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  1. Okay, so golf internet got pretty obsessive this week with stories and borderline creepy videos of Tiger caddying for his son, and while that is super cool this isn't about his swing or scores. I just want to know if anyone knows what clubs he's using, blades or cavity / 5w or hybrid / how many wedges type stuff. I loved seeing a pre-release SIM in the bag and I'm curious because Tiger would be the best coach in the world to have as a jr.
  2. We all have our favourite clubs that aren't sold in the local golf store, I want to know what you guys think is the one.
  3. Hideki and Rickie are both using Newport 2 Style blades, the rest of the OWGR top 10 has some version of a mallet putter, and most have a large grip. What is happening!!! (I miss Tiger)
  4. N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 130X. Would love to get rid of my X100!! Awesome give away!
  5. Visited TM Tour Department this week, tour reps said there were no glued hosels in the works...
  6. In Reply to Who the Tour Player was who switched to Callaway, it was Jason Gore. As you can see his WITB was shot this morning.
  7. I spoke to a tour player today at the local TPC course here in LA who has very recently switched away from Ping to another Major Brand (Callaway). He is heading to Hawaii for next weeks Sony Open and wanted to get in some testing before his flight. He says that his switch to Callaway was almost solely based on the fact that he really did not like the new G series driver, and the new Callaway line was a better fit to his eye. Very interesting to see a player of his calibre make a change so close to the first event of the year based on the new line of equipment.
  8. I heard an April release date for the new line, at least up here in Canada... Hopefully it is a little sooner!
  9. Taylormade doesn't always keep making old sets like other companies, so if a player like Mike wants a set like the R9 tp, they cook up something sweet like this! I was in the Kingdom this summer and saw a couple of brand new heads that looked like the R9 supertri without graphics.
  10. Just got a set of the 1957's, beautiful irons! Pretty cool that the Golden Bear has them! Great pictures.
  11. I wonder why he has gone back to the MC two iron? He has used a proto Rocketbladez 2 iron in the past.... maybe he hits it to far!
  12. I'm just excited Tiger is coming back... And all we have is a black and white photo of his driver. Nice find!
  13. Awesome Pics!! Really cool to see his clubs and swing up close on a practice day.
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