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  1. I got a 17 super hybrid, shafted it with a Ventus, and it is about as long as my 3/4 wood but a lot more controlled, so my 2 hybrid is now my fairway wood. I'm going to experiment with a TM Original One 11.5, shaft that with a Ventus and see if it can replace my driver.
  2. Bettinardi Queen B 6 is practically face balanced, with a double bend neck. not too difficult to find used.
  3. I love the blue. I want to test the red and the black just out of curiosity, but the blue fits me perfect.
  4. I used to go on GEA. That was a great forum with great info but I've always been more of a lurker and I find the info on WRX better. Although I always did appreciated "chisag" posts. Informative, well written with similar swing speeds and he was always trying out the new stuff. Haven't seen him around here lately.
  5. Life is too short to have to deal with people like that. In a tournament, yeah you get the occasional a hole. But you should be able to find a good money without having to deal with a hothead.
  6. I've got a 17* and I reshafted it with a Ventus HYB 8s. Straighter and more consistent than my 4 wood. I really like it. Thinking about getting a 20*. I just need to learn to hit it higher off the deck.
  7. I love the Callaway Super Hybrid. I'm a sweeper and the fairway wood like design of this hybrid makes it pretty easy for me to hit solid and straight.
  8. I think he might have a buddy that can get him in at Under Armour
  9. wait second Jeff. I got a Toulon Memphis and I'm left handed. It is an older version. Its a wonderful putter. I've had the Nome and the Spider as well. I've moved on to the Betti Queen Bee #6. I like the look, its a double bend, has very minimal toe hang which works well with my right hand low putting style.
  10. I agree with those that say to keep working on the driver. Don't give up! Its a necessary weapon to lowering your scores. You'll figure it out! Consider the 3 wood as an option when you absolutely need to get the ball in play.
  11. I feel the Code Chaos is designed for wide feet, 360 XT SL for more narrow feet. I have the 360 XT SL 2.0. Very comfortable for walking. I do have narrow feet. Code Chaos gave me blisters.
  12. Yeah I love this wedge. The combo of wide sole and low bounce gives me confidence to really swing aggresively on tight lie chips and pitch shots. And they offer it in LEFTY as well.
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