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  1. 5’7” here and it’s always 44.5-44.75” for me. Swing weight D5. Center face contact is consistently longest and in the short grass. When I have hit 45.5” or 45.75” just lots of heel strikes and lost distance with spinny pull fades. 44.5” I get lovely push draws all day and can turn the ball the other way slight power cuts.
  2. Congrats! You are never going to miss a fairway with that set up! Problem is if you do, you know it’s your swing
  3. I’ve owned SIM Tour Issue, SIM Max Tour Issue, SIM Max D, SIM 2 Max and just ordered a new SIM 2 Max D to test. As stated above all are great with fitted shaft length and swing weight and all can have different bias’s as mentioned. Generally I agree with above posts on SIM and SIM Max being fade biased with SIM 2 Max more neutral. I also love the D product with it adjusted in the most open lowest loft on the sleeve to sit slightly open and then weighted for draw bias which gives me high low spin bombs with a little hot melt up by the face. If you have been fitted into a SIM product and happy with flight and spin numbers, you are not going to get a magical 10mph ball speed jump with SIM 2. I will say however you won’t loose ball speed and will gain a little more neutral ball flight with some added forgiveness. For me the SIM 2 products thus far, have been the most forgiving on the low center and mid slightly toe strikes with my set ups. All playing Accra TZ6 and Diamana ZF (my currrent gamer shaft) compared with to OG SIM. Also for what it’s worth I like the M darker carbon look of the 2 vs OG as well slightly better.
  4. I’ll only take 5% vs the normal tour caddy rate of 10%
  5. Ofcourse strike location and loft have the most impact on launch but for same strike on face my opinion is with a similar swing delivery… Highest BF High TB Med/High ZF
  6. Would be magic in a fairway and so would the Gen4 BF or Gen5 TB if you are looking for a little more activity.
  7. Love my 90gram Fujikura Atmos TS Black shaft in my favorite club in my bag…a worn out PXG Gen2 0317 19 hybrid turned to the lowest setting (and most open). It’s my longest fairway option 235carry-245total and super consistent flight for my swing. Always thought based off my driver preference in shafts tending to be tipped “blue” profiles stiff tip, softer middle, and stiffer handle section that it would translate to my hybrid weapon. It wasn’t till I was fitted on a GC4, that I saw the immediate difference going to a “black” stiff, stiff, stiff lowest kick-type hybrid shaft. Just a better match and more consistent/ repeatable for me. I never hit the hybrid off a tee, only on the deck and when I need the same yardage off the tee I hit my 17* driving iron with a steel shaft in the 115gram range thats more consistent for placement. For the OP, I would say don’t be off put to try opposite shaft types to “stiffen” or “firm” up the feeling of the lofted hybrid and do not be surprised if a different profile type shaft works better. As mentioned total club length plays a big role as well as swing weight for your tendencies. Good luck
  8. Got a new big stick on its way from TM with all the weight fixings coming from Billy Bobs to dial in yet another driver stick. I will post when she arrives
  9. Oman blast form the past I used to love that shaft! That was a real sexy one for sure… these days Ventus Red Velocore is prettiest out of the three options, the Diamana DF ZF RF BF are all sexy with the ion finish, and the Accra TZ5-6 are both really clean and have a nice Basalt Black Porsche metallic paint fleck in the black color…also can be had in custom colors which is pretty cool.
  10. I actually have learned through many trials that D4-5-6 are good for me and in my gamer SIM MAX DF set up, I have the Billy Bobs 11gram, 13gram, and 15gram rear weights that I have tried more for feel with my swing training. To be fair I had my builder add 5grams of hot melt to the toe/front near face area of the sole and then tried several shaft options with lead tape to dial for feel before I ordered those Billy Bob weights to adjust to my liking. D5 seems to be really good as it was in my former gamer for more consistent center strike locations more often. Also, my DF is tipped 1/2” FWIW. Typically cause I play driver at 44.5”, I always default with 1/2” tipping on the build. The ZF set up actually feels the most stable when compared with only former gamer shaft Velocore Red and Accra TZ6 which were both tipped same 1/2”. Hope that helps.
  11. PXG 0311 Forged with PXIO 6.0 have been just amazing in giving me similar distances to my former T20 wedges PXLZ 6.0 same loft but a bit more bounce. The flight looks like an addition of 20%+ and has helped my proximity to the whole 110yards and in this season. Lastly, the sand and turf interaction is much improved.
  12. Osprey you inspired me to share my gamer SIM MAX, D5 with a little toe melt and a Billy Bobs 13gram rear weight added at 44.5”…
  13. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel HERE DONE 2. Search for your local Club Champion location HERE DONE 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Club Champion 9015 E Via Linda, Scottsdale AZ 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Driver, then top of bag gapping please.
  14. Accra TZ6 is a nice active tip and super stable shaft….played it in SIM, SIM Max, Cobra SZX, and PXG Proto+ drivers and was very content. But like you OP, I get that itch, so I moved into Ventus Red Velocore and then to the Diamana ZF. I get a little more distance out of the Diamana ZF which is stable enough and a little easier to get the long ball out there in the same SIM Max head.
  15. Flipping pure gorgeousness right dare
  16. Agreed and coming from a 2011 Mizuno JPX Fli Hi DIR 3, the DHY was nice reduction in size...then another improvement with seemingly with similar usability and forgiveness is had by the PXG XP 3iron.
  17. Top of bag gapped filled sufficiently…PXG Gen3 3iron 1* strong with an Elevate Tour shaft 2 degrees flat. This bad boy today was 240+ 5 times off the tee. Never needed it off the deck, but loving the solid feel, muted sound, and soft feed back….the distance is awesome with how “un-chunky” this head is vs my former SIM DHY 3
  18. ZF has firmly earned her spot in the bag with her SIM Max OG tour issue head. She has beat out the Ventus Velocore Red and the Accra TZ6 respectively and feeling solid that it’s the beautiful ZF with a Gen prior head to resist any new temptations lol I love how smooth but “in control” the ZF feels and performs! My keeper
  19. I have been toying with this exact situation and strategically looking at my performance data over the past year its clear I don't need anything after driver other than a lobber 3 driving iron for best results. I have played the SIM 3 DHY (a little longer for some added pop) and now currently gaming a PXG Gen3 XP 3 iron a 1/2" longer with a lively shaft for great results. Something about swinging free with a 3 iron off a tee peg that gets me that gap covered between driver and my next iron (4iron)...simple set up and thats been very helpful to have less options top of my bag with a little more accuracy than my 2-3 Hybrid I was playing for the past two seasons. Good luck OP and just keep it simple so the golf can flow.
  20. I agree here tip that 1/4" will not change a thing except make it look more pretty and in the back of your mind a little more stable to add a little more weight to that Gen 4 head for BOMBS!
  21. OG SIM Tour Issue head with a Diamana ZF has always been a smooth low spin bomber…longest driver I’ve ever owned or hit. Been alternating again with my Cobra Speedzone X Accra TZ6 combo which is just sooo forgiving. The Cobra definitely is a little higher spin but hits fairways no matter what I do and the SIM gets my ball to places that I have never been before on the course (maybe not 15 yards longer but at least 10-12 on average)…sometimes on the fairway and sometimes not. Whether OB or down the fairway, it’s got more distance than the SZ…it’s the ultimate conundrum distance or forgiveness
  22. You have done exactly how my fitter would do it. Go loose as possible and then go as tight as possible and then tweak from there. Sound like you have always know this lol. The ZF is definitely tight enough to hold up to being aggressive, never worried there. It’s also very smooth, so no worries there, and spin windows with any of the heads paired, have always been where this shaft along with the Accra TZ6 shine for me. The Ventus Red tipped was as smooth just a touch higher flight for my swing with a touch higher spin number.
  23. It’s always a merry go round with the driver. I just love the tying of different heads shafts and subjective feedback. It’s expensive but it’s my only real expense in terms of hobby and a lot cheaper than buying and having 911 Turbos modified…
  24. Thanks brother. Always loved the ZF and she really it feels smooth. Maybe a touch more than the Accra (not much) and probably a wash in terms of stability. Plus the ion finished and hologram graphics are sexy. Get one. It’s a good blend in between your GD shaft and the Ventus Black. It’s probably right in the middle somewhere of those two most recent shafts you were playing in the driver.
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