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  1. Wanted to pass this along as it may help. My son played in a tournament recently and it was a 2 day event. 1st day he had 42 putts...you read that correctly...42. That afternoon we hit the practice green and worked on 2 things. 1. He has always used aim point but never went as far as using his fingers for finding the aiming spot. He would just use his feet to verify the direction of the slope. He went back to using his fingers. 2. We found this video that really helped him with his alignment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7RrP1DtM3o&t=894s The next round he had 32 putts and no 3-putts. He still has a long ways to go to get better but these two things really helped him and may help your golfer as well.
  2. My son needs massive help in this area. his green reading is not good so thank you to all who respond to this thread.
  3. My son (14y/o) grew 6" in about 15 months. two things happen. 1. He pulled a muscle in him back that put him down for 8 weeks. If I can give some advice, if your kid pulls a back muscle STOP IMMEDIATELY!!! My son tried to grit his teeth and keep going. He also was playing basketball. Big mistake. 2. His ball striking took a nose dive. Body is all whacked out and had to get refitted for clubs. It has taken a lot of work and patience but he has finally got it back. Shot -2 in a high school match the other day. I like the advice above about getting back to the basics which is what he did. He basically has a new body. We relooked at everything. Grip, posture and more importantly backswing. His take away started to cross the line to the inside and was causing some nasty hooks. Once that was cleaned up he got back to good ball striking. Good luck!!
  4. How about for outdoor use? Which one would you recommend? Thanks, Chris
  5. Thank you so much for all of the help. My son will be using this on the range so that means crappy range balls. Just trying to feel out if it is worth it to get consistent readings. I guess the distances will be off but if it is consistent then maybe it is worth it.
  6. Son is 14 and his distances are all over the place. I guess it is that time. Been thinking of taking the plunge as the personal ones are around $500. Not cheap but at least it is doable. Anyone suing them and have you found they are worth it? Thanks Chris
  7. Thank you for everyone that has contributed. Just thought I would add some info as my son has been working with Par4Success for the last year so I wanted to give a short review of their program. So far, it has been a great experience for my son. He loves it so much that he gets up at 6:00am every morning to work out before school. He actually has now gotten me up early so I can work out as well. In the last year his testing numbers have really shot up. Weight up 13lbs. Vertical jump up 7". Seated chest pass up 6'. Shot put up 8'. Swing speed up 22 mph. In full disclosure, he is 14 y/o (puberty time!) and has grown 4" in the last year as well. So, naturally I would of assumed his numbers would have gone up some even if he was not on a workout program. How much as Par4Success increased those numbers...hard to say. But it certainly hasn't hurt. At a minimum, it has given him more confidence and additional strength other than what he would have gotten as he has grown. We have been so impressed with Alex that I can't wait for my younger son to start it this summer. He is 12 and has been asking to do it for the last 6 months. If your son is serious about athletics, then I would highly recommend this program.
  8. I have two boys. Older boy(14) plays golf and basketball. He has played football in the past. I really wanted him to play football this year b/c he is pretty good. He refused and said it took too much time from golf. Also, he doesn't want to try and play basketball in high school for the same reason. I am letting him make his own choices even though I think he should play basketball as well. I think playing the other sports has been very good for him. Gives him a golf break. Taught him how to play on a team but also taught him how to be more competitive. Younger son (12) plays football, basketball & baseball. He has no interest in golf. It would be impossible to make him play. He would be miserable so of course I do not make him. With some guidance, I think you need to let your child make their own choices. I am a proponent of playing multiple sports but I would never force my son to be miserable.
  9. Heavy...you like the Decade golf? apologize if this has been discussed in other threads. Been off the board for awhile. Is using driver with 3W is enough a "must birdie" mindset? My son feels like almost every hole is a must birdie. Meanwhile the bogeys add up.
  10. Man...where do I start? It is difficult to watch my son play golf because it is such a conundrum. He does very well in school, intelligent when talking and has good common sense. But on the golf course!!! All that goes out the window. Here are consistent problems. Line off the tee - like Hangontight said above. He is constantly taking the most difficult and precise line off the tee which of course leads to trouble. If it is a dogleg with a hazard on the inside of the dog leg he will be in the hazard...all the time. In a recent tournament, a short dogleg right Par 4 with water all on the inside. Could easily layup and then have 6i or 7i into the green. He went 5w...wet...5w again...wet...5w AGAIN...1' from being wet. He had to re-tee each time b/c the water was at the base of the tee box so essentially is was like hitting it OB. Firing a pins - he loves firing at pins. Very hard for him to back off. Even with a 6i and the pin is tucked between a bunker and water. Wind - has never been able to play wind correctly. Wind in the face? At most he will club up 1 club...if you are lucky. I was standing behind a green one time and the wind was HARD into the face of the players. He watched 2 others come up way short. He ended up 30' short of the green. Later on I learned he only clubbed up 1 club. You might be able to tell from the tone of this email that this is causing a lot of angst. He is a very good ball striker. He usually strikes the ball better than the kids he in his group. He is 14 now and I am hoping at some point he figures this out. He has had days where he has gone low but there are to many days where he has gone +12 b/c of his course management. He has to hit the ball perfect all day or he gets into trouble.
  11. We have this radar as well and it works well. It does read higher than trackman/flightscope but it is still a good measuring tool.
  12. Google golf ball testing 2019 and see what a certain spy company say about compression. It is enlightening. It is not allowing me to link the article.
  13. My son wouldn't use a blade if you paid him. He hates the way they look. the bigger and uglier the better for him.
  14. Add my son to the list. He has grown 4" and 25 lbs this year. 3" in the last few months and he just turned 13. He wants to hit a fade but he cannot find it right now. He is so dumped under. His driver has always been his best club. Even in the worst of times he could get his driver in the fairway. Now, he is duck hooking into the trees 2-3 times a round. This coming from a kid who is trying to hit a fade!! He has just got to keep working hard and keep swinging. He will get out of it.
  15. Always bring a jug of water. Never trust that the course or the tournament will provide water. I have learned that the hard way.
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