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  1. A lot of the Adams hybrids had a square toe. And they were the #1 hybrids on tour, because they kicked azz. I'm in the process of building an Adams bag just because ( and I already have several Adams woods and hybrids), and it will have a Super LS 19* hybrid and an a12 Pro 23* hybrid. That Super LS is a freaking cannon. I sure wish Adams had never sold out to TaylorMade and were still around. They made far better clubs than TM, IMHO.
  2. Hmm. So that brand new, uncut set of C Taper 120's 5-GW that I have might be worth quite a bit to someone then, huh?
  3. I just looked myself, and yep, they gone!
  4. drumdude96


    Did you actually try the Kai'Li 60X in your gamer? I didn't see any data in your thread to show those particular results.
  5. drumdude96


    Put the same shaft in your gamer and I bet the difference between the two is negligible.
  6. I play older forgings myself, because I like the weaker lofts and increased spin compared to newer offerings. Yes, they do get eaten up by the wind a bit, but you just have to hit more club. I'm not giving up the extra spin and control just to hit knuckleballs into the wind. I have found that if it's a one club wind with newer clubs, I usually need two extra clubs with my MP 30's, and I'm totally fine with that. They hold greens WAY better than any of the newer irons I've tried, so it's worth the trade off to me. To each their own.
  7. You have really nice clubs. Not sure why you're looking to change things up, unless they just don't perform. I would keep what you have and just add a 3 or 4 wood to round things out.
  8. Do you use round or ribbed grips? If ribbed, maybe they are rotated in such a manner as to make you grip the club with the face closed.
  9. I had a set of the i3 Blades with Dynamic Gold Lite and good God they were long. Longest set of irons I've ever had. I legit hit them a club to a club and a half longer that anything else I've ever tried. The 9 was my 170 carry club, no BS. I was pretty erratic with them, so I sold them, but man, the distance I got out of those things was impressive.
  10. I always thought the Eye 2's would look pretty nice with ferrules, so maybe still an option?
  11. At the country club I was a member of last year (first and last year) people would cut in front of you no matter what hole. I had a 6-some cut in front of me on the 4th hole one day (they just drove around until they found an open hole) and I had to wait on them for about 20 minutes a hole. That crap happens all the time at this particular CC, so I'm going back to the muni course that I was a member at before the CC. The rudeness of the CC members combined with the extremely slow pace of play ruined my entire year there. They can have their damn cliquey azz country club. I want no part of it. I did however find enough premium golf balls to last me a good year or two while a member there, so at least some good came of it.
  12. It's funny what one person thinks feels good another thinks feels like crap. I had a set of i210's and I thought they felt terrible. But my gamers are Mizuno MP 30's, so they set the bar very high in terms of feel and sound.
  13. Same here. And like a true WRX'er, I lost my azz on them after spending about another $400 on DG TI shafts and new grips!
  14. I put a set of AMT Tour White in my BeCu Zings. They have the black onyx finish. The black shafts with the BeCu heads looks AMAZING! So forget all other specs and just get something black!
  15. I would say the 0311P would be the one most in line with the i210 in terms of playability. The 0311T is a bit closer to the i210 spec-wise, but doesn't have the forgiveness of the i210. I've hit a buddy's 0311P (Gen 3) and they are very nice. I had a set of i210's for a short while, and if I'm honest, they didn't blow me away. I was not a fan of the turf interaction. The i210's have quite a bit of bounce compared to other player's irons, and while I hit them okay, I much prefer my Mizuno MP 30's in that regard. For that reason, and since you are coming from a set of J15 CB's, I would look at the Cobra MIM Tour. The Maltby playability factor for them is very good (619), the lofts are not crazily jacked (23 degree 4 iron-45 degree PW), and I would bet the turf interaction would be much more in line with your J15's than the Pings or PXGs. The one thing I would look out for with the MIM's is the length. The standard length on those is a fair amount longer than some other iron sets, which is weird because people didn't suddenly get taller. Just something to be wary of. If looking at Callaway, the Apex Pro or the X Forged CB would be my picks. Good luck!
  16. You might consider one of the lighter DG options as well, such as the 105's. The lighter weight may get some of that lost distance back for you. I have a like-new set of DG 105 R300's that I pulled from a set of i210's last summer. 4-GW. PM me if you're interested and I'll make you a good deal on them, provided they will work for your application, of course.
  17. I just reshafted my MP 30's with DG AMT X100 (from standard DG S300), and I have some X100 8 iron shafts on the way for the wedges, lol. I read the same thing and probably watched the same video. The S400 TI can always go back in if I don't like it.
  18. Dynamic Gold shafts are the same now as they were 20 years ago. I still hit them very well. Yes, there are a lot more options for steel shafts these days, but good ol' DG is still the best for me.
  19. The Proto stuff is REALLY good too. And really cheap right now.
  20. There's already a driver with pretty close to max CT all over the face, the Knuth High Heat 257+. And it's made of titanium.
  21. Heck yeah! There are some beautiful clubs out there just waiting to make it into someone's bag again! We should all adopt a set or two! Lol.
  22. Be careful if going the Sim Ti route. I bought a head off ebay and it was extremely closed. You pretty much need to be able to hand-pick a head to get a good one. The Epic Flash is very nice, and Titleist woods are almost always a winner in my book, so you can't go wrong there.
  23. This is absolutely not true. There were plenty of forgings made before 2010 that have grooves that conform to the 2010 rule. Being made before 2010 does not necessarily disqualify a set. You just have to do some research to find out what clubs meet the groove rule guidelines.
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