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  1. Yes I am sure we have gotten in touch. It could have been with my involvement with the Pinoygolfer forum back then as I think they made a group order with you. Also, over a decade ago, I started a topic here called "The Fall of the Cameron Empire" when I predicted many independent putters makers will spring up and challenge the premium $300 milled putter market, as during the time of my post, Cameron had the monopoly on $300 putters. I think that post got deleted, but an archive copy of it was shared in other forums. But today, my prediction is reality. There are so many players no
  2. Appreciate you taking time to read it! The irons are CL-90. It's an original design by Clay Long for the Japanese market circa 1990. If you notice the bullet in the muscle - it's reminiscent of the Wilson Dynapower. I guess that is a heavy influence on Mr. Long as that's also what he did with the Milled Grind wedges with that red false bore through in the wedges. I just felt Mr. Long is not as recognized as he ought to be and I was very excited about this putter! I guess my excitement made me write something very very long, so I truly appreciate it when people like y
  3. It's been a while since I posted in Golfwrx putter forum.... ..I didn't know a section Putter Mods and Micro Putter Artisans existed so maybe I posted this in the wrong page? Hopefully the mods can rectify this is I made a mistake..
  4. My Nicklaus-Inspired Custom Putter Project by Clay Long, Part 2 Clay Long's vast equipment knowledge and the folding up of Nicklaus' equipment business meant it was only a matter of time before a major company would hire him. Taylormade Golf had always been dominating the driver market while making inroads in the iron segment. But for some reason, Taylormade could never crack the code to getting satisfactory market share for their short game implements: wedges and putters. So they hired Clay Long to fix that problem. Long developed the Milled Grind wedges, which
  5. My Nicklaus-Inspired Custom Putter Project by Clay Long, Part 1 As a lifelong fan of Jack Nicklaus,it was a no-brainer for me to commission Clay Long to build my next custom putter project. Long is most famous for designing the oversize Macgregor Response ZT putter that Nicklaus used in his popular 1986 Masters win where he set two records that still stand: the oldest player to win it at 46, and a 6th green jacket. In Nicklaus' book, Memories and Mementos, he recounted: "I had asked Clay Long, the head of research and development for Macgregor, to make a p
  6. A trio of new arrivals from eBay. LB-Tour is S-2 flex, and the Big LB's are S-1 flex ---all graphite shafts....
  7. I tried the 5-wood - and I couldn't hit it well. But it's still the most beautiful fairway wood in my collection!
  8. I few more Honmas arrived yesterday. I am sharing them here.
  9. That's a beautiful driver. If it's up in the trading block, I will keep you posted. I have a bunch of mint/brand new Honmas on the way. I will also share pictures here once I get them.
  10. Maybe we can so something about that. Post what you have first so that we can work out a trade, if ever.
  11. The 2-Wood seems to be the same model as one of my drivers - it has only 1 color insert and in the sole there is no marking as to the model (example M-43). I wonder what year or make that is. What is the loft of your 2-wood? Is it easy to make fly off the turf?
  12. Those are beautiful woods. I like the retro soleplate, I still don't have a wood with that kind of soleplate - hopefully soon. What's the shaft on the driver? And maybe you can share pics of your other Honmas too!
  13. Honma is not really the "vintage" most here would look for. Even in the 80's, they were already offered in graphite shafts. In the 90's, they tried to be holdovers bucking the oversize trend by creating cork filled oversize persimmons with titanium inserts. Regardless of era, they were known to be super expensive - especially in the persimmon era where they commanded just ridiculous prices I could only dream of as a kid taking up golf in the 90's. Today, these things can be found in the bargain bin so it's a bit belated but a great time to fulfill my dreams of yesteryear. These
  14. Ok guys, thanks for playing. I also posted this in different FB groups. The top vote getters were in this order: #12, #14, #15, then #4. Here is the big reveal! 1. Mizuno TN-87 (15 votes) - the revered copper underlay original from 1987 made for Tommy Nakajima 2. Cobra Greg Norman CB (20 votes) - early 90's model Norman used with G.Loomis graphite shafts 3. Titleist VG3 2016 (21 votes) - Japan market release that has a professional victory in a worldwide tour 4. Bridgestone J's US version (29 votes) - marketed to ride the popularity of the J's driver in 1990/91 5. Macgregor Tourney Classic R
  15. Best analogy so far. Thanks for enlightening me. Let vintage clubs continue to be bargain bin prices so we can enjoy this niche area of the game at less cost. I guess they will never be collectible.
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