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  1. Driver-TM 2/4 Hybrids-PXG Irons-Mizuno Wedges-Mizuno Putter-Machine So 4 brands currently...when I play my PXG Proto+ driver and Gen3 P/T irons, it goes to 2 (PXG and Machine)
  2. Am I the only one dreaming of a RAW finish option for the MP22?
  3. For taking out the left side, for a right hand golfer...PXG Gen2 and Mizzy CLK are both nice with the flat settings. PXG takes it a step further with allowing easy redistribution of heavy weights to the toe for added anti left insurance.
  4. I played S18 last two seasons prior to T20 release and they were great, just a little over sized face shape compared to T20. Both great and do exactly the same job for me.
  5. From above, easy way to tell is the raw doesn’t have black paint fill like my 56, end the satin does have black paintfill in the “T20” logo like my 50.
  6. Oh and got a high quality leather driver cover from our friends at TXG. Feels super high end
  7. Just picked up my new ZF for my SIM2MAx head and a new Mizzy T20 lob wedge.
  8. Ill play Driver- .5 2-4Hybrids- 1 Irons- 1 Wedges- 1 Putter- 5 8.5 years old but could get younger in the coming days, driver has a 3 head shaft shoot out slated for Sunday.
  9. This! I had to go X flex in this S+ shaft in my initial fit at PXG as the 60/70S were just too lively. I have found that the Tensei AV Blue 6S tipped 1/2 and Red Velocore 6S are the best for me in my set up. Weight behind the impact spots help always helps to mitigate the gearing effect as well. Love the extra toe mass in the Proto+ for the toe miss. Might be worth a try to add the 5gram or even move the heavy weight to where the strike location is when the hook shows its face. honorable mentions are the Accra TZ6 M4, and a tipped DF6S would probably be better. The standard DF feels
  10. I have both shafts along with many “blue” profile. For my swing the Ventus Red Velocore6S is more stable and consistent than the MF3 6S. I will say the as stated above the F3 is definitely more “lively” but Red Velo is not a “boardy” feeling shaft at all. Just feels stable with a nice kick. A touch more kick than my Tensei AV Raw Blue65S and Accra TZ6 M4. For me the Ventus Velo is really consistent and smooth with out feeling whippy or loose. It’s love the way the kick comes at impact with the former feeling handle then seems to transfer the energy down the shaft perfectly. MF3 for m
  11. Same here and same length with a Ventus Red Velocore here and a Diamana ZF on the way to compare. All I know is this Proto+ has beat out Gen4X, SIM2MAx, and last years SIM Tour Issue to permanent stay in my bag for the rest of 21.
  12. Solid. Same trio I ordered. Love the red sole color on the blacks! Clean
  13. Thanks for posting this pic. I can’t do it...something is just off with these. Look wise.
  14. Shows you how “in search” of he was going back to the ole M1...glad he had time with Sean Foley and got that comfort re/dialed. Was fun to watch for sure.
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