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  1. I am still playing the 50,54,58 combo. I will prob play them for one more season, they have been holding up great.
  2. Absolute worst one; when I was a kid my brother caught a ball in the head after someone his a ricochet off a tree. That was rough but he was OK after a few hours of pretty bad pain. More recent one was this summer. One of our summer matchplay tournaments had the flights (1-6) rotated through no two 5's or 6's were going out back to back etc in theory to keep pace of play reasonable. Our group was behind a 6th division flight. We were only the 5th group out for the day with plenty to go. Knowing a few of those members can be slow but we hit the jackpot with the 4 slowest people
  3. Personally for me it has been the lack of the daily commute, saving close to 2.5-3 hours each day from the nightmare of greater Boston traffic. Membership at my club is at capacity for the first time in years and many of the newer members are all saying the same thing.
  4. How is the online user created course list so far? I've heard a version of Augusta is up already. I'm holding off upgrading from The Golf Club because of the thousands of available courses.
  5. Any thoughts coming from those coming from (or comparing against) the TS2? I’ve lost total confidence with that club, a change of scenery might do some good.
  6. Matchplay tournament a few years ago, short par 4 17th, hole was around 350 yards. Our opponent cold tops his three wood barely to the end of the tee box, must have gone 10 yards total. He marches up and swings wildly and rips a follow up shot into the fairway. Don’t remember the exact yardage he had in from there, somewhere between 90-110 yards but he holed it. We lost the hole and the match on that.
  7. My club is slow to open even if we have a very light winter, they'll never open until at least April 1st. We received an email earlier this week saying maintenance is proceeding as usual but they are going to make the call on the course itself on March 27th. They are very proud of their restaurant and unless the ban on restaurants lifts in MA anytime soon it wouldn't surprise me to see them stay closed until restaurants are OK again.
  8. Tried out the 0311P’s this weekend and was really impressed. I ended up not placing an order quite yet, does anyone have an idea on the lead time from PXG (if there is one)?
  9. One of my favorite events every year. If you are able to go I highly recommend it, very easy viewing experience and top quality golf usually.
  10. Has anyone seen an updated WITB for Fleetwood? Curious to see what he's playing this week.
  11. Was Phil telling the camera operator he's obnoxious or the fans?
  12. Our club had talked about it for a little bit when we had our range teeing area re-sodded. We have a short range (225ish) with a large pond right behind the net. We ended up keeping our yellow flight limited balls rather than having people pumping new balls over the net into the water.
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