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  1. I don't have a dog in this fight, but let's "play nice". I had a set of Glide 2.0's and they were far softer than Vokeys to me.
  2. I think the list of grinds he mentioned were only referring to 58* and 60*. Highest lofted F grind is 56*. Yeah! You're right. Sorry, I missed that part. I need my F grind!
  3. tyro

    P770? No love?

    I have a set of heads that I robbed the shafts from for my i200's and can say that from a feel and performance, the P770's are superior to me. They are perhaps a tad boxier looking, but that doesn't bother me at all. I'm just trying to pick some new shafts for the P770's right now. Very soft for a club with as much tech as it has. I could see replacing the 3/4/5 with the 790, but I'd have to see about the head to head performance. So...nothing wrong with the P770's at all!
  4. tyro

    King Pur wedges

    These PUR's have me interested. I've pretty much come back to Vokeys from every wedge I've tried, but I want something with better feel and a different look. The last Vokey I really liked the look of was the SM4. I have not tried the PUR yet, but did hit the T7's the other day. Damn, they are soft! Are the PUR even softer? What about wanting a 60* around the greens for flops, etc.? Can the wide sole do that or should I go with the V-grind?
  5. I'm subscribed too. I am between the MP18 SC and the 718 AP2 for my next set, but I need to go and test them and get a proper fitting. I have hit the MP18 SC and they feel wonderful. I have not hit the AP2 yet, but would sacrifice a bit of feel for some more forgiveness on those "off" days.
  6. From address pictures, these are my favorite iron from Callaway. The cavity reminds me a little bit of the Bridgestone J40 CB with the triangle of weight behind the hitting area. I'd like to try these when they are released and hope they look as good in person.
  7. I have some DG 120 S400 SSx1 in my i200's that I really like. Nice shafts for sure!
  8. Sorry if I haven't been paying attention, but which insert do these have? The JD, DJ, or something new? Edit: These are up on the TM site now and it just says Pure Roll insert, but does not clarify black or 80/20 or whatever. Damn, they look nice though. I like either the 3-line one or the fang-looking one. I'll try them as soon as I can!
  9. Lol. Yep. I may or may not have played 9 several afternoons this week. I'm like a ghost. I park in an open spot behind a sand pile at the club. I show up walking , wave through the window at the kid at the pro shop counter , pound one off the first tee and walk off into the trees. I come out of the trees on 9 and my truck is parked 40 yards away. Throw my clubs in the back and poof I'm gone. Was I ever really there ? No way to know. Lol. Good luck on the new set ! Ninja golfer.
  10. Sorry about the double post thing!? Not sure how that happened. Ok, I hope they come out with a custom program too. That would be sweet!!!
  11. So I'm assuming these custom Odysseys are pretty much "unobtanium", right? So I'm assuming these custom Odysseys are pretty much "unobtanium", right?
  12. I think the Piretti that Tony Finau is playing looks cool!
  13. Thanks Peanut. I've thought about it more and think I'll go with the Fli-Hi through the 6. Also, if I want to get some more SC's to fill those spots higher in the bag, I can always do that too.
  14. I'm debating how to split my set up. I carry a hybrid 3. Fli-Hi somewhere in 4-6 then either solid SC's or a mix of 5-7 in SC and 8-P in MB. Leaning towards 4,5,6 in Fli-Hi and 7-P in SC. The Fli-Hi 6-iron I tested at the fitting was incredible! C Taper Lite X-Stiff and Midsize MCC Plus 4's.
  15. So, the unanswered question: How do us mere mortals get out hands on something like this? Well, right handed and a #7...
  16. Nice bag for sure! I miss my deep face M2. If you throttled those shafts down about 3 flexes, I could game it! I'm this close to grabbing some MP18's, but I'm debating shafts too. (CTL X-Stiff vs Modus 120X) I know you've thought of this, but just have your 6 or 7 iron reshafted with the X7. You can test that to know if it works better for you. For the record, I have never done this and always have the whole set done...for better or worse!
  17. I think it's the same operation, only moved to Callaway HQ. Same equipment, people, etc., so the putter quality should be as good or better. I had an pre-Odyssey Garage model and it is one of the putters I wish I had back. Nice stuff!
  18. Rickie's Scotty and Paul Casey's naked 009 are two of my favorites lately. He hovers the putter off the ground before he hits too, as opposed to a forward press or something.
  19. Congrats! And...how do you even order a putter like this?!
  20. I agree that the Fli-Hi's are extremely nice and the feel is phenomenal for a driving iron...or ANY iron for that matter. I tried the 6-iron Fli-Hi and was amazed too!
  21. Did you happen to hit the MP18 SC too? I'm between the 718 AP2 and the SC's right now, but have not hit the AP2's.
  22. For sale: Can't ship out until Friday. Taylormade M2 2017 3HL, built by and bought through Will Peoples, Hotmelted for feel, sound, with no left/right bias, 42.5" and D2 SW, Fujikura Atmos Red 7S w/ standard tipping...SOLD Taylormade Tour Issue M1 2017 3HL Head only, don't know specs or weight...SOLD Shafts: All have 1* Taylormade metal Tour tips unless noted otherwise Lengths, grips, and condition are shown in pictures Mitsubishi Tensei 60TX...$125 Fujikura Speeder Evolution 1 661 X-Stiff, Callaway tip...$115 Fujikura Speeder Evolution 3 661 Stiff, new style tapered TM 2* tip...
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