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  1. Random question. Have you ever had issues with the x3 reading club path/direction? I usually hit pushes and push draws outside, but indoors I’m getting horizontal launch about where I’d expect, but a bunch of path left readings making the ballflight algorithm spit out “right” spin and cutty flights. This is with irons over several indoor sessions. It’s weird because I’ve been on an indoor TM during this time and get path and aoa that I’d expect for pushes and push draws.
  2. I just got an X3, and so far it has been solid in short indoor mode. I have 12/13 feet of ballflight and 8' ball to radar, which has given really good readings for everything, except driver spin (which seems to fluctuate more than it should, and has the highest frequency of estimated spin). Honestly though, i've used a trackman indoor with a metallic sticker, and still get funky readings for driver. Anyway, one thing that i've noticed is that indoor spin readings and accuracy is extremely dependent on making sure the metallic dot is a) pointed directly at the target, and b) still in good shape (not damaged from impact). In my first few sessions not paying as much attention to the metallic dot placement, I saw like 40% estimated or bad readings on 3/4 and full wedge shots. After making sure to pay attention to the dot alignment, the spin readings are almost 100%, and definitely directionally correct to the type of strike. I knew this going in, but I really wish FS could figure out how to account for strike/gear affect. Don't know if this is a technology issue or software/firmware/algorithm issue, would be interesting to hear FS's take on strike location using radar.
  3. Couple Items for sale today - trying to thin the inventory, so not really interested in trades. All are OBO and include shipping. PM with questions. Titleist T100s 5-PW and U500 4 - Sold Minimal wear. Standard lie and length, T100s are 1 degree weak. All have matching TT Tour Issue S400 shafts and MCC standard grips. Prefer to sell as a 4-PW set. Titleist TSi3 16.5* Head Only - Sold Absolutely mint, only hit inside. Comes with headcover.
  4. Few items up for sale. All include shipping to continental US. All are OBO. 1) Ping i210 4-U - Dynamic Gold 120 s300, black dot, standard L/L/L. Standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. Picked these up earlier this year slightly used, and ended up only hitting the 5,7,U indoors a few time. Needless to say, they are in great shape. Sold 2) Flightscope Mevo - New in October 2019, tracked only about 300 swings over 13 sessions (per FSmevo app). Comes with all original packaging and accessories, and around 100 metallic dots. Unit works well, but I upgraded to Mevo+ for the additional metrics and simulation functionality. $350 3) Gangas GBox - Adult size in mint condition, used a few times. Will ship in original box. Get at a discount compared to shipping cost and potential tax of a new one. SOLD PM with questions. -Chris
  5. For Sale/OBO - All items include shipping to conti US Mizuno MP20 HMBs 5-PW - Sold DG 120 x100 MCC Midsize Black/Grey Standard L/L/L Bought these off of a fellow member a few months back, who only hit a few shots outside with each iron. I've only hit them indoors. Needless to say, they are pretty mint. Titleist TS3 8.5 Driver - $275 Sold Hzrdus Smoke 70g 6.0 MCC Black/White +2 wraps 'Standard' Titleist Length 45.5" Includes head cover, might have an extra tool around if buyer really needs one. Purchased new at the end of last season, didn't play it at all this year ?. Only blemish is a really small smudge on the crown, which isn't noticeable unless looked at up close and in the right light.
  6. I literally am the same person as you. Same driver, roughly same amount of time not really playing much golf and then coming back. I did end up "upgrading" to a TS3, but this was after getting my swing back in working order for about a season. I picked up about 15-20 yards on good strikes (trackman and course results), but the distance was mostly the result of being properly fitted. Ballspeed was pretty close from 910D2 to TS3, but spin on 910 was like 3500. Knocking this down to 2200-2500 was basically where all the distance came from.
  7. Kind of depends on how far you are willing to drive. IMO Wild Marsh in Buffalo is a better course than Crystal Lake and Stonebrooke, and the young adult rate is $550. Willingers is also very solid for around 1500. Stoneridge under 35 rate is about 2K I believe. I'm a firm believer that convincing a few of your golfing buddies to join the same club as you will enhance the value, as you will more likely have a default group to play with every weekend.
  8. Good question... too much of a good thing can end up being bad. I'm interested in this topic as well.
  9. IMO the best public courses are Stoneridge, Troy Burne, and Legends. On a side note, has anybody else noticed the lack of quality golf options in the south metro (dakota county specifically). I used to live in Woodbury, and there are tons of options within 10 minutes... Stoneridge, Prestwick, Eagle Valley, heck even oak marsh and the 9 hole ponds are close and OK. I live in Eagan now, and there is not much down there. Valleywood is absolutely brutal imo. Inverwood is usually in decent shape, but the layout sucks. From the tips, there are like 4, maybe 5 driver holes, no thanks. Crystal Lake is usually in good shape. Legends is great, but about 20 min from central Eagan. What's up with this? Seems to me there was a missed opportunity to build something decent in Eagan or Apple Valley before they were built out. Maybe this was a result of having private clubs like Mendakota, Southview, etc in Mendota Heights. Anybody else notice this?
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