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  1. I agree, I game the 10.5 Proto+ turned down to 9.5 and absolutely has beat everything in consistency and FWIR. Not the longest but definitely the perfect blend of accuracy and good enough length. If you want more ball speed and less spin, the Gen4X is king in the range IMHO.
  2. This makes sense. I got the combo set only due to the numbers at the fit with Dave Cunningham at PXG Scottsdale. I was set on all Tours but the P's in the 4-7irons were just so spot on. I did have my custom builder when he installed the PXIO shafts and added weight to make them match my specific MOI frequency, weaken the P's 1 degree loft wise and match the lies all throughout. The PXIO 6.0 is a solid feeling shaft but easy to load and they stay on a rope. Super straight with these heads and the brushed shaft with the milled heads just looks really sexy to boot! Not quite as sexy as your AJ! This darkness Gen4's are the cats a**! Now if someone would make a custom ferules that fits these iron heads...
  3. Get the stiff. It will just tighten your dispersion up.
  4. I have to agree with you here. I got a round in with my custom new Gen3 P4-7 & T8-GW (second round) since taking ownership, as I was just very resistant to changing out the Mizuno 921F/T combo set I’ve been gaming for over a year with great results. I am glad I did today at Dove Valley Ranch. Something about the Gen3 irons that’s a perfect blend of solid and feel. I can only imagine the Gen4’s being even more pleasant. For sure gaming the Gen3 combo set for the foreseeable future at this point and the only club in my bag that’s not PXG is the putter. As soon as they launch a center shaft putter, that will certainly change as well.
  5. From some one who's tried them in fits they are very similar in terms feel and sound so not noticeable difference. From your wife looking at the joint checking account statement yes very noticeable...from an onlooker checking out your bag on the course or range, yes very noticeable again...
  6. Same here. I like that they have a good better best price point scenario like most brands. It makes sense and should do well for the general player participation. Anytime companies make investments to offer new product at whatever price point, for us its great as a consumer to have those additional choices. I cant wait to see what Gen 5 has in store for us...I know we are probably a year or two out but you never know...lately they are just launching new stuff seemingly each quarter. I also would like the center shaft hosel option on the range, some pom pom sock style head covers that PPerez has had in his bag for a while, and lastly would love a 14 way full length divider, tour style stand bag.
  7. I have three PXG wedges in my bag that replace my Mizuno T20 50,56, and 61 respectively. They are the 0311 Gen3 T Gap 50, then forged like yours with the 56/10 and a 60/09. Playing them is a joy and the gap is nice as it’s a perfect match between my JPX 921 Forged PW(45*) and the 0311 forged 56 bent to 55*. All three are consistent and easy as any. Really love the feel of all of them with great stopping power and control on approach and around the green use. Plus they sound, feel, look the part.
  8. Hot melt as stated allows you to place the wight were you want it (I always lead tape first for this reason and dialing in swing weight). It also allows some sound dampening on the higher pitched heads (could be good or bad for you). Downfall is that HM is permanent so when if ever looking to sell with stock shaft etc...its a limiting factor (although HM with the stock rear weight could be manipulated if the buyer in the future was wanting to get a lighter wright if available etc) Weights are great for swing weight. You are limited to placement to weight the weight track or ports are. Also this is nice for any future shaft length change for you or a potential buyer. Doesn't really affect sound (good or bad).
  9. Purty set up right there and it’s only getting prettier every time you post!
  10. Loft sleeve magic snagy! Nice work cutting the spin with the loft sleeve open up magic move. I like both bags
  11. Looks like my set up and really shaft looks amazing on the Gen4head! Nice work on those numbers as well.
  12. Same here, it’s the only hybrid that has lasted Gen2 0317 19 turned to big minus with the Atmos TS Black 90S shaft is a straight ball or power fade always and my main weapon off the fairway/rough when I need a big number 235 or more. I don’t think I’ve ever hit it left ever.
  13. - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? Yes - What model? Ventus Red6S, Blue5X, Black5S - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Ventus Red5/6TX - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? PXG Gen4 Driver playing at 44.75”
  14. I can’t wait to see this line. You know it’s going to be amazing!
  15. Thanks my guy. It feels like a tremendous weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I was getting envious of all of you sports gaming this new head in the various forms and was like come on, why cant I get this thing dialed. Thats where 5 shafts, weight kit, and a wrench come in LOL. My buddies were like man you are serious about this. Felling good for sure my brothers la GEN4 familia!
  16. For those trying to dial in the XF after coming from Proto+ I think I cracked the code the past two days. Lets start off by laying out the differences of the PROTO+ and GEN4XF other than the obvious (4 vs 3 weight ports, color, materials etc...). At set up the PROTO+ is definitely a touch open, whilst the GEN4XF is a degree or two closed in the standard or PXG loft sleeve setting. I have played all my PXG drivers in the PXG setting (57* lie or -3* flat) but this didn't help at all on the XF. Getting frustrated on that left hook ball that came in every 6-7 tee balls no matter what weights or where I moved mass with out the toe weight port...so I benched her for several weeks and stayed with the proven PROTO+ head with the relentless Ventus Red Velo. Fast forward to Sunday, and my friend brought his newly queried G4XT, so I brought all my shafts and weights and the benched GEN4XF head to play with. Really had flashbacks to my last years OG SIM gamer with the XT (that head loves the lower tee ball height). Back to the XF head, and I was surprised that I could basically replicate the look of the gamer PROTO+ in the flat PXG setting by simply going to the BIG MINUS (opens it to get it just a touch open to square or perfectly square...anyway perfect). What a bone head miss all these weeks not trying this when I got it on the range the first week long ago. Anyway, hit some hot/blazer big balls with this yesterday to back up Sundays test and tune session pre round. I realized I needed a little more launch angle with the BIG MINUS loft sleeve setting lofting down, so I teed it up higher and then also changed out to the 10gram front port, 10gram rear port and 2.5heel port, for some of the best driver range balls I have had year to date at my range (familiar with distances shooting them for years). Very neutral balanced set up! Short story short, GEN4XF is designed closed a touch, and the loft sleeve can dial down the loft but also open and flatten her out to set up perfectly square. Get the weights and shaft right, and you are as good if not better than any other offering today. Finally, I have joined you all making the GEN4 a gamer. Did I say I love the darker black and AV carbon look? The sound...more stand out than PROTO+ of course, but even a more powerful CRACK sound at impact. Simply lovely!
  17. LOL. I started with owning the X then got the XF and today hit my friends new XT. Currently, only have the Gen4 XF but that will be traded soon. Sticking with Proto+ and SIM2MAX for now but I suspect a XT will be in my stash soon
  18. Had a chance to hit the XT 10.5 and compare it to my Proto+ and SIM2MAX. I have to say glorious memories of my SIM tour issue gamer came to mind. It likes the lower tee and the spin and launch windows were very nice at Quintero here in AZ. I did have a few that were as long as the SIM2 if not longer. XT is a very stable mid spin head with heavy weight in front port (actually brought my own kit and changed out for testing with a 15gram weight with 2.5 in the other two ports). Power fades with the Ventus Red Velo. Probably should have got this head I stead of the XF which is seemingly a much higher ball flight than the Proto+. Solid work PXG! Pleasantly surprised with this head.
  19. Thanks my guy and I will for sure add my feedback and observations. Pretty stoked to perhaps have a round thats not in the rain here in AZ...its been record breaking rain.
  20. Great news of the guys in my group just picked his 10.5 XT driver up yesterday so I can hit it after our round at Quintero Sunday. I'm bringing my weights and shafts and having at it...lets see if it can dethrone the ProtoX+ or SIM2 MAX.
  21. I think I am going to order an XT 10.5 and see what she is all about
  22. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the score. Congrats
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