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  1. The sand in the bunkers at my club tends to get pretty firm, especially after a rain. What wedges do you guys recommend for this? I'm currently playing Mizuno T20 in 55* and 60* with 9 and 10 degrees of bounce respectively. Instead of getting a nice splash shot, my wedges tend to kinda skip off the sand into the ball. I may just need to work on my technique, but right now I'm blaming the wedges, lol. I normally lay them almost wide open to hit bunker shots. I get the ball out with no problem, but I feel like I'm having to swing too easy because the club won't get down into the sand like
  2. I once bent a set of BeCu Ping Zings. They were way out of spec. It was a beyotch, but I got it done. My pucker switch was engaged the entire time, let me tell you. BeCu does not bend easily.
  3. I usually do lie then loft, but sometimes I will try to do both with a single bend. I get pretty close that way and then just tweak a bit each way to spec.
  4. I assume it's a butt trim only shaft, as in there is no tip trimming necessary. So regardless of what head it goes in, you are only supposed to cut to length from the butt and leave the tip alone. Another shaft like this that comes to mind is the AD DI utility shaft with .355 taper tip. It also only comes in one length and is butt trim only. Heck, I have some .370 Aldila NV 105 hybrid shafts that aren't supposed to be tip trimmed regardless of hybrid loft either. It's just the way the manufacturer designed the shaft, and it should work quite well as such. So don't think of it as a 2 iron shaft
  5. I put the Mp 30's in the bag today, and I am definitely hitting them better than the JPX 900 Hot Metals. They fly a bit higher and definitely spin more. Obviously they aren't as long, but they still hold their own. And they feel so freaking good! The difference is night and day. Very, VERY glad I bought them. They are like old friends that I haven't seen in a long time. No way in hell I'm ever letting this set go. Now I just need to reshaft my 21 degree MP Fli Hi 3 iron and I'll be in hog heaven. I had to drop a wedge, but I never used a gap wedge back in the day and scored pretty wel
  6. I had to sell then because I needed the money at the time. It sucked.
  7. They don't spin any less than DG, and DG spins plenty. I'm pretty certain it's not the clubs now. The other members have said that the greens are just harder than normal right now.
  8. I came to the realization today that neither the Ping nor the Sim is the right 3 wood for me. The best one I've ever hit is the old azz 904f that's currently in my bag. It's not quite automatic from the deck, but it's pretty close. The G410 lst ain't bad, but it's still not on the same level as that old Titleist. So, maybe a newer Titleist with more ball speed is the ticket. I was hitting that old 904f about 250 off the deck today with a hell of a cross breeze. Me likes it very, very much. I guess I'll look at the TS2 now. Or, maybe I'll just call it good since I seem to have found the
  9. Wow! I can't wait to plan a fantastic golf trip to Three Jack National!
  10. I don't have the MP 30's yet. They should arrive sometime next week, or maybe even this Friday. The shafts will be a bit different, but not hugely so. I built my JPX 900's with AMT Tour White, so the long irons are lighter, but not sure how much that will affect things, other than making them easier to swing. I also built them to D3 swingweight, so that should be the same, or at least very close. I'm super excited to get the MP 30's as they are my favorite iron of all time and it's been about 11 years since I had a set. They're not exactly easy to come by in left-handed these days. And
  11. OMG! That is the funniest shiz I have seen in a LONG time! FLIP IT!!!!!
  12. I'm in northern Missouri. The grounds crew will be aerating the greens next Monday, so that should (hopefully) soften them up a bit. Then we'll just have to deal with all the little sand-filled holes for several weeks. Oh joy! At my old course they are so soft that my shots always left a large pitch mark. This hard greens stuff is new to me.
  13. I'm guessing those greens weren't as hard as the ones at my club are right now. It's probably not so much my irons as it is the greens. Hopefully they're getting ready to rectify the situation. All I knew was something was amiss. Either the clubs or the greens. After talking with some other members, turns out it's the greens. Glad to hear they won't be staying this hard for much longer. But they sure do putt nicely.
  14. How long is your driver? I prefer 44" with mine. It makes hitting the sweet spot much easier. The sonofabitch might not go in the right direction all the time, but it usually comes of the sweet spot. LOL.
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