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