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  1. Counterfeit goods hurt the golf industry and the consumer. They are almost always of inferior quality. It's especially bad in the case of counterfeit clubs. It is a huge problem. Please don't buy the counterfeit stuff just to save money, you're only adding to the problem. There are plenty of other authentic grip options that are less expensive than the high-end Golf Pride grips. Plenty of other companies making good grips that don't cost a lot as well. If you use poser grips, you must be a poser yourself.
  2. The red one is the authentic grip, so we have a winner!
  3. I still have several of the counterfeit MCC's. Guess which one is real and which is the fake.
  4. If they were less than retail, they are fake. 100% guaranteed. The fake ones look real, and even have the real-looking plastic wrap on the butt end with the barcode and everything. But the quality is inferior. The smell of the grips is the giveaway. The fake ones don't smell the same as the real Golf Pride grips, because the Chinese counterfeiters use an inferior rubber compound. They don't perform as well as the authentic grips either. You know what they say about a deal that looks to good to be true... The only way you're going to get authentic Golf Pride grips from an ebay seller is if they are an authorized Golf Pride retailer and you pay retail price, or close to it. Do an ebay search for Golf Pride MCC. Tons of listings pop up selling new sets of 13 grips for around $60. Every one of those listings is selling counterfeit grips. EVERY SINGLE ONE. If that's what you bought, you did not get authentic grips. Nobody is going to sell a nearly $160 set of grips for around $60. If you believe that, then I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.
  5. No idea. Someone should call PXG customer service and ask what's up with the GP grip prices. Then we'll have the right answer, and not just all this speculation.
  6. I've bought two sets of the fake MCC's off ebay. If a set of $11 each grips runs you less than $60 for a set of 13, they are counterfeit as hell, guaranteed. I reported the sellers, got my money back, and got to keep the fake grips. I gave them to friends who don't care if they're fake or not. Any seller who sells Golf Pride grips at less than retail price is selling counterfeits, plain and simple.
  7. I hate the feel of Project X, regardless of flex. Stepped shafts have 1000% better feel, IMO.
  8. PXG is allowed to charge whatever they want for grips. There is no law saying they can't. They aren't trying to trick anyone into buying anything. The price is stated right on the page when you add them to a build. Most people will be turned off by that price and will simply choose the stock grip option. If someone REALLY wants PXG to install Golf Pride grips, they know the cost going into it. As hypothesized earlier in the thread, it is likely that PXG wants people to choose the stock grips. They probably have a boatload of stock grips on hand. I'm guessing their supply of Golf Pride grips is dwindling, and they are having a hard time restocking those. So they jack the price on GP's hoping people just choose the stock PXG grips. They aren't forcing anyone to pay $30 each for the Golf Pride options. You can always get the stock grips and either regrip yourself or take them to a shop to be regripped with the grips of your choice, assuming they have what you want in stock. That part is hit or miss right now.
  9. Since when are golf grips "necessities"? We're not talking about food, or water, or toilet paper. These statutes certainly don't apply here. Hell, if cars were considered necessities, every dealer in the country would be put in prison right meow. Because they sure as hell are gouging.
  10. I bet the feel is just as crappy as the other PX shafts! Yay!
  11. I believe you are overthinking this. A case of paralysis by analysis. The real question is are you happy with the results of the fitting? Were you getting the distance, launch angle, spin, and dispersion that you want out of the 6.0? If so, enjoy your new clubs, and stop worrying about all this "what if" crap. There's not a whole lot of difference between PX LZ 6.0 and 6.5, at least not enough that it will make you hit one of them sooo much better than the other. If it's really keeping you up at night, go back to the fitter and see if you can hit the 6.5 and compare the numbers to the 6.0. I doubt there will be much in it. But if it will make you feel better about your purchase, go do it.
  12. If you are a smooth swinger, you should be fine with a stiff flex. If you have an aggressive transition and are more of a hitter, the x might be the better option. That being said, it's usually better that a shaft be a little too flexible versus too stiff for you. What shaft did you get fit into?
  13. LOTS of PING drivers and woods on tour as well.
  14. I think they sell most of what they buy for a bit of a profit. I believe they also donate some stuff to the First Tee.
  15. At 105 SS, you would probably be much better off with a 65-75 gram stiff flex straight in, or maybe tipped just a little. TX is for the guys swinging around 120. I swing driver at 110, and I can play a stiff no problem, depending on shaft weight and model of course. It's generally far better to have a shaft that is a little too flexible for you than one that is too stiff. Too light is also bad as it causes timing and feel issues. I like the 44.5" length, nothing wrong with that. You probably do need a heavier weight in the head to get swingweight back up within the normal range, though.
  16. It's a well-made tool. You insert the needle about 1" down from the grip cap at a very shallow angle so that the needle runs parallel to the shaft. I like to use the tubing between the injector and the needle for flexibility, some guys like to install the needle directly into the injector. Once you have inserted the needle, squeeze the trigger at least a few times to inject some solvent between the grip and shaft. This will form a bubble of solvent under the grip. Work this bubble down to the end of the grip, making sure the grip is coming loose all the way around. Before working the bubble all the way to the very end, make sure to get the butt end of the grip loosened up. After the butt end is loose, finish working the solvent bubble all the way out the mouth of the grip. The solvent is under pressure and will spray out, so this can be a messy process, but it sure beats the rod style grip removers. Once the grip is fully loose, it will slide right off the shaft with NO tape left inside. I've had this tool for over 10 years and I swear by it.
  17. The best way is to never get tape stuck in the grips in the first place. And how you do that is with the proper tool. This: https://www.golfworks.com/pressurized-golf-grip-remover/p/gs6/ This is by far the best tool for removing grips installed the right way, with tape and solvent. There is no comparison between this and the hand tools. It's one of the best clubmaking tools I've ever bought. It has paid for itself many times over.
  18. You are definitely moving to a much better state! You'll no longer be taxed to death, so you'll have plenty of money after the move to buy more clubs! Congrats!
  19. Yeah, the Proto driver is NICE! I'm still tempted to buy one, even though I just got a Sim2 Max that I haven't even got to hit yet! Hos gotta ho!
  20. This last summer I bought Eye 2 XG 56 and 60 degree wedges. The 56 was great right off the bat, but the 60 dug like crazy and was basically unplayable in my hands. Turns out the leading edge was WAY too sharp from the factory. I put a nice radius on the leading edge with my belt sander, and it is a completely different club now. I like it so much now that I bought Glide 3.0 Eye 2 wedges, which turned out not quite so well. I sold them on fleabay and lost my butt, as usual, lol.
  21. Yep, I used to use Tour Velvets exclusively, but they get slick faster than any other grip I've ever tried. I switched to Crosslines and they last a lot longer. Nowadays, I just use whatever the heck is on sale, lol. I do stick with the TV style grips, though. I scrub my grips with soap and water and an old washcloth each time I clean my clubs (which is after every round or two) and they last a long time regardless of brand.
  22. Dude, if I lived near the coast, I'd be fishing that saltwater all the time! I've never done it, but I bet it's a blast. Much bigger fishies! That also taste really good!
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