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  1. All great info! Thanks, I appreciate it!
  2. Transition is somewhat quick. It depends on the day. I have been working on tempo lately which involves a bit of a slower transition at the top
  3. I want to buy some new irons with Aerotech Steel Fiber i95. I don't have a fitter near me right now. I normally play KBS Tour S or DG S300. I have a 92 mph 6 iron swing speed. A lot of people I speak to say that the Aerotech shafts are stiffer than most so to play an R. Is this the case? Should I get a S or an R flex give the above information?
  4. I dunno man, I guess it depends on which Miuras because the CB-801 have a surprising level for forgiveness. I had compared them to P770's and youll get away with some pretty sketchy shots with the CB 801's! I know I have, hah.
  5. oh, haha... there should be some 3 putts left in her!
  6. That's supposed to be a fingers crossed emoji, it looks like a middle finger, lol
  7. Did it actually sell or did it fall through by chance??? let me know
  8. Evnroll ER2 Black putter for sale! - 34" length - Golf Pride Tour SNSR grip (sweet grip!) - Condition - 8/10 with normal wear, no dents or gouges. $240 shipped.
  9. Damn, let me know if the deal falls through, I came here to see if it was available still!
  10. I just bought a Champions Choice Bob lol... I guess the real question is do I need this? Probably not but do we ever really "need" new clubs
  11. Awesome stuff! GLWS. That black circa no.2 is tempting me
  12. Some goodies for sale! 1. Miura CB 801 4-PW with KBS Tour S. - Miura Lamkin UTX Cord Standard grips - Miura Custom Ferrules - Standard Length - Standard Loft - Standard Lie I ordered these directly from Miura Dec 4, 2020. They were built and arrived a month later and could not play them until May, had a month long lock down and gamed them since so they're in great shape. There is some bag chatter and some marks on the face as the range session I had was [email protected]#$% garbage range so a few tiny face marks that don't affect play whatsoever but I must disclose. PW has the most wear. SOLD... shipped via FedEx. Trades welcomed for other irons - TM P790, Ping i210, etc... stiff flex only please. 2. Scotty Cameron The Art of Putting Newport - 35" length - Scotty Cameron grip - Scotty Cameron original headcover. Awesome putter! SOLD.... shipped via FedEx. Trades also welcomed for another putter
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