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  1. Thank you for your posts. Can't believe how long the wait is, I've never been a patient person. In fact, I cut back on playing many years ago due to how long it takes to play a round in Los Angeles. If left to my own, I play in about 3 hours, walking, not even trying to play fast. Anyway, hopefully less than 4 weeks to go.
  2. Sonartec SS-02, 13*, was my favorite for a long time.
  3. My miss tends to be thin, and I can concur, I am pretty much spot on the distance with 9 and 8 with my MP-64's, though I just ordered a new set of MP's
  4. I recently got fitted. I really liked the MMC over the T100, the latter felt hard, and I had very good dispersion with the MMC. Actually went with MP MB in 7-P, and MMC 4-6. Shop is ordering an HMB 2i for me to try out, no obligation. I was hitting a P790 UDI well on their Trackman.
  5. I'm 55, been playing about 40 years. I've had three drivers that I had a love affair with... TaylorMade original Burner, with the dimples around the head, 7*, 44-1/4" Harrison graphite that I threw in. In the early 90's I was hitting it about 270 on average with Professional 100's. I swung about 112 mph back then, could and would hit it off the deck if: -it was into the wind -I had a good lie -the extra distance meant I could reach the green where my 13* 3W could not. Tried a BurnerBubble and others, could never outplay that driver, until 20
  6. Got a call from the store today, they expect the clubs to be in on 11/18...ugh! Glad they were proactive in letting me know. I have a week long baseball tournament next week, so at least I will have some distraction.
  7. I went back first week of October, spectacular weather. Played PB, SH, Del Monte (second day it was reopened) and Pacific Grove (highly suggest you skip this one). I have to say, I love Spyglass!!!
  8. Thanks. Pretty excited. My last two rounds I have been driving the ball great (for me), hit some good iron shots, and my putting is eluding me. Ugh. But, every round is on a different course, yesterday they had been punched recently, last week were lightning fast for here in SoCal. The fitter ordered the same shaft for the 2i HMB, he said he likes that weight for me. Normally I would have opted for a bit lighter and graphite, but he thinks I'll hit it just as far as a graphite. Not sure how, but then again, he's quite good at what he does. My gap between the 4i an
  9. I still have my 1-PW set, and I think I have a spare 1i. I must have 2K rounds on mine, haha.
  10. Doesn't this depend on the clubhead speed and angle of attack? Specifically the speed?
  11. Thanks for the replies. I thought I had replied earlier via my phone, but I guess I didn't 'submit' perhaps? I was concerned about going from a 34* 7 iron blade to the 28* 6 iron MMC, so the fitter (very well known and respected) and I discussed ordering one a degree strong and the other a degree weak, or other options. My question than was, what would Mizuno do to the clubs that you wouldn't do on your Mitchell machine? To that he said it was the same thing, which I believe to be true. So, I asked, why don't we order them the stock lofts, and either I hit th
  12. First time I’ve ordered new irons (been playing 40 years). 7-PW MP-20 blades 4-6 MP-20 MMC project X LZ 6.0, +1/4”, 1* upright Pretty excited. I hadn’t been playing more than 4x a year from 2012-2018, now playing 2-3 times a week. Already have a new driver and 3W, club fitter is also bringing in a 2i MP-20 HMB for me to try. I figure I can deal with the gap from 4i to 2i if I have to, as it’s not that often I’m in that range and shooting at a green, but I love a strong long iron off the tee. These will replace my MP-64 with KBS C-Taper, wh
  13. Was thinking of going back to blades...guess I better get fit and see if these will be ideal. How do the soles look?
  14. I was there in July...figured the resort had to shut down so they had to wipe clean most of the reserved tee times. There were no caddies, just forecaddies (thanks to Covid). While the rates are what they can get, and I don't blame them, $45 for a cart that has to stay on the paths is a lot. I walked Pebble and Spanish, Spyglass is hillier, but walkable, depending on your own condition. We both didn't care for Spanish Bay, at all. I've played by the ocean, I live near the ocean. It's great, it's beautiful, but, OMG, Spyglass is awesome. I fell in love (shot 34 on the
  15. I've always been a high ball hitter, and with the advent of the tracking info, apparently also a pretty high spin as well. I recently bought a Epic Flash SZ, and a Nemysis shaft, and my normal tee shots seem pretty good (still coping with less clubhead speed now that I'm in my mid 50's). What I have found to work, finally, into the wind is this approach: -tee the ball maybe a 1/2" lower than my standard driver tee height -choke down 1/2" to 1" -play the ball 1" further back -try to hit it just above the sweet spot, and slightly towards the toe
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