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  1. I picked this up and just isn’t for me. Club has been lightly used, normal wear marks. Told that it is a Tour Issue head, spec from the wrapper included below with picture of hosel. TM M2 Tour 16.5 3HL Tensei Pro CK White 70 TX Flex 42.5” GP MCC white/black grip - 3 wraps total will include some sort of headcover for protection but no stock Price: $250 shipped and PayPal
  2. Price Drop. Heading to the post office tomorrow and can have for next weekend.
  3. Few experiments that are in great, if not new, shape that could not overtake my gamers: Trade Interests: TM P7MC irons w/ X Flex Titleist T200 (2021) 4i w/ X Flex Vessel Player III 6 Way - White/Navy or White Garmin fenix 5 or 6 New FJ Premiere Series Size 12 G/Fore Size 12.5 TM SIM 10.5* head only used for a year but in good condition, just normal wear Arnold Palmer leather headcover Price: SOLD TM SIM2 Max 15* head only used 2 rounds, mint condition. Have a couple shafts that I can include if needed. stock headcover included Price: SOLD Titleist TSi3 16.5* FW HZRDUS Black RDX 70 6.5 brand new w/ sticker on bottom, stock grip in box included. stock headcover included Price: Keeping Titleist TSi2 21* FW Graphite Design IZ 8 X used 2 rounds, mint condition stock headcover included Price: SOLD Reasonable offers will be considered. if you have any questions or want more pics, please let me know.
  4. Wondering if anyone has compared the two? I have been hitting the 718TMB in my 4 iron for years now and was considering upgrading. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Going to be a little specific on the shafts that I am looking for: DG X100 or Tour Issue Project X 6.5 - Standard, not LT or any of the others Standard Length preferred 4-9 or 4-P Must be in good condition, no major wear or damage.
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