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  1. They start at 1,200, but you do have to fly to Phoenix to get fit.
  2. The putter is a PLD Hovland. There is a custom program for it through Ping that is through your Ping reps. It is on the higher price point but reasonable for a custom putter. Here is mine from before COVID hit
  3. Made some adjustments in my swing so I was not loading the club as efficiently as with the Project X
  4. I Will get some new pictures up here tomorrow and a new right up!
  5. What I was told was the weight was around 360
  6. Ping is starting their PLD custom program, talk with your local Ping Rep. the requirements though is you have to go to the facility in Phoenix to get fit. There is a higher cost to the putter as well.
  7. Idk if this counts but here is my PLD.
  8. Played in the Infinity Pros today. All I can say is WOW. to me they feel like my Pegasus running shoes with traction on them. I didn't have any slipping at all. I play on a desert course and the material on top didn't collect any dust or sand. One round in they are excellent!
  9. Why is there no hot melt port in the Sim Max fairway, however in the Max Draw there is one?
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