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  1. I’m sure - they are cast and have a shaft over hosel design. I remember when they came out. Quite expensive - and State of the Art Design - allowed redistribution of weight from the hosel to the clubhead. Nice feeling but definitely Not a Blade.
  2. Lynx USA NOT EXACTLY a Blade Iron. this was Lynx’s attempt at a game improvement to compete with PING Eye 2 irons.
  3. 2 pair available These are the Tour Shoes with Champ Scorpion spikes. Leather uppers and Insoles Includes Nike shoe bag $100 / pair shipped OBO.
  4. Those are definitely Square Toes, I can’t tell you what they are worth however.
  5. Yeah, the Titleist fairways are quite shallow faced compared to the others.
  6. Grooves should have been “sawed” to remove any excess polyurethane .
  7. Davo , I just clicked on your icon Feedback score is 581
  8. Hey, thank you for the information. That is Awesome. Good to have this tool back!
  9. Noticed today that FEEDBACK SCORES are back. Somehow I lost 200+ points - Anyone else have similar experience?
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