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  1. I tried both of these during a fitting and vote for the Mizunos, especially if you want to mix with the SC or MB in the short irons.
  2. I had a Garage version exactly like that. Great putter.
  3. Congrats on the promotion. Good to see you back on here! Nice! A fellow DHY 24* user! I still have mine from new. Yeah, I could game 10 or 12 clubs easily. I don't think my scoring would change that much.
  4. It could just be me, but I found the feel and forgiveness were better with the SC. I don't know about turf interaction.
  5. I mean, part of me is s little curious and wonders how the C-Taper LITE S+ would perform for me in the SC's...aside from what was seeing in the fitting process. But I just can't see them dethroning the LZ's. They just feel so effortless to load and I can feel it actually kick at impact. It's unreal. I was fit into the C Taper Lite X-Stiff by the Mizuno shaft optimizer, but it never showed the LZ 6.5 as an option. I have owned clubs with the C Taper Lite Stiff and the LX 6.0, so your post makes with think I might need to try the LZ 6.5. I wonder how the LZ 6.5 would compare for my swing.
  6. I purchased and played the MP 18 SC this weekend for a round and got fitted for the AP2 / AP3 at TPI so hit them off grass with premium balls extensively. Feel, SC takes it. Forgiveness the AP2 / AP3 combo takes it. Both look great. Just do what I'm doing and buy both lol. I think I will probably end up with both sets too! :)
  7. I had the chance to see a combo set of AP3/AP2. While the size of the 718 AP2 may be identical to the 716, the 718 looked more aesthetically pleasing to my eye. I did not put them next to the 716, but they just looked better to my eye. It may have been the topline or the way the hosel joins the club. Keep in mind this is a purely my opinion and and it's all about the player's taste and preference. I'm torn between the MP18 SC/Fli-Hi and the 718 AP2/3 right now. So far, I've only tested the MP18's, but I want to try the Titleist in order to do my complete "due diligence". I know I can't
  8. Nice review and congrats on getting the set so soon! I'm planning on a mixed set of AP3 and AP2, but I'm not sure where to break the combo. I was thinking at the 5 or 6 iron. Also, I have not hit them yet, but the shop said I didn't need to adjust the lofts. My initial thought was to have the AP3 bent 2* weak like the OP.
  9. How did the AP2 & 3 compare to your 770's? I think the Atmos he is referring to is one of the stock options in the new Titleist 818 line of hybrids. I think they are paying attention!
  10. Thanks JStang! I'll have to try the AP2, but the coin may be flipped between the SC and AP2. Can't lose either way.
  11. How would you compare the SC and the AP2? Thanks.
  12. I tested the entire MP 18 line vs the 718 AP2. The MB felt the best of course, but I thought the AP2 felt better than the SC, and was a little more forgiving. And they look incredible. Pulled the trigger on the AP2 Nice! I may be in the same boat soon.
  13. I saw a mixed set of 718 AP3/AP2 yesterday. I've had 712, 714, and 716 AP2, but the 718 AP2 have the most appealing aesthetics and look at address of them all. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these ticked all the boxes for me. The AP3 looked nice as well and should suit the tweener crowd. They are not too players or GI. They mix well aesthetically with the AP2. I hit the Mizuno MP-18 SC the other day and was headed that direction until I saw the AP2. I need to test them both in a fitting to know for sure, but from what I have read thus far, the AP2 have the potential to feel
  14. A good attempt to show the comparison, but a few things. 20mm is about.78 inch and the 790 I demoed was larger but not 3/4 inch longer . Also showing the face as much as the picture does you don't get the idea of how thick the rounded top line of the 790 is. It also looks like the 750s. hosel is not even with the 770. They do a nice job with the shape, but it will never be mistaken for a players club. As is the case with any photo comparisons top lines, overall length, offset are very hard to judge without seeing the actual item. I went back to try the demo again with 3 other shafts and stil
  15. Here are some pics of the Taylormade P line of irons. From left to right: 750, 770, 790. The 750 is more blade like than the other two and has a shorter heel to toe measurement. I know there is a 20 mm difference in the 770 and 790, but they look remarkably close to my eye. The 790 appears to be a more rounded 770. The 770 is a bit boxy on the top line. The pics may appear to exaggerate the size of the 790, but to my eye, it's closer to the 770 than the difference between the 750 and 770.
  16. I just had the chance to hit the full line of Mizuno MP-18's. The shaft optimizer spit out the KBS C-Taper Lite X-Stiff for me. The blade was a bit too demanding for me to hit and looked a bit frightening at address. The SC, on the other hand, was just right. Not too chunky or too butter knife. I was getting better distance and dispersion but the feel did not seem to suffer. I can't remember the numbers exactly, but at 90 mph SS, I was getting around 175 carry and spin of 6000 +\-100. I tried the MMC and the Fli-Hi too. I gained a bit more launch with the MMC, but it didn't beat the S
  17. Ease on up there cowboy. Jury is still out on coolness ;) Ha! Well played! :) Wait, he's got a MILLION views!? ;) Might take 2M to make graphite iron shafts cool :D Honestly though, the only cool thing in golf is playing well. If I had to use senior flex graphite shafts to do that I would in a second. Amen to that!
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