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  1. Very interesting - I’m a PGA Professional - 60 years old and honestly never really thought about my Buddy’s problem (40 years ago - we both went to college and he moved to Florida I stayed in Michigan) until I saw this post and picture of the grip. But I knew that his strong grip was why he shanked his wedges - somehow the release was different with this heavier / shorter club. After reading your reply I had to grab a wedge with this strong grip and take few swings into an impact bag - I found that my club face did not return to a square position - actually about 20 degrees open. This would be consistent with the type of shank he it - never low and right But always a higher - flighted shank. So, my professional assessment is that on full shots the rotation of the body’s core both on the backswing and downswing is greater. This greater rotation is what allows the club face to “square up” On Wedge shots - rotation can become smaller going back and even smaller going thru - Leaving the face in this open position. Good Luck! - keep me posted
  2. I had a buddy that played with this same grip. He was a great driver of the ball - hit nice straight and high fairway woods and iron shots, But I would play him even for whatever he wanted. Down the stretch, with the pressure on, 2 pars 5’s in last 3 holes, he’d have a great round going and Shank his 80-110 wedge shot every time.
  3. Bubba Watson has a classic classy wardrobe
  5. I’m sure - they are cast and have a shaft over hosel design. I remember when they came out. Quite expensive - and State of the Art Design - allowed redistribution of weight from the hosel to the clubhead. Nice feeling but definitely Not a Blade.
  6. Lynx USA NOT EXACTLY a Blade Iron. this was Lynx’s attempt at a game improvement to compete with PING Eye 2 irons.
  7. 2 pair available These are the Tour Shoes with Champ Scorpion spikes. Leather uppers and Insoles Includes Nike shoe bag $100 / pair shipped OBO.
  8. Those are definitely Square Toes, I can’t tell you what they are worth however.
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