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  1. Totally agree on the heads. Not a lack of options for sure. I am interested in the Steelfibers -a buddy has them and swears by them.
  2. Funny - I have been thinking this way as well. I saw an LPGA player playing softer shafts than me and she swings as fast as I do. Made me think. Will have to go to the club and test some shafts THanks.
  3. I am currently gaming the Mizzy JPX 900 forged with the Project X LZ 6.0 shaft and Pure DTX midsize grips. I have no complaints on the irons - had them for a few years. Starting to look for my next set. I would like to go to a lighter shaft if possible - as I am not getting any younger and my shoulder would appreciate it. How light? Well that is the question - will have to experiment with that. So - any feedback or comparisons to any shafts vs my LZ's would be great guidance. Also - any thoughts on iron heads along the lines of the JPX would be appreciated as well. Will probably play mine out this season and look later this summer/fall. Some random thoughts: I am intrigued by the new Titleist irons that just came out. Curious what replaces the Ping i210 I have played Nippon in the past (after shoulder surgery) - curious on the Modus line Also curious on the DG105/120 Thanks in advance!
  4. Did Fleetwood just pull out a Chrome Soft ball after dunking his on 17? It was a red box. Thought he played TP ball.
  5. I have been looking but I can't find it anywhere (I am sure it is user error) - so appreciate any guidance. Coming from JPX 900 Forged - never a big fan of the turf interaction with them. Thanks in advance!
  6. I am looking to get some new sticks - currently playing Mizzy JPX 900 Forged. Very interested in this combo - but would love some feedback and thoughts. Success of the combo, gapping, feel between the 2, turf interaction? Any feedback is welcome! Thanks in advance!
  7. My wife needs some new irons. She has the Ping G5 irons with the TFC Soft Regular shaft. She has had them forever - but never really played that much. She has started playing more thus the new irons search begins. She likes the “look” of ladies irons but she is too strong for the ladies shafts - hits her 7 iron about 130. Strangely she likes to hit 4 iron off of the tee. So I think I am looking for a head with some offset since she is use to that and it helps her - and a soft regular shaft. Starting the search with Ping and Cobra. Any other suggestions are welcome!
  8. Have you ever played or hit the LZ’s. Curious on thoughts if you did. i had shoulder surgery - blown rotator cuff - years ago and played the Nippon 950’s as the light weight helped. They are indeed smooth.
  9. I have these shafts in my irons. Looking to replace them with something maybe a touch softer and better feel. They perform ok but they feel a bit stiff - not that smooth. Should I just do the 5.5? Nippon 120? Thoughts? 10 capper - was hitting my 7 iron today at the range about 158-160. Be nice to be able to get the longer irons up in the air a touch easier as well. They are in my Mizuno 900 forged - was just thinking Re-shafting unless there is a reason to move to the 919’s. thanks in advance as I realize I am asking about “feel” which is different for everyone.
  10. I was thinking that same thing. Little lighter, touch higher ball flight in the longer irons. I have no pain anymore, get tired at the end of 36 but not 18. Ahh - it is Ski season now so a nice winter project.
  11. A little background: I currently game the PX LZ 6.0 in my JPX 900 forged. I use to play Pings for years and always played the ZZ65. Shoulder surgery forced me into a lighter and softer shaft ( Nippon Pro 950). My shoulder is mostly recovered so 2 season ago I got fit into the PX 6.0. Did not like the feel. Switched to the PX LZ 6.0 and liked its smoothness much better. I play to a 9-10 and hit my 7 iron 158-162 carry. While I like the 120 LZ 6.0 in my wedges (weight perspective) - I think I would like a little lighter shaft in the rest of my irons. Logical choice would be try the 5.5 LZ @ 115 weight —- but thought I would check with masses on other ideas. I thought about the Modus 105 but have not hit it yet. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and happy to add anymore info that may help
  12. @bbiggs I am about the same as you I. 7 iron distance (163) but a high spinner. I just pulled the trigger on the 6.0 LZ for 4 they all wedges. Will let ya know.
  13. @bbiggs thanks for the feedback. I did not notice much difference other than weight between the 5.5 and the 6.0. If you don’t mind - what is your speed or distance with a 6 or 7 for reference. I am going to pull the trigger this week. Thanks again. Thinking if I go 5.5 in irons I would do 6.0 in wedges as I like a heavy wedge. But if I go 6.0 in irons I will use them in wedge as well.
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