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  1. Sounds like we went to the same driver school lmao. Drivers are that one club which for me define a round more than score...it’s that feeling of being able to easily access long and fairway getting longer and longer as effort and momentum builds. I always find a way to talk my self into a new head and then have to make sure I get a low spin, mid spin, smooth spec, and another shaft for confirmation...just feels great that this was so easy. Unlike the rest except for the Cobra SZ X. That was easy too but just no where near as long as the Proto+ head. In the last year and a half I have owned and
  2. Looking back at the drivers they are growing on me. I like the visual representation of the AV carbon weave and the contrast for alignment. It’s like the opposite of the TM visual program and certainly unique amongst the current offerings. I bet they look even nicer in person per usual. The putters are always gorgisimo! Nice work PXG. They are clean with that sinister tech inspired look. If they offered custom lengths online to hit my 30” gamers length I would probably have a couple already. I like how several of them are blending the gen2 and proto/gen4 weights...even more customiza
  3. Good point. I agree with you 100%. The real question with cancel culture or just canceling, is why not turn this into a positive and allow JT the ability to donate proceeds for a cause or conduct a fund raiser...turn all these negatives in the world that will continue to happen (human nature at all walks and ages) into something positive that can impact people in a positive manor than simply eliminating a sponsorship. With these instances opportunities arrive that can be turned to good. Justin said something horrible, result is bad, helps nothing IMO. Should go like this: JT says some
  4. About 100balls in on Proto+ Dia S+ Limited 60X and all I can say is impressed. I came from SIM Max D, Max, then a tour issue sim head in 10.5 and this Proto+ head is easier to hit straight than any of the above. I always had to open those heads up on the loft sleeve so they looked square to my eye and this head sets up very neutral in standard. I did end up last 40balls hit them best with on the small minus loft sleeve setting with perfect results. Heavy weight (12.5grams) front the entire time with really no need to move it. Traj and distance was really similar to my Sim family of drivers b
  5. Interesting that my Tensei AV Raw Blue is a 65S and the TM is a 60S...both look identical comparing the photos of the TM60S to my gamer built by my custom builder. Seems as if the TM variety is under the normal MRC website page. https://www.mca-golf.com/products/av-raw-blue
  6. Yeah the contrast is not settling but the design and tech seems awesome. The white dots on the face are a nice touch too.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to hit mine tomorrow with the S+ Limited 60X. Heavy weight front to start as that was what gave me best results from my fitting. Interesting, I don’t remember ever trying the heavy in the rear setting which should effectively raise MOI and forgiveness a bit I would think. Also coming from a SIM Max, then Max D, then standard SIM Tour Issue. I already love the deeper face with more conservative address look like my Gen 2 hybrids. I think the “look” has a lot to do with success any club fit. This one is just the best
  8. Tensei AV raw would look very nice with this new driver head but missing the toe weight is backwards me thinks.
  9. Will do. I got shaft testing to do and really ordered the weights to make sure the swing weight stays consistent with different shaft balance points and weight. I have an Accra TZ6 M4, Fuji Speeder TR 661S, Fuji Atmos TS Blue 6S tipped 1/2”, Mitsu Tensei AV Raw Blue 65S tipped 1/2”, and the stock Diamana S+ 60X, which I love all playing 44.5” at D4 so should be a similar shootout to my SIM tour issue head.
  10. Yeah not for the smaller packages. You are good to go. Let us know how it works out
  11. I think it was $6 or $7. Standard ground. I’m picking it up so I didn’t have to pay that.
  12. Thanks and I just ordered 12.5/17.5 to keep my swing weight same at D4 with various shafts I have to test. Looking forward to hearing your results.
  13. Played 18 with a cool 40degrees 7:58am tee time. Damp dewy ground conditions and traction was never an issue. Several moments where they just felt, well comfy. Very friendly shoe and require zero break in time. I’ll confirm as I’m walking 18 tomorrow.
  14. Would be interesting to try 5-5-5-7.5 arrangement for a balanced weighting.
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