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  1. I also think we get lost. You give us one thing to do, but we aren't sure how do much else either. You may have given us one thing to do, but we can end up adding other things to and eventually forget what you asked us to do.
  2. The farthest I've tried is from about 5 yards off the green. I just don't have a good enough sense of how fairway will effect the putt's speed. I'm in Florida where the fairways are closely mowed and there really is no rough. I played with a guy Wednesday who consistently putted everything from 75 yards or less. For the most part it was effective!
  3. I use a digital level iphone app. It's pretty good. iphones have a gyroscope built in to them.
  4. How many balls per day to win the US Open? How about the Tiger Slam?
  5. Since I'm a bit of a geek, I need to check out the planemate protocols!
  6. Well back to the original discussion, is there a proper sequence for learning the swing? Assuming the student learns a proper grip, stance, setup etc. do we learn better working on the takeaway, then getting to the top, then transition, impact, follow through and finish? Is it better to work on impact first? As an update, I had a lesson today. The instructor suggested the best way to start is by playing 9 holes together so she could see what I do on the course. She asked me to talk her through my thought process on each shot. When we debriefed, she told me: 1. I'm way too analytica
  7. I'm sorry, I respectfully disagree. Just hitting balls 4x weekly for a year doesn't guarantee anything but exercise.
  8. It's not likely any of us will ever hit the ball like a TOUR pro. The average TOUR pro gets up and down from off the green about 50% of the time. The average single digit handicap gets up and down from off the green less than 20% of the time. You can lower your handicap faster than anything else by getting your short game as close to TOUR level as possible, and we have a much better chance of getting that good than we do of ever becoming a TOUR level ball striker.
  9. I tracked every swing with a Swing Speed Radar. They read a little high, but they are consistent. If it tells you you're swinging X mph faster than your earlier swings, you are.
  10. My favorite swing aids this year? Broken shafts, pool noodles, alignment sticks and SuperSpeed sticks. With a broken shaft and a noodle you can do a lot of things: monitor your hip turn on the backswing, work on backswing and downswing plane, work on swing path, work on quieting upper body forward movement, forward hip turn, lots, lots more. My alignment is always a little iffy. Also, if I'm not careful my ball position will creep forward or backward. Using sticks helps me learn to see what proper alignment and ball position look like. I can't tell you how
  11. Monte that makes sense to me. How often do you set their expectations? I think you need to work on this. To really ingrain it, you might need to do it x times for the next y months?
  12. That was my thought when I said I want someone who is prescriptive. I want to make sure I understand what I need to do to successfully make a change.
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