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  1. Gents - for the 2016 M2 players - has anyone of the newer models really out performed it? I have a 2016 M2 tour head, 9 degree, with KKTX shaft. Love the combo. I really don't have access to unlimited testing, so kind of relying on threads like this to cut-down the choices. There are two recent youtube videos comparing 2016 M2 to the M6, and the M2 wins... thx Jim
  2. Is it too much to ask GolfWRX Moderators to create a special "Mea Culpa" thread for all the Tiger haters? I'd like to see their capitulation before being allowed to post on here again.
  3. Back at it with the 9.5 2016 M2. I increased the loft to STD 9.5 versus the 8.5 I was playing, and this closed the club face a bit. Was more directionally stable, and didn't actually hit it higher. About the same trajectory. Lets keep it for a while now... Jim
  4. So happy for Tiger. I think the totality of this year, and this event, represents the greatest athletic "comeback" in my generation (I'm 45). Physical, mental, and hopefully spiritual, transformation are all evident. Not a single other golf person in my generation or playing today, can garner the throngs of crowds he does and did yesterday - All I could think of was black-n-white films I had seen of Arnie's Army. While I hope he can continue to win perhaps one more major - we have to be satisfied with what we saw - and anything else hence forth is just "gravy". Standing - cheering - for t
  5. Thanks Manila - I’ll give it a shot again and have to agree with yiur assessment. It’s the bad shots that fly far LOL. Thanks for the encouragement, Jim
  6. I bought the 2016 M2 460 Head, and could almost rewrite the post above in observations. This head had some long-bombs in it, but harder to control for me. I seem to have a high right miss with it that doesn’t happen with the 440. Almost like the same shaft plays a bit weaker in the 460 head. Or, need to set it on the “upright” setting and try again. Else, the 440 is actually easier to control direction wise. Jim
  7. I picked a "new" set on Mizuno Hot Metal GW-4 iron, for $550, Nippon Tour Modus 105 Stiff shafts. Holy smokes! Awesome clubs. Trajectories are big & flat. Distance was really nice. The shafts felt GREAT! I usually play X, but these were very stable and response WITHOUT going left! Very nice! Very well done Mizuno! These are bombers. I have a set of MP 29's with X100's, MP4's with C-Taper 130X, and now these Hot Metals with the aforementioned shafts. Glad to add these to the arsenal :)
  8. SLDR 3 Hybrid one degree down (open) sits beautifully neutral at address.
  9. Are you a high-ball hitter? I am. The regular M2 fairway hit the ball a mile high. The M2 Tour 3 Wood is the finest I have owned. It creates a mid-flight-boring trajectory I have never had in a fairway before (reminiscent of sonartec flight, but farther). Penetrates wind really well. I have lent this to "low-ball" player, who couldn't do anything but hit line drives. If you suffer from hitting ball high, this is the answer. Jim
  10. Gents – just got my set of MP-4’s from Ebay for $280, 4-PW, C-Taper 130X. HOLY SMOKES!!!!! The “hang in the bag” effect of these irons is amazing – look like the Ferrari of iron sets. Truly beautiful yet aggressive looking irons. Here is my current game: Good ball striker often, struggle with about 8 penalty shots per round due to T-shots (FL water, or OB). Score from tips in the 85-93 scoring range. 20 years ago, I gamed MP-14’s and “scored” the best consistent golf of my history, often in the 75-80 range. Since then, I took many years off, then began and off/on playing. But a
  11. ... I'm still with the 440 8.5, set one hosel position towards lower, now with Diamana B70X, playing 45.5". If I hit it up on the toe, I get a diving hook that doesn't go too far. When I middle it, I get a massive straight or small inside/out fade that goes for ever. So pretty happy... Looking ahead, where are you guys going to go from here? M3 440? maybe the Ping G400 LST? Thx Jim
  12. I wish the "what's in the bag" would include how the shafts are tipped. If BK is playing X100 at normal tipping, at his swing speed compared to mine (his 120, mine 110), that X100 is acting like an S300 would act for me, although Mizuno Swing Analyzer would say to play X-stiff.
  13. Gents - perhaps this is the best ongoing thread for this question. While searching eBay for various old clubs (JNP, Muirfields, Ram Tour Grinds, etc.), it seems that there're no X-Stiff available. Many "regular" sets, some "stiff" sets, but little to zero X-flex available. Did the 70's-90's tour players use Stiff instead of say X-100's? One thread I read said some thing like, "... Jack used Stiff until the X-100 was developed." Where the Pro's just tipping S-300's to make them stiffer, or did then on-average play a whippier shaft compared to today's players? Thx Jim
  14. Gents - drooling over pictures. I have a set of MP29's. Are these blades shorter in length, IE smaller head that MP29? Thx Jim
  15. Further reflecting, I think the Mike Malaska move/description is evident in Tigers swing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEroJRXzGwc&feature=em-upload_owner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5swA2vslnU&feature=em-upload_owner Notice how far into the downswing he gets retaining wrist angle, and how his hands come into the ball same level as address position. Back stays to the target a long time while the club is dropping. Then club whips through. Your thoughts? Jim
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