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  1. Hello everyone. I finally am going to get elective surgery on the knee I was putting off. Need to sell to help pay what the insurance doesn't cover. Thanks for looking. Everything is for sale only, no trades please. Tour AD TP 6s fairway wood shaft. 41 7/8 inches with Taylormade adapter, plays 42.5" Good Condition. Small chip near the tip. See picture. Tipped 1/2" per instructions. sold, thank you. Ping Bergen. 34" straight arc. mint condition. no headcover but will ship well packaged. $100 Cleveland 588 TT irons 5-PW, GW is MT. Good condition. 7 iron has small chip s
  2. Like everyone here, the search function on BST is a challenge. I would like advanced features for search like the possibility to omit certain words. For example, if I wanted to search for Sim 3 wood, but not the max version.
  3. Willing to separate head and shaft, and if so, how much for each?
  4. The software is nice and clean, but it's not without its bugs. On the classifieds, whenever I want to see page 2 by clicking "next" it goes back to the top. OR, is it just me?
  5. Oh I want this one badly. IN, and thanks again for the giveaway :)
  6. is the ventus a g410 adapter or previous ping adapter?
  7. Is there something in the nike pants pocket (last pic), or are you just happy to see me?
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