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  1. In my experience in playing several rounds now and adjusting on warm ups and range to get feedback, the loft sleeve definitely plays with flights and start lines. I have the 10.5 as well and love the flattest setting (usually open a touch) and the standard for me is optimal for constant strikes center to slightly toe. When I go with the draw setting's I defiantly get pulls to straight. The Draw settings definitely change the lie angle up if thats required for your start lines and flights. I also added a 12gram weight (reduced from the tour length rear 14gram weight) with this 44.5" Accra TZ6 shaft to be D5 on my scale. Lets me release it a little better and feeling like the stability is pretty damn perfect. Loving this head for sure and will be my gamer for the foreseeable future no question.
  2. What was wrong with the Radspeed? I would think it’s maybe a little lower spin with the forward radial waiting but couldn’t be much different
  3. That shaft and head look amazing. I’m sure the performance will be there. Always has been the last several years with the cobra heads and for a lot longer with the Fuji Evo line. This is just another evolution “pun” intended. Share some pics when she is in. I am still loving my SZX with the TZ6 shaft. Just pure butter
  4. For me it’s a stiff handle no matter what the rest I can learn swiftly, but If the handle is soft…never good and I end up wasting a lot of swings in a fit. I’ve learned to stay away over the years
  5. Same for me the split for me P 4-5-6-7 standard PXG lofts and then went T 8-9-PW-GW strengthened 1 degree from PXG lofts and the gapping was spot on on the ole GCquad in my extensive initial fit and then confirmed again after the shaft upgrade retro. 7 iron is where I could go either way but love the confidence when having the yardage that allows me to pull the uber forgiving P heads out of my bag.
  6. Played the DGS400, Super Peening Orange, Modus 130, Modus 125, Modus 120(wedges), PX LZ, PX, and loving my new PX IO 6.0 in these Gen 3 heads. The feel is very linear and controlled but not PX or DGS400 strong. Good balance of feel and control IMO. Loving the brushed finish on the brushed milled heads for sure for those of you into the esthetics like me.
  7. You are spot on...I found with my Proto+ head (gamed it for the last two seasons), it was all about getting the most stable shaft for my SS that still had a little smoothness. With this head I would always error on the side of more stable shaft from an EI profile stand point, as it can get heavy (with the weight tinkering) and likes a center high/ center slightly toe strike to be optimized. Also loft sleeve helped me a ton, having the option to go onto the 3* flat "PXG" setting was night and day for face strike....oh the Velocore in the Ventus didn't hut either
  8. Thanks Osprey! Being so new and public till they acquire enough members is really nice for us guys who like the variety. It’s for top notch CC level locker room and range for sure. Like any new course however, it’s really fast with very little root system to hold water. Definitely good for the driver and run out! Just gota watch some of the fescue style rough areas and you are good. The short T blade irons and forged wedges do a tremendous job with the fast lumpy greens as well. If you can fit it in, it’s one to play!
  9. Just played a pretty new Jack Nicklaus course out in Surprise AZ, called Sterling Grove once again. All I have to say is how much I love my bag of 0311 Gen 3 P/T irons and 0311 Forged wedges w/ PX IO 6.0's! Just perfect and of course the trusty 0317 Gen2 hybrid is a mainstay with the Atmos TS Black 90S. My bag is so done for the foreseeable future
  10. This is why I love TZ6 that solid handle and nice smooth stable drop and then that tip. Thanks for posting this
  11. Or as mentioned above add a couple grams at a time to raise head weight and swing weight for a more solid impact and feel with the weights available. The alternate way is Hot-melt, which also deadens the titanium “ting” sound providing a more powerful “thud” sensation and audible experience.
  12. For sure that 1/10 big balls perfect strike several recent drivers are a longer but in terms of forgiveness with lower than equator strikes, the SZX is tops for me in my testing. It’s not even close. Never has my miss been a straight ball! Love this SZX with my TZ6 shaft at tour length. Top two best combos I’ve bagged in the last 5 years for sure.
  13. My friend just got Gen4 P’s and I was able to hit them on the range yesterday morning. Compared to my Gen3P/T they are very similar in feel and sound. Of course the specs were not as custom as my fitted sticks so results aside the Gen4 P is a very nice head. Better or softer than Gen3?? ehhhh not sure about that. Pretty similar IMO on feel with same range balls. I do like the seemingly slightly slimmer top lines P to P.
  14. Me too! My custom builder fitter friend Mark over at Center Cut, had to work some of his magic to get them perfect for me, but since that they have been NIRVANA and I do not even think about my ole Mizzy 921T/F combos.
  15. This bad boy SZ EX is back in my bag after a lengthy range session with tweaks and a little hot melt. I forgot how easy and forgiving this thing is! I had one for a little while when it came out and sold it and then when the prices dropped picked up another due to the hi MOI especially in the tour length. Anyway super excited to have this done once again ha!
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