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  1. I do have the stock shafts that I will include if you would rather have standard shafts
  2. Price Drop! Would be willing to sell just heads if one prefers. PM me if interested.
  3. I used my shop credit for the year on new wedges, not needed as you can see from the pictures, but now time to move. Vokey SM7 Wedge Set Chrome Finish 46.10 w KBS Black 130 X 50.08 w KBS Tour V 54.08 w KBS Tour V 58.08 w Stock Shaft Standard Length 1 degree upright Price: SOLD Trade Interest: TSi3 5 wood (will add cash) TSi2 5 wood or 7 wood (will add cash) Newport or Newport 2 PXG 0317 X Gen 2 19* If you have any questions or need more photos, please let me know.
  4. I agree, the 2 wedges would be the simple route. It just seems like whenever I try to fill up top, the club just sits and I end up not using it. The reason that I try to fill gaps on the bottom because I would rather have options when needed then add a 5 wood I hit once every 5 rounds.
  5. I am leaning towards strengthening the 50* a degree and weakening the 54* to fill the gaps. I appreciate all the feedback, thank you.
  6. I have 15 yard gaps, roughly on my irons. 5- 220 6- 205 7- 190 8- 175 9- 165 P- 150 Also part that I did not mention, I am in Denver. So the ball does carry here and why my yardages are higher. I am in the 120 range with my driver.
  7. I have KBS Tour V 125 in my 50 and 54. My wedges is KBS Tour Black X. I just had the shafts put in a couple months ago to see if it would help but does not seem to be doing the trick.
  8. I have been thinking this route as well. The top of my bag is pretty well spaced out where I want it. I would probably only be looking to add a 64* wedge but not sure that is the best route
  9. It is strange because the PW still flies like it should. Does it spin a little more than the stock, yes, but I can still hit the yardage that I am looking for.
  10. I have been playing my wedge set up for the past 10 years and having some real troubles with 50* wedge and filling the gaps. Current Setup / Yardage 46/150 yards 50/130 yards - Problem Child 54/ 125 yards 58/105 yards No matter what I do with this club I hit it nearly the same distance as my 54*. The loft and lies are correct, I check monthly. I just can not understand it. The goal is to be in the 140 range. It spins more than any wedge on my bag so if I get remotely close to flying the yardage I want, it spins back 20 feet. This is a big
  11. Looking to move my Taylor Made SIM MAX. I am willing to sell head only or shafted. 10.5* head used maybe 2 months, sparingly, excellent condition Original headcover included shaft Fujikura Speeder 661 Evolution Tour Spec X flex tipped 1 inch 1/2 extension that plays 45.5” GP multi compound grip Head Only Price: $275 shipped and PayPal Shafted Price: $375 shipped and PayPal Not interested in selling shaft only, full club or I am keeping the shaft. No trade interests.
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