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  1. look at my post a few pages back. I emailed FS and they sent me links to a cord and a charging unit that wouldn't fry the Mevo+
  2. how's the app and integration with the iPad/iphone? Does it allow you to take videos from 2 angles, ie connect with an iPad and iPhone simulataneously to get front and side videos??
  3. has anyone purchased and used a non mevo plus power cord? I called FS and they sent me links https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Male-Micro-Cable-Black/dp/B071S5NTDR/ref=sr_1_24?dchild=1&keywords=micro%2Busb%2Bcable%2Bcompatible%2Bwith%2Bdc%2B5v%2B2.5a%2B2a&qid=1620719786&s=electronics&sr=1-24&th=1 https://www.amazon.com/Raspberry-Supply-SoulBay-Adapter-Android/dp/B07CVH21NC/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 B%2B Power Supply&qid=1582908392&s=electronics&sr=1-12&fbclid=IwAR27Xph85P63AkHdgdruR3W3DSafoNexOlThNzvk0T0bOj7Hg3uGVVl9Mh8 seems like any cables would actually work?
  4. are other people having trouble capturing videos with the mevo+ camera? When I set it to capture video, I have options for the iphone rear, front and radar cameras. When I choose the radar camera I see the image from the radar but it doesn't seem to capture/record? Anything special that needs to be done???
  5. i was wondering the same thing. I was thinking maybe they figured out a way to link the iPhone camera with the Mevo+. I seem to have read somewhere that they were going to have multi camera support? That's the only way this makes sense, ie to use additional hardware/camera....
  6. ordered but I wonder how accurate this can actually be. Seems like you're getting almost the same data as the x3 at 1/5 of the price...
  7. wish that FSK had sent the units out to independent reviewers. Every time I called them I got evasive answers and it never inspired confidence given the delays in the unit. Ended up ordering the Mevo + today but would reconsider if the FSK is as good as they claim.
  8. was waiting for the FSK but delays and lack of independent testing was a little concerning. Mevo+ ordered....
  9. subscribed.... the full swing seems like a great product if it actually works...
  10. I see that Full Swing updated their website and it's now available for order. Am I the only one that thinks it's strange that no one has one for independent testing to validate the results???
  11. Hi I'm wondering if there are any golf apps or camera apps that would allow 2 separate devices (such as an ipad and iphone) to simultaneously record my swing from the front and side. TIA . DK
  12. so what's typical price for an Xi tour? 3-5k?
  13. does fusion technology give any club head data?
  14. wow, thanks for all the great replies. I'm starting to see people with PLM's pop up at the range now so I thought it'd be cool to get one myself. I'm trying to justify spending more money by telling myself that it can actually help my game. TBH, Mevo+ is probably all that I need but Xi tour or Xi+ wouldn't be bad if I could get one for 3k
  15. Hi, I want to get a PLM to help improve my swing. I don't really have space in my current house/garage so most likely this would be something that I'd use at the range. i wanted to get opinions on getting a Mevo + v. one of the Xi's used. I see that the FS VX app is only compatible with X series launch monitor. Initially I was thinking of going for the Xi+ but when I look at the FS comparison charts it looks like the Xi+ is more or less a Mevo+?? The tour gives club data? But is significantly more expensive than the other two....
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