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  1. If using taper-tip shafts, yes the shims will still be necessary. If using parallel-tip shafts, they won't be needed.
  2. I routinely play by myself riding a cart and usually get 18 holes done in about 2 hours 15 minutes. This is of course dependent on nobody being ahead of me and getting in my way. Otherwise, it might take 4+ hours to play because most of the d-bags at my country club won't let anyone play through. I tell ya, I've had enough of the entitled BS. Definitely not rejoining next year.
  3. Buy however many PXG ferrules you need from Billy Bob's. Insert a steel shaft into each ferrule and use a utility knife to cut off the collar where it meets the body of the ferrule. Use the separated collar to take up the space at the top of the hosel. Then use whatever ferrule you like to do the build. It's not rocket science.
  4. I bent a full set of Launcher HB Turbo irons with no problems. My L/L machine is a Golfsmith professional model and it clamped them just fine. I found the stock lie angle to be too upright and bent the full set at least a couple degrees flatter. I think I also adjusted the loft on a few of them. This is after I called Cleveland and they told me I didn't need to send them in to be adjusted.
  5. I got my mixer today, so FedEx still has a pretty good record with me. I'm not going to make a fuss about my package being one day late.
  6. Okay, it looks like the shipping label on my package got messed up and had to be replaced, so it has been delayed until Monday. This is really the first time I have had any issues with FedEx, and it's only one business day. The package is in Kansas City, so it will definitely make it to me Monday, which is certainly not a big deal. But, their near-perfect record for me has taken a minor hit. Still much better service than the USPS in my experience.
  7. I sold my i210's Monday morning, dropped them off at Walgreens around 9:30 AM for FedEx pickup, and they were delivered in South Carolina yesterday, only 3 days later and 100% on time. The only time in the last year + that I've had anything delayed with FedEx was over this past Labor Day weekend, and that is totally understandable. I ordered a powered live sound mixer Wednesday night. It was picked up by FedEx at 12 AM yesterday (Thursday) morning, and I have full confidence that it will be delivered tomorrow morning (Saturday), right on schedule. Maybe they just really like me?! I feel like I'm living in Bizarro World with all these FedEx horror stories. I'm just not seeing it on my end. What I am seeing is damn near everything I want to buy (golf or pro audio related) being out of stock until who knows when. That REALLY sucks.
  8. I wonder if this is a regional thing. I'm in the midwest and have had zero issues with FedEx, but the same nightmare stories as you except with USPS.
  9. I have had just the opposite results with FedEx. Everything I have sold on ebay and anything that I have bought that has shipped FedEx has been on time. And I'm talking quite a few packages. Now the USPS on the other hand, they were consistently 1-2 weeks late with everything for a while, if they didn't outright lose the package. That's the reason I started using FedEx. The postal service has gotten somewhat better lately, but they're still not at the level of service I've been getting through FedEx. Not even close. I even started requesting that ebay sellers use FedEx instead of the USPS when I buy something, and they all completely understand and are happy to oblige. Just when it seems like maybe USPS is finally turning things around, here comes another holiday season that I'm sure they will completely screw up for a myriad of people, just like last year. No thanks! I'm 100% in the FedEx and UPS camp.
  10. Maybe not, but what I do have is a very nice looking set of irons that will stay that way, which equals more $ if I decide to sell them. As much as people turn clubs over on here I would think iron covers would be the norm. But common sense is not so common these days. LOL. Use something for a while, let it get beat up, and then lose your azz when you sell it seems to be the way of life for most guys.
  11. Irons that are all beat to s#!* from clanging together are what's hideous. When you ride a cart for most of your rounds, iron covers make a lot of sense. Nothing will beat a set of irons up faster than riding a cart with no covers. I agree the covers aren't needed if you walk, especially if you use a push cart. But if I'm riding, the covers are on.
  12. No longer available. Sold on ebay. 10/3/21 Price dropped to $1075. This will be the only price reduction. Really nice set of lefty PING i210's with Tour Issue S400. Minimal bag wear to heads, shafts and grips are basically brand new. I dropped the 8 iron on a cart path which resulted in some tiny dings on the hosel and the perimeter of the toe, but the club still looks good aside from those purely cosmetic blemishes. All specs are standard, D2 swingweight. Men's standard size PING ID-8 360 grips. I bought the irons used for $1000 and put another $400 in them for the shafts and grips for a total of $1400, asking $1200 including shipping to CONUS. Price is firm, not interested in any trades. If you want i210's without waiting 4 months, here's your chance!
  13. I may try to find a blueboard to put in mine. I have always liked that shaft.
  14. Absolutely agree on the sound of the new PING woods. I have a G425 SFT 3 wood and it sounds like hot garbage. I much prefer my G25 4 wood because of that.
  15. Bought a Rapture V1 driver to go in the 2000's vintage bag. 10.5 degrees, stock regular flex shaft. I had every intention of reshafting with a stiff VS Proto (my OCD wants all the shafts to be of the same vintage as well). Just for s**** and giggles I took it out for a spin today as is, and I'll be damned if it isn't one of the best drivers I've ever used. I hit more fairways than I probably have all year, and I was bombing that thing. So, to heck with that reshaft. Something about that regular flex shaft is really jiving with my swing. Even though I average around 110 mph with driver, that shaft kept up, no problem. I guess if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. And don't even get me started on how good it sounds and feels. Bye-bye 905R. Hello Rapture v1. Now I'm wondering how good the fairways were/still are. And just like that, another rabbit hole...
  16. I've gone through quite a few different iron shafts over the last few years, and I've come full circle back to Dynamic Gold S400 TI. I already hit the ball pretty high, so I definitely don't want it to go even higher. I've settled into a set of i210s and I'm pretty happy now. I don't think I'd like the stronger lofts of the PXG irons anyway. 26 degrees is plenty strong for a 5 iron.
  17. I thought about getting a set of the Gen 3 player's irons, but their stock shaft options suck for me, and I'm not going to pay an upcharge to get a plain Jane set of Dynamic Gold shafts. That's ridiculous. I do REALLY like their Proto drivers, fairways, and hybrids though. If the hybrids were a couple degrees weaker lofted, there's a good chance I'd have two or three of them in the bag right now. The sound and feel is awesome.
  18. A lot of "ladies" clubs have the same exact head as the "mens" version, just a different shaft. I buy lots of ladies and seniors clubs at a significant discount and just put whatever shaft I want in them. That is a great way to save money, as long as you can do the work yourself, that is.
  19. PING already sent the new head out. I got it about a week ago. It is freaking LOUD! But it definitely does what they say it will do. It does not go left (I'm a lefty, just so nobody gets confused). It almost has too much draw bias. I'm going to play around with the adapter settings and see if I can get it to not draw quite so much. But it is a pretty nice club, and once again PING has shown that they have the best customer service in the business.
  20. Three years ago I bought a driver just for the Rogue Silver 125 MSI shaft. Paid 90 bucks for a 2015 Big Bertha when the shaft alone was worth about $300 or so. I've also swapped grips before selling. Ain't no shame in my game.
  21. I currently have 24 degree and 27 degree Titleist 915H hybrids in the bag. They replace my 4 and 5 irons. I have them shafted with Dynamic Gold steel shafts and they work very well for me. I built them at 1/2" longer than the corresponding irons. The 27 degree gives me 205-210 yards of carry and stops on a dime when it hits a green. I honestly haven't even tried my 5 iron since reshafting my set with DG TI S400. The hybrid is just too good.
  22. Receding hairlines and male pattern baldness just look pathetic, IMO. That's a true sign of a beta male. Better to shave it clean. I look pretty damned good bald, I must say. I guess some guys don't have the right dome for a shaved head, but I lucked out.
  23. This x 1000. Heat guns get too much heat into the shaft by the time the epoxy bond has been broken. A small butane torch slowly moved back and forth on the adapter will usually do the job in about 10 seconds or so. A shaft puller is also necessary if pulling graphite shafts. Shafts are WAY too expensive to ruin one by not using a puller. That would be a very hard and stupid lesson to have to learn, especially when you can get a decent puller for under $100. Get the right tools, learn to do the job properly. It's definitely worth it to be able to work on your own clubs and know that it has been done right.
  24. I have an assortment of Titleist Aussie hats, and they are great. I shave my head, so I can't have a hat with vents in it, or else I'm gonna have a weird sunburn or tan spot. The Aussie hats fit the bill. And I don't give a crap what I look like with them on either. I'm not on the golf course to make a fashion statement. I'm out there to have fun playing golf and NOT get skin cancer. I still slather the sunscreen on too. You can't be too careful.
  25. Definitely tip it based on head weight. If it weighs the same as a 3 wood head, tip it the same as for a 3 wood. If the head weighs in between a 3 and 5 wood, I'd go with the in between tipping. Of course, these are generalizations, but are still a good place to start.
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