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  1. They keep making these small headed drivers at 45 inches, and what i want is a 13 to 15 degree 460cc driver designed to play at 42ish inches at a proper swingweight
  2. Is that a typical head weight for that driver or were you able to hand pick that one
  3. @MPAndreassi that mini driver instead of a 3 wood is the bag setup i always wanted. Were you able to get it to swing weight correctly while maintaining the shaft flex?
  4. Its just i have played TX mitsubishi shafts for a while and know they fit me, i also have an interest in trying the ventus line. I was simply trying to find out if i could order a club with a shaft that had a chance of fitting correctly instead if immediately having to toss it away. all my TX stuff is currently on old ping g400 adaptors and several years old now
  5. Can you get a legit Pro orange TX or an aftermarket ventus black (for example) these days from any of the oems when ordering a wood or hybrid or are most of them altered in some way? Thanks
  6. interesting suggestion, thanks basically, shallow face = short face height from bottom groove to top groove, deep face = face height is taller
  7. good tips so far, probably more accurate to say i am a digger and therefore like deep faces, usually like to stick to newer models just for the sake of being readily able to find some modern TX flex shafts with adapters to put into the head. Im not much of a club builder in terms of gluing in shafts to older heads. like the suggestions so far of flat lie angle, deeper faced options .
  8. Looking for 5 and 7 woods with a deep face. I tend to deloft quite a lot and for this reason i use a 5 and 7 wood instead of 3 and 5. This also causes me to live in fear of popping up shallow faced woods because i hit them high on the face due to the way i present the club. I am a higher swing speed low cap golfer so also not looking for draw biased clubs and what not. anything out there in this market? Trend seems to be toward making fairways more shallow, might have to go the hybrid route? Even considered adding a 9 wood as my ts2 7 wood is my 240 club with a great flight, just t
  9. Have you ever given thought to adding a one length option to the fairway wood line to complement the irons and hybrids? obviously a 7 iron length 3 wood would not give enough distance to be useful, but the jump in shaft length from 37.5 inches to perhaps a 43 inch 3 wood is quite large. a line of fairways that all played to perhaps 41ish inches and were spec’d out to properly swing weight at those lengths could be an interesting option. would also love to see a company add some 43-42 inch drivers that swingweighted property for those who are looking to go to
  10. Love my ts2 7 wood for the ball flight it gives me but its simply too shallow faced for my attack angle. Are the new tsi2 woods any deeper? Any other company make a deep faced 7 wood?
  11. My miss is off the toe so just adding mass behind the toe in my existing g400 max sounds like my ideal driver
  12. More 410 but more beefy than that model. Not bad at all. pings heads are legendary but my main complaint is somehow the shafts seem whippy in the woods, even compared to same model in other oems. Aftermarket shaft in ping head is basically unbeatable
  13. I wonder how they raised the moi on the max while keeping the moving weight track. also curious what the crossover looks like, more g400 or 410?
  14. As i say this the pressure is starting to set in and some shakey putts and full swings are starting, game on.
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