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  1. Dont be so sure of old proclubs. I purchased Black Boron Miura heads from him recently. Shipping all the way to Australia. You would think forged heads would be wrapped properly? Nope all heads placed in one loose bubble wrap bag then placed in a box with 1 piece of paper filler. When the box delivered i picked it up and could hear the lovely sound of metal banging around. I get there tools not jewels but i paid good money to ding them up my self not let the postal carrier do it for me.
  2. Since you mentioned Titleist cb's i have a set of 716 CB's that ill be keeping forever. Feel great and forgiving with the Tungsten in the 3-7. But because this is the JDM forum i will also recommened the Miura CB57's. Classic look and Miura feel.
  3. 13.5 TM mini driver has been my go to fairway finder off the tee
  4. kari lajosi cant beat the USD to AUD conversion rate for a full custom
  5. Finish is copper with brushed nickel over the top the nickel will wear to show the copper Heads only. 4-PW This set was refinished by Kari Lajosi. Probably the only set worldwide in this finish. Condition is easy 8/10 if not better. Very little bag chatter or dings. They were used off and on for a year then have been sitting in the back up bag collecting patina. 4-6 basically new. Not hit much 7-9 hit the most. The brushed nickel is wearing showing the copper underlay in the faces and soles. The PW was only refinished in the copper no brushed nickel and had not been hit since refin
  6. Soak them in white vinegar for a hour or so. Scrub with new green sos pads in a uniform direction. The black will come right off. Might need to do it a couple of times with fresh Vinegar to get the desired look. It will leave it with a dull gunmetal look at first and it will patina and change with time and use.
  7. these are not fake mate but 12 years old and not taken care of that well. The material on the face is pretty superficial. Just get a green scotch brite pad and softly scrub to remove. Always wipe them down after your practice or round of golf. Don't leave them wet or damp in your car or garage. They are forged irons so will ding up and wear much more then a Cast iron( Your old pings)
  8. The heat gun will heat things up to fast and can burn or melt the upper material and lower. Especially on the Jordan 11 patent. If that gets to hot it will melt. That's why the hair dryer method works. It just takes longer time to heat the area up to soften the glue enough to remove with the acetone. I try to heat up the whole sole area for a couple minutes then focus on a specific area either toe or heel to start. Similar to the boiling water method it heats up the glue over a slower time. older shoes the boil water method works well as the glue is not as strong but brand new shoes tend to ta
  9. Last time i pulled wedge shaft from vokeys to throw in Miuras the Miura played 1/2 inch longer then the Vokeys .
  10. Where in Australia are you mate? Plenty of good recommendations above and you'd be surprised what you can get on Facebook market place here in Oz. Not allot of people swinging X flex 70+ gram shaft so they can be found for peanuts. Very easy to test and flip to get your money back.
  11. My vote is for the TW14. People forget they had the Nike ID version and also the Spikeless version which is my favourite summer shoe. I can’t stop myself from buying new pairs when ever I see them on EBay. I have a pair of the TW15 waiting to make the rotation. I remember when the TW 14 hit the clearance racks at Nike and then use to flood eBay. Nike definitely needs to retro one of these.
  12. So I messaged him asking some questions trying to get him to dig his own grave. He claims his mate is a Miura dealer who he buys heads from. And he buys the kuro kage shafts from taylormade and builds them him self???! Seems fishy to me. Must get a hell of a deal on the shafts cause all the Japanese irons he’s selling have the kuro kage shafts in them. Seems to only sell golf gear a quite a bit of it. Must have bought a half container full of crap from Alibaba or wish and is trying to scam people.
  13. So browsing eBay to check selling prices of Miura CB501’s I found this black boron set. Looking at the photos these clubs appear to be fake Alibaba specials. Seller has 99.7 feedback and 361 golf transactions. He also is selling another set of cb501 the silver set. This set appears to be fake as well. The weight in the cb is not the correct shape and thickness on both sets. It leads me to wonder if there are a ton of fake Miura sets floating around out there. He is also selling a ton of other high end Japanese gear which is most likely fake buyer beware https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/36298
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