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  1. I've had good success with: Tour Striker Planemate Eyeline Putting Mirror Metal yardstick for putting - it really teaches me to start the ball online. Orange Whip Swiss Ball Therapy Bands I can do a lot with alignment sticks and pool noodles. I also did like the Putting Arc but haven't used it in a while.
  2. Just looking at what she was doing, I'd guess turn back and turn through, She also looks like she had a light and fun approach.
  3. Thanks @scratchmcgee Just to make sure I understand, is it this drill? https://www.instagram.com/p/CNqVQ3qFo1E/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  4. FWIW we belong to two private clubs. Before Covid, I could easily go out almost any afternoon, even weekends and have the course almost to myself. I would play alone and have a four ball scramble, trying all kind of trouble shots and greenside recoveries. This year, both clubs book every single tee time on the sheet and even the evenings are busy. And oh, yes as @kftgolfermentioned above, initiation fees have gone way up AND at my home club our membership is full, we have a waiting list.
  5. For standard pitch shots I usually use a 58 from the fairway and a 54 from the rough out to about 80 yards. For greenside bunkers, I use both the 58 and 54 depending on lie and sand consistency. For a chip and run, I try to vary the loft by how much green I have to work with.
  6. @Paddy_2_Iron Was your lesson in person? Do you live in Jacksonville or did you travel?
  7. scratch - with the medicine ball drill, did you do this at a driving range or at home? If it was at home, were you hitting golf balls?
  8. I had two pair of Eccos blow out. I doubt I'll ever buy Eccos again.
  9. @games Reading the thread I'm not sure, how often do you get lessons? Is this once per year? More often? How long do you work on a change before you have it? How many instructors do you work with? Is there something you do to get them all working on the same priorities?
  10. Go to a fitter and have your shafts checked. They may be the wrong ones for you.
  11. You can't improve by surfing Youtube instruction videos or listening to random posters on the internet.
  12. Man those Youtube videos can be like crack.
  13. In the 70s, 260 average was a long ball. He was playing shorter courses than today. Back then, the "Blue Monster" was about 6800 yards and they called it a monster. Mahaffey played at a different time.
  14. In Nicklaus's prime in the 60s, he was one of the longest if not the longest guy on tour. Of course he didn't have to go all out, he was already crazy long. “If we had (the new) golf ball in my day," Lee Trevino told USA Today in 2007, “The best of us would have hit it 300 yards and Jack Nicklaus would have hit it 360.”
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