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  1. Wilson DX3 soft. Gutted they no longer make them. Won a scratch qualifier with that ball.
  2. Anyone know if there’s any plans to release these irons? My amp cell pros are begging to be replaced and I’d have those in a heartbeat
  3. Haven't touched my clubs in two years. Re joined as a full member yesterday. The itch is back. Clubs are being re gripped and ill get some new pics :D
  4. Got completely messed about by Srixon so i've ordered fly z pros 4-pw and a fly z + 3 iron all 1/2" over and X100
  5. Sounds good guys. I had a change of heart though and ordered srixon z945's with X1's instead. Just so pretty
  6. I'm about to order these with X100's. Anyone been using them for a while? Good long term?
  7. Any good tips for getting my arms in front? I've always been stuck on the inside. I'm trying to get more 'on top' of the ball and exiting left but it feels so different it feels wrong!?
  8. Did a 'fitting' at wentworth for one of these. Fitted for a tour 65g X flex at 10.5º. It was into a net but to get spin down to 2800 for me is pretty impressive. It's got my attention
  9. I just want to get it out on the course but now i'm injured
  10. I'm tempted by the wishes but they don't seem very heavy? They've also stopped listing the blades 555m i think? What happened. They drop them?
  11. Thanks for the advice. Recoils and steel fibres are crazy money. I might experiment with a cheaper graphite shaft first. I want something heavy for sure. I was just about to move up to the X in the KBS tour (to loose spin) and then this happened. I do take quite a lot of dirt with my irons sometimes.
  12. [quote name='stryper' timestamp='1426018905' post='11116715'] [quote name='tommy89' timestamp='1426014887' post='11116315'] Went to the physio today. I've got tendonitis in my wrist [/quote] Don't know if you discussed this with your physio or not, but how much of your down time do you spend on your smartphone/device? (Big cause of wrist tendonitis there.) Might not be a golf thing at all. [/quote] I do yes but with my other hand. My job is very tough on my arms so i think it's just had enough. I've been working since i was 16.
  13. Went to the physio today. I've got tendonitis in my wrist
  14. I think i might buy one and resift my 6 iron to see what it's like
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