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  1. Thanks. Actually playing Forest Glen, but will try the others next year.
  2. Looking at Forest Run, Esplanade, Traviso. Wanting a very nice course, but nothing too tight. Which of the above best fits the bill. Already played River Hall, Old Corkscrew, Copperhead, and Panther Run.
  3. Like title says. Need to move all of this ASAP. All prices are "make offer". Shipping included. On to the goods..... 1. Polo Ralph Lauren Pima Soft Touch Size Medium - $35.00 Lime Green 2. Callaway Opti-Dri Polo Size Medium - $30.00 Red with Stripe 3. Never Compromise Sub 30 Type 50 Belly - $41.00 Only on the course twice and in great condition Had cut down to 41" and in the process of pulling grip and re-installing grip was nicked and has a slight tear 6. Oakley Cipher 2 Size 10 in Charcoal. BNIB $45 7. JDM TP SLDR 10* with Graphite
  4. I go to post my ad and this is what comes up. nginx error! (8) The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Website Administrator The server has encountered a problem. Any advice??
  5. Unfortunately I have to sell all this asap. Wife had surgery and couldn't work for 2 months and I thought we would be covered, but insurance kicked us right in the .......... So here we go! Pricing is OBRO. 1. JDM TP SLDR 10* driver with Graphite Design Tour AD MT-7s Brand new in plastic with Headcover - $250.00 2. Polo Ralph Lauren Pima Soft Touch Size Medium - $45.00.......$40.00 Lime Green 3. Callaway Opti-Dri Polo Size Medium - $37.00.......$32.00 Red with Stripe 4. Nike TW14 black Size 10 - $105.......$95.00 Brand new in box with shoe bag
  6. Couldn't you just put the lefty AD-MT in a righty head? Buy both, switch shafts, return lefty, profit?
  7. What's the word on the TM114 shaft? Just a basic "made for" shaft or a legit high dollar shaft? A buddy is thinking about getting it with the 430 TP head and wanted info on the shaft. Think he was maybe wanting to sell the shaft and wanted to know what he could get for it. Thanks for any info
  8. Wow, really? Everything I have read up til now said I should probably go with a 10
  9. I wear a 10-10.5 in most shoes and was wondering what size you guys think I should get in the Sensei's
  10. Cleveland Launcher - older than 5, but very solid club. Callaway Diablo Octane Ping G20 Cobra Bio Cell is what I have now and love it, but might be moving up to the plus soon.
  11. Discounts are now available. PM's are responded to. Make offers
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