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  1. For sale... TaylorMade P790 3-PW - DG S300 - Standard Length - Standard Lie - GolfPride Tour Velvet Cord Bought these in June directly from TaylorMade June 19. They're in excellent condition with some bag chatter and signs of light use; they were used for only 2 months. sold!
  2. I agree with this. I've went through a few sets of irons this year, as I always do. I like to tinker! But, I got a set of TM P790's (2019) to try to see what the hype was about and they never left the bag. I sold all of my other sets (MP 20 SEL, PXG 0311T, Ping i500, and Titleist AP2's).
  3. Can't really go wrong with Mizuno MP anything, the MP 20's oddly let you get away with some bad shots, combo them up with the HMB's in the long irons and you got yourself a pretty awesome set. The MP 20 MMC's are on sale almost everywhere and those are some sweet irons. Not a blade and probably fall in the same category as the AP2's. The Ping i210's are a little thicker but very nice irons, I was surprised how good they felt for cast. I usually love Titleist irons but lately I find they're becoming gaudy and not as "true" as they once were. That said, The Titleist CB's are much more forgiving
  4. I try... so far so good though! My ho'ing this year has been crazy, mostly cuz I needed new stuff anyway. First; I ended up getting a set of PXG 0311 Gen 1 irons for a great price during the winter. These irons haven't seen the outdoors, only indoor trackman a few times and I sold them lol. Second; during the covid closure I ended up buying a brand new set of PXG 0311T Gen 2 according to my specs. While those were being built I ended up buying a set of new Mizuno MP 20 SEL's. Courses were still closed so I bought a Cobra F9 driver, brand new bushnell range finder, new Vessel golf bag, new FJ
  5. If you're after something with a players profile but loads of forgiveness, have a look at the TaylorMade 790 irons. I've had PXG 0311T Gen 2 and Mizuno MP 20 SEL. I kept both sets of irons and compared all 3 sets. I ended up selling the MP 20 SEL's and PXG's for these.
  6. For sale is a very mint (see pics) condition Cobra F9 driver with a HZRDUS Smoke 60 shaft. 9° Stock with options to change it to: 7.5° / 8.0° / 8.0° Draw / 9.0° / 9.0° Draw / 10.0° / 10.0° Draw / 10.5°Comes with Cobra Connect. I haven't registered or used it.Comes with wrench toolComes with headcoverStandard lengthSOLD
  7. Because it's increasingly irritating and getting old that all good PXG threads turn into bashing by someone who is more concerned about what we spend on our equipment than the actual topic. Hopefully they just go away, it usually worked.
  8. I'll play: Cobra F9 HZRDUS SMOKE 60 Ping G20 4 wood with stock TFC stiff (old faithful that will never leave the bag!) Mizuno MP 20 SEL (3 and 4 iron are HMB's, 5-PW are MB's) PXG 50* wedge with True Temper Tour Elevate S Mizuno T20 54, 58 wedges with S400 Tour Issue (these are new SM5's, 56* and 60* were worn) Scotty Cameron Tei (no sightline, hate sightlines!) Srixon Z Star Vessel lite bag
  9. Mizuno MP 20 SEL, I am definitely not a pro and my putting is atrocious, getting tired of the 3 putts lol. The irons are a great combo set. If you're coming from AP2 710's, check out Mizuno MP 18 SC's. My buddy got some new ones from his 710's as well and they blended perfect and he gained some distance and dispersion. Also Ping i210's are very nice. I hit them and hit them well, I still may get a set!
  10. 60* and sometimes 56* for me, depending on lie. I some times play with one of the playing pro/instructor here and he uses an 8 or a 7 iron. I asked him his opinion if I should be doing the same and he said "100% definitely do not! The 8 and 7 iron works for me and clearly the 56* and 60* work for you. Some people use a hybrid!"
  11. You guys are right... it is odd to put the terms "forgiving" in the same with sentence with "blades" but these let you get away with shots you normally would not. It is very strange (and good) to say the least.
  12. Bought this while on lockdown... only used it 2 rounds and is in MINT condition. I just prefer the old blade style. TaylorMade Tour Spider 34" length. Comes with the headcover $140 shipped
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