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  1. I have some P770's that I like to mix with these in the long irons, but bending the 790's 2* weak would probably not work out. I guess I'll try the 790's and go from there. A stock set would be 5-6-7-8 in 790 and 8-9-PW in the 770, but I'll have to look at the gapping first.
  2. I'm thinking that if the look and feel are there and performance is close, much of the spin or launch related issues can be tweaked with changes to shaft, loft, or even the ball. Many more variables to work with here. I'll reserve judgement until I hit them myself, which I plan to do.
  3. Pretty sure there are pictures in the comparison thread Thanks!
  4. Anyone know if the Evenflow Blue offered as a stock offering through the Titleist woods and hybrids is the handcrafted one or not? I would guess not, but just asking.
  5. I have 765 and they dwarf the SC. The MP18 SC are basically blades the faces are small. I think even smaller than MP25. This is completely false. The MP 18 SC are bigger at address and have a bigger face than the 716 cb's which are no where near blades and the MP18 blade is about the same size as the cb. I played the 716 CB's for a while and found them to be plenty forgiving. If the SC's are as forgiving or even more forgiving and with better feel, these could be going into the bag soon.
  6. Thank you for sharing your experience, and also much more thanks for your service!
  7. I tried a Mini Giant while waiting for a driver fitting and just could not miss with it. Bought one, but it just doesn't translate to the course for me...so it's on the BST! Very well made putter and the rifle scope tech really does work as advertised.
  8. FOR SALE: (Only trades would be for Ping G400 LS 10* Driver, G400 14.5* & 18* Fairways.) Scotty Cameron Futura 6M, 35" and all stock, MINT...SOLD SeeMore Mini Giant FGP Stealth with Tone on Tone, 350g head weight, 35", Rosemark 1.25 grip, MINT...SOLD The pictures exhibit the like-new condition of these putters.
  9. Ease on up there cowboy. Jury is still out on coolness ;) Ha! Well played! :) Wait, he's got a MILLION views!? ;)
  10. They look more like 714ap2 in my views of it yesterday Nice! That's what I wanted to hear. Thanks for the info.
  11. I know there is not a huge amount of difference, but do the 718 AP2's look more like the 714 or 716 at address?
  12. We should all take a moment and thank Tai for making graphite iron shafts cool! Due to joint pain and aches, I have gone back and forth between graphite and steel for years. Right now I'm using DG 120's. They do beat me up compared to the Steelfibers and Recoils I've used in the past. So far, my favorites have been SF i95 Stiff soft-stepped once and (gasp) SF i80 REGULARS (There goes my posting status...). ;-) I think the SF are nice shafts, but if the Fuji 95's are smoother and have more feel, then I need to try some for sure. I'm in the "buy to try" situation, but I do have a set o
  13. One thing is for certain... We can all thank Tai for making graphite iron shafts cool! I've been back and forth from steel to graphite iron shafts, but only SF and Recoils. SF i95's have been my favorite so far, but the Fujis have me intrigued. I have joint pain and really need to make the move to graphite and stay, especially for the longevity of my game. I think that SF play stiff to flex to me. My best sets with Steelfiber have been either i95 stiff soft-stepped or a set of i80 regulars in a set of Tourstage blades. (There go my posting privelidges!) The i80 set went to a friend, so
  14. I have a set of DG 120 S400 TI shafts soft-stepped once in a set of i200's. They are flat-out amazing shafts! I first had them in a set of P770's but not soft-stepped. I'm thinking of having the P770's shafted with the same shafts, and SSx1 again too. Sometimes you just find that Goldilocks shaft combo and this seems to be it for me. Feel, launch, spin, and weight are all spot on. The do feel a bit like a KBS but not nearly as loose, plus the dispersion, launch, and spin are much better. I am thinking about putting them in my wedges next, but I'm so loyal to regular S400 TI's.
  15. I'm very pleased with my current setup, but these look extremely nice!
  16. Yeah, I got it from the PGA SS in Myrtle Beach and had them ship it to me. Hopefully it is not recalled immediately. If so, oh well. Ping has always stood behind their product, so I'm not worried in the least.
  17. Not sure about that considering a local shop said they were asked to return their LST heads That's not good news to me since mine shipped out to me from SC today.
  18. FOR SALE: Taylormade 2017 M2 3HL with Fujikura Atmos Red 7S, Rocket launcher!, True Velvet with 2 wraps, bought through and built by Will Peoples, with headcover...$275 Evnroll ER2 35", The tech in this thing works!, mint condition, gamed only 9 holes, newest Evnroll grip, ships with headcover and ball marker...$250 Vokey SM6 52F, 56S, 60S, all stock, excellent condition, won't separate, package deal...$200 (Cameron Futura not for sale)
  19. Thanks for the heads up Ron. I just called and got an 8.5* LST with Tour shaft from them. Ships out on Monday!
  20. How's it compare to the Epic for you?
  21. I'll take a 10* G400 LST if there is one of those...with new Tour 65 Stiff if possible! :)
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