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  1. FWIW, 921F is definitely more compact and tidy than the 919F predecessor. Its very noticeable to my eye addressing the ball. Not sure about the other sub models but for sure if you went Forged and didn't like the 919 Forged longer length and over sized appearance...these will be perfect for you.
  2. Update: -fitter ordered my a set of 921 F 4-PW w/ PXLZ "Blackout" 5.5 shafts (as soon as Mizuno would take custom orders) -sample fitted clubs provided to my builder for lie and length (off my P790 build which was off my 919Forged Tour Combo set build) -using 7iron to MOI match at my custom lengths -cel-parts custom white ferrules/silver and black bands, and matching pure grips ready -awaiting the exciting call/text to come get them PS: Decided to add a Accra TZ6 M4 (tipped 1") to my ST190 3TS fairway as well while waiting, to battle the 2CLK hybrid for th
  3. Getting caught up with the last 5-6 pages here. I now question that lefty golfers make up 5-7% of the North American market based on reading this thread...man!
  4. Thanks for posting these comparo pics! I mean my 919F are longer than my P790’s. Mizuno did a great job with the 921F’s size and shape it seems. Hopefully my set arrives any day now! Pumped and shaping up like the 921F are the clubs of the year IMO.
  5. Hey Hammer! How’s it? Yes played yesterday and a pretty type desert course style layout and really impressed with the set up of the MAX D head turned all the way down on the loft sleeve and it’s nothing but mid to higher straight bombs with lots of forward roll (much more roll out with the Speeder TR vs the Accra TZ6). The only odd shot that cuts is off the open toe (looks square on the paint line) but if you focus on the toe part of the actual face, the twist face in this setting is noticeably more open. It’s kind of helpful as it focuses my eye to align with the circle dots and steer clear o
  6. I like it. Something different in the sea of SIMs at every course in North America.
  7. Thanks and thats an awesome post! Pretty clear down conclusion and welcomed details. $200MSRP for the Speeder HB illustrates Fujikura's very premium positioning for this shaft.
  8. I would like to know what design characteristics it posses since it was timing that cause the pull along with Mizuno adopting it as its goto hybrid shaft offering. -What ton rated modulus carbon fiber is used? -Does it have " Cage" tech? -Maximum Carbon Content? -H.I.T. Tip? What we know: See Spec Chart Thanks Fuji! Big fan here and just want the details for our own knowledge.
  9. Started with SIM MAX 10.5 standard with an ACCRA TZ6 and it was a nice mid high flight fader 9/10 with the occasional straight ball that just fell to the right (right handed golfer here). Even turned the loft sleeve to "highest" and still 7-8 out of 10 shots went fade flight. Solid driver, very forgiving and very stable, just can't get it to go bomb straight. Then I tried the SIM MAX 12.0 turned down to "lowest", and its string/straight bombs for me with the Speeder TR 661S with the occasional ball that falls to the left. Average 10-15 yards longer for me with this MAX-D type com
  10. Been playing a SIM MAX with the ACCRA TZ6 M4 and loving it. For testing, I just ordered, through my custom fitter, a SIM MAX D type to pair with Fujikura Speeder TR 661S shaft to see if all the rage in Japan and Korea is real...let the winner take the spot in the bag.
  11. I think technically the design goal behind the 921F is decent spin/high launch (steep decent angle) vs competitors in the space that are lower spin and lower launch to similar distances. The nice thing is over our beloved 900F’s, we are getting more distance with a slightly stronger loft and a lot of technology and in 4-7 irons material. Take your 900F and go hit it against the 921F with the Mizuno shaft optimizer. You will gain all that you want IMO. Shaft will play a part and is always a part of the fit but so is ball. You have 500-1000rpms in both and with many decent swings, even
  12. It’s all subjective to each players swing too in terms of “feel” or “smooth” or how “easy” it is to load. You have to hit them on a launch monitor and us EI profiles to get into the ball park. I went through all this last year in my custom fit. From memory EI profiles over lapped it went from softest to stiffest PX LZ 5.5 Modus 120S PX LZ 6.0 Modus 120TS X also had the Modus 130S in there with its really unwise profile. It was less spin than PX LZ 5.5 but was higher flight. Ended up going with those in my P790 set. PX LZ 6.0 and 5.5 in my 919F/T combos set.
  13. Yeah for all of us I hope Mizuno has a plentiful skilled employment schedule ready for fulfillment of all these 921’s since the 919’s being sold out. I bet those 919’s looked amazing kind of my inspiration with this build. I think black outs with stock black Mizzy ferrules will look sick maybe go “murdered” with the black lamkin crosslines? love playing in Palm Springs, Desert, Indio, and the surrounding area. We do that trip each year as well. Only about a 4-5hr drive from here. Enjoy that my brotha! The 900F and 921F seem more design related than the 919’s IMO. I loved my
  14. Only seen photos from my fitter of 6 or 7iron and got to look at the Mizuno fitter catalog. Good news is my club fitter is a Mizuno staff member, so the race is definitely on brother. Going to be good! Here are the ferrules and grips going on the blackouts...should be a nice fresh update to look at till the MP22’s come out lol
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