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  1. Anyone see the camo infinity 360 DJ had in a IG post the other day? I want those to be released.
  2. I have always been an S400 guy in wedges and X100 in irons but I am getting older and need something I don’t have to work as hard. Need less spin for sure.
  3. Hello everyone, I need some help selecting wedge shafts. I am using Elevate Tour X Flex shafts in my irons. I am wondering which shaft would be a good fit to put in my wedges, which will keep all clubs near a constant weight. I have tried to find elevate tour wedge shafts but have had zero luck. I was considering the AMT Tour White but they still seem a little on the heavy side. Any thoughts would be great.
  4. Thank you sir, I appreciate the info.
  5. I purchased a couple weights for the back for my SIM2 driver. I have a t20 screwdriver but wondering if it should "click" to lock in like shafts or not. Can anyone confirm, I want to make sure it does not come loose while playing. Thanks in advance!
  6. Got a new one for Christmas and thought I would try to hook someone up at a relatively cheap price. Bushnell Tour V3 NO slope model Blue Protective Case Travel Case included Used for a year. Always protected in the case and well protected. Works as if it was brand new out of the box, no issues. Price: $100 shipped and PayPal Trade Interests: -SM8 Chrome 58M or 58K LB -SIM Max or SIM2 Max 15*
  7. Just normal wear and the glare. Happy to provide more pictures if interested in purchasing.
  8. Don't have any other specs other than what I provided, unfortunately. Have not hit it, know that I want to stick with Titleist so not going to try to change my mind.
  9. I took this on trade and just not the one for me. Would consider trading for TSi3 9* but you might have to add a little cash, depending on if shafted or not. Taylor Made Tour Issue SIM2 9 degree head only Specs: 9.1 loft 247CT 0.5 open 59.9 lie I do not have the wrapper, reason that I am selling at the price I am. Comes with stock head cover. Price: SOLD I do have a Speeder 661 Evolution TS X-Flex that I can include in sell, if wanted. If you have any questions or want more pics, please let me know.
  10. 1. Highlands Ranch, CO 2. Driver Package 3. Following 4. I was fit 3 years ago by club champion but could not afford everything that they recommended. A lot has changed in my game since then and would love the opportunity to see what a full club from Club Champion can do for my game.
  11. I have heard that they have in the past.
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