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  1. I see the long iron with the hole in the toe, but are the rest of those the SC's?
  2. Anyone seen the heel to toe length on the AP2 vs the 716 version? I'd like to see them more like the 714 size.
  3. For sale: Fujikura Atmos Blue 6S and Tour Velvet 360 grip with 1 extra wrap Plays 45" in 2017 M1/M2 2017 Tour Issue M2 Driver head 9.5* - SOLD There is a tiny (and I mean TINY) band of glue showing on the shaft just above the ferrule due to being changed from Callaway to TM tip by Will Peoples. I had to zoom way in to get it to show on the photo. It is simply not noticeable at address. Shaft Only: $225
  4. For sale, but only trade would be a Scotty Futura 6M in 35". Callaway Epic GBB Driver head in 10.5* I had it hot-melted by Will Peoples, so this thing sounds and feels AMAZING! I had him place it neutral for forgiveness and sounds. It feels freakishly solid compared to my other drivers. I'm not sure of the exact weight of the head, but it played D3 at 45". SOLD With headcover and shipped USPS Priority
  5. For sale (NO TRADES): Titleist 716 CB 4-P Iron set Titleist-built Project X 6.0 Shafts soft-stepped one time Stock length/loft/lie Golf Pride MCC+4 grips Played maybe 5 rounds Pictures show condition SOLD Ping G LS Driver 10.5* Accra CS1 60S shaft 45" and D3 swingweight SOLD
  6. Fore sale and NO TRADES but will do package deals if you want more than one item: Taylormade Spider Red Jason Day Model Played a few rounds with this and can't find any wear on it Superstroke Tour GT 1.0 grip added with headcover GREAT putter, but my 009 is just too cool not to game! SOLD Callaway Apex 16 Combo set 4-P CF16 8-AW Pro Stock Length/Loft/Lie KBS Tour V 110 Stiff Shafts Tour Velvet grips The 8-PW have some cart path scratches where they were dropped by the previous owner The 4-7 look basically new I only played one round with these SOLD Srixon 765 Irons 5-P Stock Length 1* up
  7. I personally know of one club that should be updated! :)
  8. Nice PXG's! Yeah, missing that 1/2" sounds like a recipe for thinning it every time. They would have been great in the wind though! Glad you got it sorted out and that you're good to go!
  9. Now I'm all sorts of confused. LOL I've been playing the Tour Preferred X (2014 & 2016) since finally replacing the Penta in mid-2015. Been very happy with the X in that model and was planning on doing a somewhat blind swap to the TP5x. Now you have me thinking that I should, at the very least, put the TP5 up against the TP5x before making my final decision. For the most part, it sounds like I should start my testing by hitting a bunch of irons into the green from various distances and go from there? Both balls are solid! They go though the wind great. The 5 is softer and spins more o
  10. For sale or trade: only trades would be for 2017 M1 10.5* Head, 2017 M2 3HL wood with quality 70g Stiff shaft, or TM P770 irons. Srixon combo iron set 565/765 Basically new; Some of the irons are still in the wrapper and the others have been hit once or twice Lofts were adjusted to match more normal non-"jacked" lofts Right-Handed 4-PW 4,5,6,7=565 8,9,PW=765 Shafts: Steelfiber i95 Stiff Lie: 1* Upright Length: Stock Loft 565: 2* weak Loft 765: 1* weak Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grips, grey, 2 total wraps, logo up ***SOLD*** Ping i200 These irons have a few round on them Right-Handed 4-PW Shaf
  11. Ha! I am just seeing this? Thanks GJ! My pleasure!!!
  12. Good looking bag! Those TM wedges are bright! I bet the tour guys get a matte finish or something. Cannot go wrong with SM6's if you get the correct grind. Loving my V-grind!
  13. Dudes only got 4 clubs in his bag and he's still ho'ing! Sorry, but this is one of the funniest things I have read around here in a LONG time! :)
  14. I really only use the 60 when I am very close to the greens or in greenside bunkers. In hindsight, I wish I had gotten the SS grind with the Lob Combo grind. Ping custom grinds are spot on and a major bonus.
  15. I received my 50SS, 54SS, & 60TS 2.0's with KBS Tour Wedge shafts. I've only tested them and haven't played a full round with them yet. They setup to the ball better than the 1.0's...even if they are exactly the same! I need to get a few rounds on them and then I'll get back on here.
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