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  1. Narrowing down new iron shafts, anyone compare these 2 shafts on the course or track an? Pro recommended these even though they are a little stiff in flex for my swing speed. The weight helps me from getting too quick. I am currently gaming kbs stiff. I tend to take one more club and play 3 quarter shots. I'm looking for higher launch but not ballooning. I tend to miss with a slight pull left ( straight no hook or slice) or I miss with a high spiny shot that comes up short. Thanks
  2. Iron modus 120x driver regio formula B 75S Thanks for the awesome chance at a new game!
  3. Love 610 wedge in my short irons what K B S shaft will give similar feel trajectory and spin?
  4. Golf wrx helped me get back my addiction to golf hobbyist and earn the new nickname Tinkering Tony.
  5. I would be interested in the shafts they came with if you are re-shafting them. Thanks
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