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  1. Glad to be back but not glad to have witnessed this faux pas.
  2. Phil will be a main stay on this tour when championships are being played.
  3. I haven't seen this many "Locked" threads since my first wife locked me outta the house.
  4. h3ll ya !... the man who plays well does well, the man who dresses well does even better.
  5. I play better and last longer the closer I am to the ground. I have been wearing Asics for over two decades and these preshots are very comfortable
  6. I miss Seve. That guy could ignite a crowd with his enthusiasm
  7. DeChambeau goes birdie, birdie, birdie and dirty birdie for the win
  8. what the h3ll was Hatton thinking with driver off the tee !
  9. throw in the earths rotation is making the miss fairways
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