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  1. I'm guessing it was too far for most of their members since most of them are Westlake residents. At a minimum that's probably a 30-45 minutes drive for them to the course and that didn't sit well with the members. I've heard a lot of them are getting BC and Spanish Oaks memberships... tough life.
  2. Glory be. Thought I'd never see the day but Lakecliff has re-opened to public play. Sounds like ACC is not going to exercise their option to purchase the course so they're back on their own as of Feb 1. It's probably really far for most of you but if you live west of town, probably the best bentgrass greens you'll get around here...
  3. Thanks for the input guys.. sounds like we’ll do Ross Bridges and the short course at Oxmoor to finish things off on Saturday. I would love to make the drive and play Farmlinks but the rest of my group doesn’t want to drive that far ?
  4. We're planning a golf trip to Birmingham in mid-March and already booked to play Ross Bridge and both Oxmoor Valley courses. Are there any public courses near Hoover that are worth playing or should we just play the Oxmoor courses again? Any of these country clubs nearby allow public play? I've heard good things about Ballantrae but it's around 45 minutes away and I'd prefer not to make a long drive.. let me know your thoughts.
  5. Have a couple minty shoes that I've only worn a few times max. I wear my G/FORE almost exclusively now so these are up for grabs! Happy to provide more photos if needed - Thanks.Footjoy DryJoys Tour - Size 7.5M (fit like 8.0) $OLD Nike React Vapor 2 Black - Size 8 $100 OBO $90 OBO Nike Hypershield Rain Suit - Size S $OLD
  6. Drove out to Burnet again and played Delaware Springs - continue to be surprised at how good of shape the course is in. It's a trek but if you're out that direction, it's a pleasant surprise.
  7. Yea I just played it Saturday and it was surprisingly in decent shape - greens rolled pretty well and fairways were nice. They must water the hell out of it cus it was all kinds of damp and some spots on the fairways were iffy to drive over on a cart. Agreed on the pace of play... not the best out there.
  8. > @EatDrinkRunLSU said: > Coming in for the LSU-Texas game, so I'm trying to get a round in with some buddies on Friday, September 6th. We've kinda narrowed it down to Falconhead or Avery Ranch. Thoughts on either of those? I haven't played Avery at all this year but I can vouch for Falconhead - They had their club match play recently so the course is in really good shape. Greens are rolling quick but the course is playing tougher than usual as well with the rough grown way out. Don't think you can go wrong with either course.
  9. Supposed to play ShadowGlen this coming weekend - anyone play it recently? In respectable shape?
  10. Played several rounds out at Falconhead last few weeks - They've been preparing the course for club match play so the course is in awesome shape but native areas are grown out thick. Any of you guys play out there regularly? LMK - thought about putting together an outing there for this group if there's enough people.
  11. > @"Schley " said: > Played Austin GC earlier this week and what a pleasure it was. Loved the feel of the club and the course IMO is a solid Doak 7. Factor in the club atmosphere and that Ben Crenshaw is there 5 days a week, according to the member who hosted me, and it goes up a notch. Love anything C&C and this is right behind Friars Head. Sigh... one can only dream of what that course is like. Just remember me next time you're out there an "need" a 4th :wink:
  12. I tried to talk my way into a tee time at Lakecliff a couple weeks ago and it's pretty lock tight unless you know an ACC member who will vouch for you. If you get to play it, tell me it's still as glorious as it was when it was open to the public! I miss that place... > @conwaysmgx said: > Playing Wolfdancer Sunday afternoon and Riverplace Monday. Anyone know how the greens at WD are? Seems like they have been going downhill for two years. I also heard that the pros all left and went over to Barton Creek. On that note, anyone know how to get on at Lakecliff, used to be my favorit
  13. > @J_Birdie said: > I played out at Great Hills and Crystal Falls today. GH is great tee to green and a little bumpy on the greens but overall great. Crystal Falls is in solid condition. Some suspect spots on some greens. Is Great Hills fully private? If so, when can I come and play it with you? ?
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