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  1. By "out buildings" do you mean disconnected from the house? How is it heated? Pretty awesome looking setup. It there a fridge? not sure I saw one.
  2. An imaginary ball. Which is fitting, since it is an imaginary hole in one.
  3. No I like being paired with strangers, 9 out of 10 times it has been a good experience.
  4. Golf pride Tour Wrap Jumbo. I am a man of simple tastes.
  5. I think they were called Dunlop DDH 110 distance. They went far but zero spin or feel. Also I think circa 1998ish Top-Flite had balls called System C and system T that were supposed to be somehow optimized to work with either the Callaway GBB Driver or the Ti-Bubble Taylor Made driver. I kid you not.
  6. The ridiculous thing in this story isn't the club, it's the fact that anyone could stomach enough Busch light to get drunk.
  7. You almost got into a fistfight over they way someone was looking at you? He didn't say anything? He didn't touch you or your stuff? He just looked at you?
  8. Play what works for you. Confidence in your equipment can be a big factor in golf. I'm curious what you mean by "the surface of the noodle is forgiving"
  9. No, but I would join a course with no par 3s.
  10. One of them is probably named "Patches O'Houlihan"
  11. I agree. Just call it a 3 wood. It's not a description of the material it is made from. Irons are no longer made of iron. You don't hear, "He's got a 7 stainless steel..."
  12. One my driver and I have never adjusted it.
  13. I'd be interested to see the age demographics for who voted that music should or should not be allowed on the course. I voted "No Music" and I am in the over 45 crowd. I'm guessing most of the "No Music" folks are over 40 and most of "Yes Music" folks are under 40.
  14. It's kind of hard to regard whether or not someone asked when the music you hear clearly enough to sing along with from 200+ yards away. That happens all the time. For example at this course recently I clearly heard Tom Petty's "Running Down a Dream", A song I actually like coming from the fairway on a hole while I was on the tee on the next hole., from the distance shown. I knowhow far away it was because I was on the tee and the lake in the bottom right corner is a good landmark.
  15. I agree, the music is a problem. I have actually been able to clearly hear music and identify songs from 200+ yards on the course.
  16. Not agreeing or disagreeing with you but, any particular reason you think that?
  17. I guess based on my playing partner I play the most # of rounds with: Pro: Gets along well with whoever we get paired with and is respectful of them; Great short game, makes me jealous of it. Cons: Always makes me pay. Can't drive the cart. (It's my son.)
  18. I think Spieth and Rory still are the most likely to get a slam among active players. For the simple reason is they each only need one. Spieth needs the PGA and Rory needs the Masters.
  19. The most common things I see people do wrong regarding the size of their hands as they relate to their equipment are these two: They wear gloves that are too big. When you first put a new glove on it should be tight like a second skin. Don't worry it will stretch. They use grips that are too small.
  20. Interesting thanks! You don't see many wearing them. One that really stood out was Duval back in the late 90s
  21. Not to go off topic but, does anyone wonder why Phil started wearing sunglasses when playing, sometime in the last year or so, after never having done it in the previous 25+ years?
  22. #1: Partner is ready to tee off, done, warming up, done putting etc... a minimum of 8-10 minutes before tee time. My biggest pet peeve in life, is lateness. If you want to hit balls and warm up or hit the putting green, by all means, do it. But, if our tee time is 10am, I want you ready to tee off at 9:52 am. The rest of these are going to be a very distant second, third, etc.. but, the usual, don't talk in my backswing, rake the bunkers, mark your ball, just typical common sense stuff. Really not much bothers me but, lateness.
  23. It's interesting how people constantly say it's unfair how in women's sports your appearance on camera should not matter as much as it does. They say that the same thing doesn't apply to male athletes. This is even more so with golf since probably 90% of the viewership is men. My wife plays golf maybe 5 times a year. She watches it never. Her favorite golfer is Adam Scott for obvious reasons. If Rickie had Rickie's record and was a frumpy looking dude, you would barely know who he is. I realize he won a Player's but, he is more marketable than his golfing ability, thus far, dictates, because of his looks. Rickie isn't even close to as good as Sergio.
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