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  1. That's interesting @MonteScheinblum the lessons at my club are sold in 4 lesson bundles and they must be used within 6 weeks or forfeited. It sounds like they have a bad policy and it might make sense to question taking lessons there.
  2. I work on impact a lot. Slow motion, 1/4 swings, 1/2 swings and can make a lot of good feeling solid impact. There seems to be a challenge for me connecting the backswing to the delivery position that allows me to make good impact. If I can't connect the backswing, I am limited to about a 100 yard shot with the 1/2 swing.
  3. Funny you say that. I have a history of: A flat turn that's more around than tilt and extending. As a bonus I would rotate my hands and open the clubface during the takeaway. Then getting the club a bit flatter on the downswing, getting under plane leading to a lot of fat and thin shots because the low point is behind the ball. Out of necessity, early extending to steepen the shaft and try not to hit behind the ball. Due to this for two years I've worked with an instructor to: stop fanning the club open Get more vertical on my backswing - Like
  4. I've been working hard on keeping my hands from actively dominating my backswing in an attempt to keep the club in front of me. I'm trying to just turn and c0ck the wrists up. When you drive your backswing with your core instead of your hands and arms, does it shorten the backswing a lot? When I do it I still get around parallel at the top, but I wonder if my arms are still running off. It seems like to get the club to parallel and make a full swing, the player would have to be unnaturally flexible and the body would have to turn about 135 degrees. I've never noticed anyone who did that. Is i
  5. Your progress is something to see! I love the change in your takeaway. How often do you get an online lesson from Dan? Was the original post from your first lesson? Is all of your communication through the Skillest app?
  6. @glkHave you been able to get the stick down into the grip? If so, did you use something to open the breather hole in the grip?
  7. I've been working on the advanced protocols which take you through the swing pretty much position by position. I've found it really hard for me to put it together. I also found I can do half swings, shallow and rotate through, but with the full swing I don't believe I'm getting in the delivery position properly or rotating through impact to the finish. I will say I just LOVE the feeling and flight of those 1/2 swings!
  8. Are you sure about that? I've seen some wives and lots of girlfriends where that might be a good idea!
  9. Interesting. Did he say why? I know you sure don't want the hands to travel out on the backswing.
  10. Why not the putter and driver?
  11. I hover all of my clubs. An instructor taught me to do that. I think it might have been a way to get me to drive the takeaway with my pivot instead of with my hands.
  12. That's a really good detailed recap. Thanks for posting this @Hawkeye77
  13. I can rent a Trackman 4 at my club for $20/hr. I can also rent a Flightscope x3 at a local range for indoor use for $35/hr. I don't think the market will support $60.
  14. Early extension is most likely a move you need to make as a result of something that happens much earlier in your golf swing. Most early extenders do it so they can shallow the club in order make contact with the ball. You should post a swing so someone can maybe point you in the right direction.
  15. If we take as "truth" that the arms and hands just stay in front of the chest in the backswing, and the wrists just c0ck up, would this keep most of us from never getting out backswing much past 9:00 or 10:00 o'clock? Do the best players do this- keep the arms in front of the chest on the backswing? It would seem to me if the arms stay in front of the chest, to get to parallel one would need to have their chest turned about 130-35 degrees. Is that correct?
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