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  1. Yep - Miura CB-801 are standard... PW - 47 9 - 42 8 - 38 7 - 34 6 - 30 5 - 27 4 - 24
  2. I think I might try this... I am a club ho and this may what I need to stop changing my stuff! - TM Original One 13* w/ Mitsubishi Diamana F Limited - Ping G25 16.5* w/ PING CFS S - Miura CB-801 w/ KBS Tour S 120 - PXG 0311 Forged 50* w/ DG S400 - Titleist SM7 54*, 58* w/ DG S400 - Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport - Srixon Z Star - Vessel lite
  3. Picked up these beauties! My god are these nice to hit! I feel like I can't miss. I had them built to spec. They weren't cheap but they were worth every penny!
  4. Man, surprised to see those Miura's here. Some of the best irons I ever played!
  5. For Sale! Ping i500 5-PW + U wedge (50*) - Standard Loft (Not Power loft or Retro loft) - Black Dot (standard lie) - Standard Length - Standard grip size Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Align Irons are in great condition!
  6. I ordered some P790's mid October and the website originally said they weren't shipping until December 20th but I received them November 10th, it was a big surprise!
  7. Cold, hah. Can't wish my life away based on weather but I am anxiously waiting next summer. We usually leave to Florida in 2 weeks but not this year with covid and all.
  8. For Sale! 2019 TaylorMade P790 4-PW DG S300 Standard loft Standard length Standard lie In absolute MINT condition! See pics TRADED
  9. Yah, it's tough being a lefty. I forgot just how few of us there are haha. How are those CB57's? Those look sweet!
  10. Odd, I thought Muira's were more popular on WRX!
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