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  1. For Sale/OBO - All items include shipping to conti US Mizuno MP20 HMBs 5-PW - Sold DG 120 x100 MCC Midsize Black/Grey Standard L/L/L Bought these off of a fellow member a few months back, who only hit a few shots outside with each iron. I've only hit them indoors. Needless to say, they are pretty mint. Titleist TS3 8.5 Driver - $275 Sold Hzrdus Smoke 70g 6.0 MCC Black/White +2 wraps 'Standard' Titleist Length 45.5" Includes head cover, might have an extra tool around if buyer really needs one. Purchased new at the end of la
  2. I literally am the same person as you. Same driver, roughly same amount of time not really playing much golf and then coming back. I did end up "upgrading" to a TS3, but this was after getting my swing back in working order for about a season. I picked up about 15-20 yards on good strikes (trackman and course results), but the distance was mostly the result of being properly fitted. Ballspeed was pretty close from 910D2 to TS3, but spin on 910 was like 3500. Knocking this down to 2200-2500 was basically where all the distance came from.
  3. Kind of depends on how far you are willing to drive. IMO Wild Marsh in Buffalo is a better course than Crystal Lake and Stonebrooke, and the young adult rate is $550. Willingers is also very solid for around 1500. Stoneridge under 35 rate is about 2K I believe. I'm a firm believer that convincing a few of your golfing buddies to join the same club as you will enhance the value, as you will more likely have a default group to play with every weekend.
  4. Good question... too much of a good thing can end up being bad. I'm interested in this topic as well.
  5. IMO the best public courses are Stoneridge, Troy Burne, and Legends. On a side note, has anybody else noticed the lack of quality golf options in the south metro (dakota county specifically). I used to live in Woodbury, and there are tons of options within 10 minutes... Stoneridge, Prestwick, Eagle Valley, heck even oak marsh and the 9 hole ponds are close and OK. I live in Eagan now, and there is not much down there. Valleywood is absolutely brutal imo. Inverwood is usually in decent shape, but the layout sucks. From the tips, there are like 4, maybe 5 driver holes, no thanks. Crysta
  6. Moving sale, cleaning out the garage! Price Drop 5/7Taylormade R9 TP Irons 3-GW, KBS Tour Stiff, standard loft and length, 1 degree upright. Red and black NDMC grips (except for GW, which has the stock Lamkin grip). I bought these several months ago from another WRXer, but can’t justify rotating two sets right now. I took a close up pic of the GW, which has the most face wear. The rest of the irons are in really nice shape. Let’s say $335 Sold shipped and paypal’d, OBO.
  7. Monte - Great post. After seeing this video, I checked my spine tilt and did not have enough. Made the change and was striking the ball well for a while. My miss used to be directional (most hooks), but I usually hit the ball solid. Now my miss is off the toe with every club, which is highly annoying. Am I missing something here? I thought I was altering my spine angle, so I worked on turning my hips level through the ball, which has provided hit and miss results. I've also tried standing closer or farther from the ball, and that really hasn't helped. Thoughts? Thanks
  8. Come on guys! Anybody who's ever taken close-ups of their equipment knows that the pics magnify any imperfections. This club is in pretty damn good condition, and I guarantee looks mint from address. IMO $350 is a steal for this setup. If I didn't already have the same setup (10.5 instead of 8.5), I would think about tacking on another $350 to my BST tab...
  9. Played this course in June last year. Absolutely loved it! After a few days of rain in the Milwaukee area, it was still in immaculate shape! Played really long for us after all that rain though. My fondest memory is of #10, which is a long, slightly uphill par 4, and was playing into about a 1-2 club wind. Nutted driver, nutted 3 wood, and the ball was sitting on the upslope of the green. First time I can recall not being physically able to reach a par 4 in two! It was fun. We will be going back this summer, hopefully it will play a little firmer!
  10. I recently was having the exact same problem, literally hitting everything off the toe of every club wedge - driver. I messed around with lie angle (+2 upright) and continued to have the same issue. I finally went back to basics and checked grip, stance, setup, ball position etc.. Long story short, my setup was jacked up. Feet and shoulders square, hips open, which was causing me to come out of my spine angle on the downswing. I swear, every time my swing is off, it is an issue with my setup position. Might be worth working on your setup position just to see...
  11. 983K Cleveland 900 wedges Mizuno mp 30 and 33 callaway x14 pros never compromise tdp r7 425 rapture v1 v steel
  12. 910D2 whiteboard 73s... best driver/shaft combo I've ever had. Stock ahina and RIP weren't too bad either. 910H stock ahina... hate that club Shafts make such a difference, it's unreal..
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