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  1. The SIM DHY 3 with a Thump 90 is back in the gamer bag. I hit the driver pretty crooked this past round and had many shots from the either dead summer grass or thick winter grass rough and was reminded why I even got fitted for this club in the first place. Easy with lots of bounce, and gets the ball up with speed easily. It’s my lone wolf tee caliber after driver and the my goto rough over 225 club. The Thump is perfect blend from my driver ZF 60 to my PX IO weight wise. Real fan of how stable the Thump 90 is all around.
  2. My apologies. In reference to square I was thinking you were asking about the face shape and realize your are asking about the top down shape. All good.
  3. I think you need to Hard Step X2 at least…to be a premium wrx player bruh…
  4. My SIM2 rescue is literally filled with HM lol. I think get it where you want it and enjoy the thump thud of the melt in there. I love the feel and sound.
  5. SIM2 Rescue (not the max) is square and reminds me a lot of my old adams peanut hybrid but more consistent. Love it on all lies. Has yet to let me down…
  6. I did the opposite and really loving it. I went 3 XP, 4-7 P, and 8-GW T…with Forged 56 & 60. I had the T’s bent to match the P spec loft wise and couldn’t really even tell the 7 to the 8 with a nice progression combo wise. Seriously couldn’t think playing another set…really happy going with these since the last ten years of Mizunos.
  7. Thanks guys all good here. Played this afternoon front with ZF and back with the TZ6. Before I started I was going to simply pick the one after today that gave me the launch windows and had the best dispersion. TZ6 is the one. Ima just stick with the TZ get rounds in. Ofcourse both feel amazing out of the center or slightly north of center. TX6 fer sher is more stable than the ZF on off center strikes especially the lowe center strike. I’m going to game the TZ and not look back. Thanks my friends. So much greatness shared and that’s why this forum is the best. Grateful
  8. I am struggling committing to a driver shaft with it down to the two finalists respectively. I have two fitted shafts (Diamana ZF 60S and a Accra TZ6 65 M4) in my SIM 2 Max gamer head that have a same total distance over the course of several LM sessions and over 20 rounds each on the golf course. Spin is just about the same with nothing in it, with in the 2200-2400rpm BS range with similar deviation. My question is do you guys commit to your gamer on subjective feel or flight you like to see or both? The TZ6 is a mid high flight about 20-30 feet lower with good carry and a little more roll out than the ZF, which is a higher/slightly longer carry and little less roll out constantly. Problem is I like them both: look, smoothness goes a notch to the ZF, stability goes to the TZ6 especially on off center hits (I have a slightly low of center miss occasionally). Thoughts one way or the other? Just trying to get some external ammo to make the final choice. Thx
  9. If only a tee club, you may find a few yards with the length and a good gap for your set up. All good info above along with you will not know until you hit it and get a usable sample size of results.
  10. Im always a fan of getting the stiffest shaft you can handle and then don't look back....time will get it dialed to your swing. Always go with large data set of numbers and on course feels. You will love how smooth looking back at your playing partners feels more than the feel of the shaft
  11. Same day proper shaft, there is nothing in it. You just need to decide if you need the toe port or not and what crown position looks more appealing to your eyes.
  12. Looks like a cleaner Lunar Clayton from years back. Money is right! Cash
  13. Great move fro them and I'm sure the payout makes sense for more golf on the schedule, young family, and whatever else is Ians plight. I would think something in the deal that keeps them on for at least a year as is etc..I wonder what happens to Matty Boy?
  14. Mark at Center Cut Custom golf...GC4 outdoors on a range fits. He has built numerous iron and custom wood/hybrid builds. His build quality and attention to detail is unmatched in my experience.
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