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  1. **All Brand New Taylormade Clubs** I'm only selling because my back has given out and I won't be playing for a while. My loss/your gain kind of thing! Taylormade P760 Irons Set, Brand New in Box & Plastic, 5-P, KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff (upgrade), upgraded Golf Pride MCC+4 Grey (upgrade), Standard L/L/L…$SOLD Taylormade M6 Driver Head Only, Brand New and Never Hit, 10.5*, ships with original headcover and wrench…$SOLD Taylormade M5 Fairway Head Only, Brand New and Never Hit, 15*, ships with original headcover…$SOLD Taylormade Hi-Toe Wedge Set, 50/54/60, Brand New and Never Hit,
  2. How well does the vibration dampening tech work? Is it anything like graphite? I'm between Modus 105 and these. Well done on the 745's. I feel the same way about Bridgestone J40 CB's. They're just *right*.
  3. I was settled on the Mizuno JPX 919 Forged, but now I'll have to hit the Apex Pro 19 or a combo set. I like the normal spin I was getting from the 919's indoors, and the feel was plenty good for me. I've owned the Apex 16's, but the spin was way too low for me. From the positive reviews thus far, the Apex Pro 19 sound almost too good to be true. The Youtube guys, from Newton, Shiels, Crossfield, & Average Golfer, are all liking them. After the irons, I'll have to settle on a new driver. Now that's a packed field!
  4. For Sale: (Price include shipping) Project X Black 65S, 44.5" (see pic), mint, blue new decade grip, TM tip: SOLD Project X Blue 75S, 42.5" (see pic), mint, blue new decade grip, TM tip: SOLD
  5. For Sale: (Sorry about the pics. No idea why they are rotated in weird orientations...) All items will be shipped USPS Priority with insurance next day after payment. 1.) Ping G400 19* hybrid, near mint shape except for small nick on bottom edge, not visible from address and does not affect performance, Tour 85 Stiff shaft, Tour velvet grip, with stock headcover, **SOLD** 2.) Ping S55 iron set, 5-P, Black dot lie, stock length/loft/swingweight, S300 shafts, new Tour Velvet grips, **SOLD** 3.) Bridgestone J15 CB iron set, 4-P, standard length/loft/lie/swingweight, Recoil 110 F4 shaft
  6. How do these compare to the Bridgestone J40 and the Mizuno MP18 SC in terms of heel to toe length?
  7. I am thinking of the AP3 in 4-6 and AP2 in 7-P. are you guys bending the AP3's weak to get the gapping right?
  8. Interested to hear the AP2/3 compared to the MP18. Those are the two sets I’m considering.
  9. Agreed. That's why I was thinking of a driving hybrid of some sort, like a Mizuno Fli-Hi.
  10. You laugh, but I tried a friend's 5 hybrid on the range this week and it was like cheating. I think I'm going there, or at least a 5 driving hybrid. For me, graphite shafted irons are the "gateway" clubs... ;)
  11. I just had Tom Slighter make a "JT" model from a Scotty X5 and the flow neck on it suits me so well. Loving it!
  12. I have been thinking of a mixed set of i200's and S55's. I never got along with the iBlades for some reason. Don't know why, but the S55 work much better for me. They also look a bit more similar in design to the i200's, but without the hydro finish. I'm thinking about 4-7 in i200 and 7-P in S55. I know there is overlap, but the 7-iron can be switched. Now I just need to pick a set of shafts. I'm even thinking about the Oban or a soft-stepped CTL XS or soft-stepped Modus 105X.
  13. F'n funny stuff man! I laughed too!!! Is Romo standing in TM Speedfoam the PXG brand stuff? I mean, be careful or you could be looking at being named in the lawsuit here... Oh, is it Tour Issue?
  14. Somewhere there is a chart on the Ping site (or there was?) that shows the amount that certain clubs can be bent.
  15. I agree that the Cameron model inspired by JT's putter just doesn't cut it. It needs the slant neck. This is a great putter. So much better after being "Slightered".
  16. I am going to change the tips on some shafts from Taylormade M1/2 to Ping G400 series. Are they the same length as far as depth of insertion of the shaft into the tip/adapter? My primary concern is that there is no glue showing. Thanks!
  17. For Sale: Titleist 718 CB iron set, 6-P, X100 shafts, 2* flat but easily bent (not by me), Stock Length & Loft, Superstroke Midsize cord grips (tour issue?), fantastic condition, maybe two rounds?, add a T-MB 5-iron and you're ready to go...SOLD Titleist 917 F2 fairway, 15*, Diamana Blue 70 stiff shaft, stock length, ships with headcover, wrench, and two 14g weights...SOLD Vokey SM6 V-Sole Wedge, 58* with 10* bounce, oil can finish, S400 Tour Issue AMT shaft, stock length/loft/lie, New Decade white/black grip, still plenty of life and lots of spin on this one...SOLD Srixon 565 Iron
  18. Good to hear that you're getting the itch again and settling into a golf routine. It seems you have almost always trended back towards Titleist woods and irons. Their drivers are not the longest, but are the straightest for me too.
  19. tyro

    P770? No love?

    I have a set of 770's waiting for a reshaft. I've tested them up against the i200, 565, and others. I'd say the 770's are the better fit for me. They are a nice iron, period. Not sure why I see so many used sets around.
  20. These are by far the best looking wedges I've seen in a LONG time! I miss the look of my SM4's and these are really close. If they are forged and offer custom grinds, they had me at hello.
  21. I hope JT's name is trademarked, but anyway here is what I think is one of the coolest and most functional putters I've ever owned. First off, Tom is simply the most amazing person ever. If you want the supreme definition of professionalism, customer service, and quality, Tom Slighter is your guy. While I know there are other threads about these putters, I think this putter deserves its own thread (I know I'm biased...). I sent Tom a stock 34" Scotty Cameron Futura X5 that was a tad worn, but not worn out. He turned it into the beauty below. He removed the standard neck and shaft, welde
  22. I just received this one from Tom. He is simply an amazing person to deal with and the putter is absolutely incredible!
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