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  1. 1. It’s cheap. I really think it would help you 2. yes. A better set at the top and more importantly transition would benefit you greatly.
  2. Man, I think you’re a prime candidate for no turn cast if you’re doing Monte programs.
  3. Rotellas stuff all says basically the same. I’m a big fan of Michael Lardon’s book. Unique from everything else and a way to actually measure how you’re doing mentally.
  4. I teach 2k lesson a year. The number is people I come across who can’t make a full turn due to flexibility issues is near 0. Most people are capable they just don’t know HOW to move. You may need to improve flexibility. You may need to get stronger. You may need to just improve how you move. You may need to practice swinging faster. You may need better equipment. Good chance if you do them all you’ll increase distance.
  5. Wrong. It still exists, just a smaller budget. We also have this kinda big tournament called the PGA Championship
  6. Well we operate on a 2 year fiscal budget…So I mean we could, but why the heck would we not want it?
  7. Um…how old is the driver? Never seen a W
  8. Everyone should read this considering looking at a “far target” (not necessarily the hole) putting. “During the information/practice session, participants were instructed on how to execute putts while using the FT visual focus strategy. Participants were instructed to change nothing about their normal putting method (green reading, posture, ball position, etc.,) until just before the initiation of the back stroke. Immediately before the back stroke, participants were instructed to slowly rotate their head (using only movement at the neck) for a final time so that visual focus was drawn down the target line and onto the FT. Once visual focus was confidently set on the FT, participants were instructed to keep their gaze fixed while executing their putting stroke. The FT in the study was defined as the point along the intended target line that was nearest to the center of the hole (Figure 2). Since the intended target line is based on the judgment of the golfer, the FT varies from participant to participant. Participants were instructed to think about starting the ball directly at the FT, while keeping in mind the speed they wanted to impart to the ball. While it was not an inclusion criteria, it should be noted that at the initiation of study all participants employed a NT visual focus strategy during their own golf games.” http://www.sashomackenzie.com/publications/MacKenzie 2017 Evaluation of Near Verus Far Target Visual Focus Strategies with Breaking Putts.pdf this is a good video too
  9. Having to retee because you can’t find your ball.
  10. Congrats. Attack the par 5s and driveable par 4s and just don’t make too many mistakes on the rest of the course. Amazing what can happen when it comes together.
  11. Your P6 there looks really good. Unless ball flight is bad id stick with it.
  12. You need DECADE. One thing you’ll learn is on 2nd shots to par 5s and driveable par 4s you can be more “aggressive” even if it means slightly increasing penalty shots. Go for it. You’ll make more birdies and pars. Have an occasional Eagle and some bogeys. At the end of the day sounds like a lower scoring average by going for it.
  13. I usually just remember then go play a practice round. Or you can create a packet in something like PowerPoint, save as PDF and email to yourself or I use Mac and just save it to cloud files then use my phone.
  14. I played one for many years and loved it. Being short sided was a non issue. Instead of opening the face (more risk) I played square face shots. Ball got up in the air pretty high and landed soft. Felt like cheating.
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