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  1. My miss is off the toe so just adding mass behind the toe in my existing g400 max sounds like my ideal driver
  2. More 410 but more beefy than that model. Not bad at all. pings heads are legendary but my main complaint is somehow the shafts seem whippy in the woods, even compared to same model in other oems. Aftermarket shaft in ping head is basically unbeatable
  3. I wonder how they raised the moi on the max while keeping the moving weight track. also curious what the crossover looks like, more g400 or 410?
  4. As i say this the pressure is starting to set in and some shakey putts and full swings are starting, game on.
  5. Im saying basically no one is bogeying. Its a birdie putt contest at the moment. Back 9 masters shootout is an exception i admit that.
  6. When the entire field is bunched its a sign the course isn’t penalizing poor play, not what you want from a major imo
  7. They almost lost the greens yesterday and overcorrected for today. Greens are soft and slow and its kinda ruining the Sunday entertainment imo
  8. this is not something I consciously think about. It is meant to mean don’t hold a death grip on the club and swing with pure strength instead of being an athlete, but in doing this training imo it should be an effort to push your energy systems and then have the patience to let your body recover. I personally am out of breath after 3 to 5 quick swings.i am not the type to get injured other than inflammation in my joints which i manage with diet, so I don’t have a recommendation on how long to heal up. Typically if you warm up and limit these swing sessions to 3 times a week and keep them 20 mi
  9. Blatantly pressing the wedge down hard to smash the grass behind the ball and moves the ball, thats not biased any way that’s just what happened and what he has been doing all day
  10. Definitely possible to workout daily and not be sore depending on your reps and rest time although most don’t have the patience to rest the required time.
  11. I don’t see how its possible to be a 1.2 and never break par
  12. I recommend doing superspeed before cardio/weight lifting. You want to hit your max speeds so you need to be fresh. As for exercising on golf days that needs to be trial and error. Golfing really shouldn’t prevent you from hitting max speeds after playing energy wise. Sometimes i do a 5 minute warmup with the sticks before playing as well
  13. History of left handedness in my family, I suspect the fact i am overtaking my dominant side so quickly is a sign I may not be right handed.
  14. Not sure the exact weights but imo its more important to get a stick or club you swing a tad faster. Get some speed measuring device such as ssr. If you hit 112 on that with your gamer take weights out of the r4 until you consistently hit 120-125 on the ssr.
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