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  1. Trade only for the following: Titleist 917 F2 16.5* head Titleist 718 T-MB 5-iron club or head Items for sale: Ping G 400 LST 10.5* Ping G 400 14.5* Ping Tour 65S driver shaft, stock length with Tour Velvet grip Ping Alta CB X-Stiff driver shaft, stock length with Tour Velvet grip Mint condition Played one round and one range session Ships with headcovers and one wrench ***SOLD*** Do not want to split unless I have buyers for everything
  2. Nice! Did it cost any extra for the bronze finish? I have an X5 that I'm about to send to Tom for this same treatment. I'm going to put the alignment line on the topline. I'm thinking of the matte silver finish right now, but perhaps black. He has been wonderful to work with so far.
  3. So sorry to hear of your loss and life stressors. Here's to brighter times ahead. Good to hear you are back to golfing again and enjoying it.
  4. I've seen what looks like a black Tour AD-DI in his woods. I read somewhere that the shafts in his Adams irons are from his Hogan set. I'm not sure what shafts those would be though.
  5. I like it! I cheer for this guy every time. He so deserves a "W"!
  6. I think it's something you have to try first. I haven't hit any of the 718 series, but I found the 716 CB to be a much better fit for me than the 716 AP2. They look a bit tighter to me, but nothing too wild. There is a lot of tech under the hood with the CB series.
  7. Not that it would help me do what he does, but are his irons protos or something? The Adams Black MB's I've seen have the little weight screw and a solid topline. His irons have no weight screw and a beveled topline. Just wanted a "best of" video of some of this shots. A true machine!
  8. They make a wedge-specific shaft now, right? I wonder how these are different compared to the stock wedge shaft. I had a set with 110 F4's in the irons and 125 F4's in the wedges, but the 125's launched way too high and didn't feel right on touch shots around the greens to me. They felt great though.
  9. For Sale: Only trades for: RTX3 wedge set in 50/54/60 - newish condition High Quality TM or Ping driver or fairway shafts - 65-75g stiff or x-stiff Other cool putters or stuff Callaway Epic GBB 10.5* Driver Dual sliding weights Fujikura Speeder Evo 1 661 X-Stiff shaft Plays approximately 44" total playing length No headcover, but will pack well $300 shipped READ RULES AND DO NOT DELETE CONTENTS OF ADS
  10. Those do look nice and hopefully as much like the SM4 in real life as they do in these pics.
  11. Just took it to the range for another try and was just flat out bombing it again. 280 yard ropes. More testing needed. I'll also stop hyjacking this thread. What head and which shaft? Sorry. Epic SZ but the Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6. Nothing to do with Even Flow. Like I said I'll stop hyjacking now. No worries. Not thread jacking to me!
  12. Just took it to the range for another try and was just flat out bombing it again. 280 yard ropes. More testing needed. I'll also stop hyjacking this thread. What head and which shaft?
  13. I tried the Copper 60S in the G400 LST the other day and liked it a lot. I need something heavier and stiffer, but from the very limited info out there, the next flex up is the 70TX. Is there a 60TX or a 70S?
  14. Low ball hitters who don't generate 112+ mph can REALLY benefit from going to a setup where they replace the 4/5/6 with something high launching, whether fw/hybrid/high launch iron. Agreed. How are you liking your MP18's with the Recoils? Up to this point, I've played mostly Steelfiber in graphite, but I think these old bones might need some graphite shafts again. I've owned some Pings with Recoils and liked them, but just wonder how the MP18's get along with them. I'd probably get a mix of Fli-Hi and SC's. Thanks!
  15. That os the 1 thing i havent and cant really test. Almost no places do outdoor fittings near me. Your RTX 3's have a similar sole, so that should give you and idea. I've had both a regret selling the RTX 3's for sure. Great wedges!
  16. The V-Sole on the Srixons can be a game changer too, especially if your swing and/or turf conditions suit them.
  17. I think it has a solid and even a forged-like feeling. They do not have that manufactured or fake feel to them like some driving hybrids. This was with the fitting head/shaft, and they supposedly feel even better when it is a standard glued head.
  18. I am thoroughly enjoying a Matrix 7M3 Stiff in my M2 driver right now. For those of you who may have tried both, which Evenflow would be closest? Thanks!
  19. I think I will bend my Fli-Hi weak too. It was launching a bit lower than I might like.
  20. I'm going for a fitting in a couple of weeks for a set of SC's. I tried them briefly and the shaft optimizer spit out C Taper Lite X-Stiff was the winner over the KBS Tour and the AMT. (85mph - 6,2,4,5) I want to try some of their other shaft offerings before I order. I tested the blade, SC, MMC, and Fli-Hi. The SC and Fli-Hi were the clear winners for me. The MMC gave me a bit more ball speed, but the look and feel just didn't wow me. The blades could work in the 8-P, but I figure I could use the forgiveness of the SC. 4-iron Fli-Hi 5-P MP18 SC
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