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  1. I'm going to have to get fit. I've been working hard with an instructor to change my swing. So much has changed, I could easily need different lies. On top of that, as I've gotten a little older my club head speed has really fallen off. I need to get fit for shafts for sure.My fitting concern is most fitters probably expect us to buy new clubs from them. I will get fit then see what I can find used.
  2. I don't know what it is, saying three fingers makes me think it's a drink. Without that I would have thought it was heroin, but I can't imagine anyone is thinking about that on this site.
  3. How would you do this if you wanted to get properly fit?
  4. Wow @bmfdop that's awesome 25 yards per club is a serious accomplishment, congratulations! I just finished my 6 weeks of protocol 1 and now I'm one week into protocol 2. For a while I made some nice distance gains on the course, but for a few weeks I haven't really hit the ball well enough to be able to see. On the Superspeed sticks with Swing Speed Radar, I've gained about 20 mph since my first session. Perhaps more important, before I started this, I had a lot of back pain, especially lower back. Once I started Superspeed training my back pain went away!
  5. @HappyGilmoresBoots I filled mine up with towels and soft things to get it to about 10 lbs. I use it like a medicine ball. Great for stretches and for throwing it to increase flexibility!
  6. What does she have tied to her clubhead? Is it tucked into her armpit or attached some other way?
  7. I wonder about EE. I recently saw a video with David Ledbetter promoting what looks like EE to me as a way to hit longer drives. "As your start the club down, I want you to thrust your hips forward like I'm doing here. I recommend doing this without a ball at first to get comfortable with this move, because it will feel quite different than your usually steep downswing. But once you get the hang of it, you can start hitting tee shots this way. And I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results." https://www.golfdigest.com/story/david-leadbetter-says-use-your-hips-to-elimin
  8. Does anyone use one of those whippy training aids like Orange Whip or Sklz Gold? I've had both for years and really only used them for warming up, mainly at home. When I swing either one as I reach the top of my backswing, the shaft continues going back which increases the flex in my wrists and creates a looseness that I imagine feels a lot like TGM's float loading. I've never seen myself on video doing this. I imagine it increases how much the beginning of the downswing might be driven by the body and might delay the hit. Is that a good move for the transition? I also wonder if it can cause a
  9. How do you think grip effects low point or swing arc in general?
  10. Do you think a strong trail hand effects low point control? Does this move the bottom of the swing arc back? Would it possibly cause fat or thin shots?
  11. What happens to the golf swing if the trail hand grip, right hand on a right hander, left hand on a lefty is too strong? How might it affect iron shots? Would it affect driver and fairway woods differently than irons? What about teed up balls?
  12. I'm fighting it. At 53, I was able to swing my driver consistently just over 100 mph and I think I regularly hit it in the 240 range. I remember I clubbed my 7 iron from 155-160. I could swing hard and carry an 8 around 160 but rarely wanted to do that. I backed off after that summer and began playing a lot less and quit playing in even club events - club championship etc. At about 61, I bought a Flightscope and my typical 7 iron carried typically 152-153 with about 79-81 mph clubhead speed with that 7 iron. My driver was in the mid 90s and the driver went about 235-24
  13. I wouldn't trust that data. It's highly unlikely a typical 7 iron would have a smash factor of 1.44 and extremely unlikely a typical 7 iron moving 65 mph at impact would carry 130 yards. I'd get on another launch monitor elsewhere and get the real numbers.
  14. Thanks! Where would the other majors rank? Are there non-majors that are as prestigious?
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