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  1. I just got off the phone with Ping customer service and they said that the new head cover would be sent out to me next week. Now that is what I call customer service. Makes me want to buy more Ping, which is what I did yesterday by ordering a set of i20 irons.
  2. The head cover that came with my 35" Nome is black and has magnetic attachment mechanisms, which I'm too not crazy about. Is this the correct one? [attachment=1157366:1.JPG] [attachment=1157364:2.JPG]
  3. I hit the Pings today and loved them...so much that I didn't even try the AP2's. I got fitted and I needed an extra 1" on the shaft and the white lie angle. This is a far cry from the standard length and black lie angle I use now. After we tweaked the clubs using the Ping cart and the digital radar doo-hickey, I got over 30 yards more out of my 7 iron. I really like the way they feel, hit and look. What's to lose?
  4. Moving from 1990's ISI Pings to new clubsI am getting back into golf after a 15 year hiatus. I play daily or practice putting, chipping, and driving every day of the week. I am also taking lessons, going pretty much head first into the golf thing. What can I say? I'm HOOKED...BAD!!!!!! :man_in_love: I am in need of some new clubs because I no longer have a full set and the set I have is beat up from letting my kids use them. I am considering the Ping i20's from top to bottom (driver, woods, hybrid, irons) with even a Ping Nome or Anser putter. The other set I am looking at are the Titl
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