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  1. TaylorMade P770 4-PW - KBS Tour Stiff - Standard length - Standard loft - Standard lie - Golf Pride Z Grip standard size These haven't seen the outdoors! We're still on lockdown here in Ontario (FU Doug Ford!) for another 2 weeks and I bought these out of impulse because TM orders are back ordered until October and was able to get these right away, but I don't need them, lol. Trades considered, or $1000 shipped.
  2. The contemplating is real right now... I have a buyer but waiting for a call back for something. Could be a blessing in disguise, lol
  3. You're right! Nothing feels better than a Miura. I may just keep them, I don't even know what I'm doing. Lockdown here for another few weeks, driving me insane, clearly! yah, they need more lefty options for sure!
  4. haha, yah 4 rounds and a few range sessions with them. I clean them after every shot, haha... SGI? heck no!
  5. Miura CB-801 Y Grind 4-PW w/ Miura Custom Ferrule Shafts - KBS Tour Stff Grip - Miura Lamkin UTX cord Loft - Standard Lie - Standard Length - Standard I think we all know how Miura does it! Each club is individually made upon ordering Excellent condition, 4 rounds and a few range sessions. $1300 shipped. Trades considered. Please PM.
  6. Ah cool, thanks for the info. So those "older" ones have 2 versions? Y grind and non Y grind? I think all the newer ones are there Y grind's but I could be wrong.
  7. yah, they actually do. I think those are the older CB's but I am sure they're the same for the most part!
  8. The pics don't do it justice. But, yes, probably same size. I haven't seen Miura MB's in person, I would love to try them one day though!
  9. Yeah, those are nice! The CB-801's are pretty small. I can only imagine the MB's are tiny lol..
  10. Never. I took a chance. Glad I did, best set of irons I've owned
  11. I bought my first set of Miura's this year. I am a lefty so the options are pretty slim but I ordered a brand new set of 4-PW CB-801's directly from Miura last December. It took a month and a half to make them, build them, and ship them. I've shot some of my lower scores with them and consistently hit them better than my other irons. I do prefer the feel of them over other irons. Does this mean they outperform? I wouldn't say the club outperformed but they fit my eye and feel more balanced than anything I have played in the past.
  12. Yeah, I am just bugging I thought about it but I have a set of irons I am going to try to keep longer than a week, lol lol, I'll be 41 soon! Creeping up there.
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